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Complaints & Reviews

product and warranty

I purchased a living room set from Ashley Furniture on April 21, 2017. The furniture was delivered on May 30, 2017. It is one year and two weeks later and the side of the couch buckled completely. I purchased an extended warranty which I was told would cover anything at all that happens to the furniture for 5 years. When I called to have the couch repaired, I was told that the extended warranty did not cover structural damage of the furniture. They told me to call Ashley direct. Needless to say that the response I got from Ashley was they would give us the name of a repair person that we could pay for out of pocket. So $450 for an extended warranty that covers absolutely nothing. I was given a 5 year payment plan for a piece of furniture that didn't last one year. Ashley customer care was not willing to help, and AMTrust Warranty corp would not assist us at all.

customer service, delivery & product quality

Ordered almost 10, 000 worth of furniture, most of which was supposed "custom". Delivery drivers arrived in the last absolute window of the 3 hour time frame I was set to wait.

First contact, driver complained on a Thursday about how he had already worked 33 hours and about how he was so tired. Loading in process was slow, and consisted of multiple breaks.

Upon inspecting the furniture, freshly unwrapped from truck discovered nicks and chips on edges of most of the pieces. Contacted customer service and was told to wait another 4-6 weeks for replacement pieces. This would leave us with half an nonfunctional bedroom set. Bottom line, refused entire custom order bedroom set.

Service representatives didn't care, nor did the drivers. Actually they seemed to act as if this happened all the time.

After drivers left and began inspecting a $800 chair and autumn, found 3 of 4 legs nicked and scratched. This discovered giant scrape and hole in my ceiling of my bedroom, a smashed out walk-way light, deep tire track ruts in freshly seeded grass along my driveway, small bits of garbage all over my front driveway, and 3 piece of plywood left from the delivery.

Corporate customer service contacted me and pretty much washed their hands of the situation and are forcing us to file claims with the trucking company that they hired. What company with any type of integrity does this? I would have never hired that trucking coming to come on my property. We have had many custom order deliveries to our home with zero problems in the last 3 years. Nor have I ever been told that I need to file a claim for a company.

Company is supposed to be sending replacement legs for chair, but I doubt they will arrive in much better shape.

This experience greatly reinforces some of the red flags I noted during the sale process. #1. Be sure to refuse anything that is damaged #2. Multiple sales reps questioned us when we declined the furniture protection plan. Here is the light bulb moment. This happens a lot and they do not make/stock/ sell quality products and there is really nothing custom about their orders.

The only reason is takes 4-6 weeks is because they ship everything over from overseas.

We are beyond disappointed and had 5 additional rooms to furnish in my home. If we spent almost $10, 000 on one room, what might we have spent on additional rooms.??? Company has now potentially lost over $60, 000 from these actions, not to mention the number of people we will personally influence because of this situation.

I have discussed this with their director of corporate customer service and he simply didn't care either. They do not value your business and are inundated with these type of situations.

customer service, delivery & product quality
customer service, delivery & product quality
customer service, delivery & product quality

returns - customer service

Bought two sets of bar stools in store. They ordered the wrong height. I called to see what could've done when I realized they did not fit under the counter. They said once it is delivered to your house there is nothing that can be done. I had to refuse delivery. However they delivered the stools when I was not home. They were hours before the scheduled delivery and did not call me to let me know. Months later I am still dealing with customer service who hardly ever call me back. They keep saying it is my fault for excepting them. Terrible customer service.

3 couches

6 yrs ago on the memorial day sale I purchased 3 couches. My adult son and I live together with no small children. My couches all began to peel at the same time spreading small pieces all over my home. I contacted Ashley warranty dept and was told I cannot be helped because the warranty expired 3 months prior my son myself and my dog have been getting sick, repeatedly and my animal now has been diagnosed with Cancer and going through chemo. The peels end up everywhere. The floor, dining table, in our hair, our clothing, the shower, car, on our company etc. Its not fair for 2 years I've been getting the run around. I'm hung up on, left on hold until the call abruptly ends, told to call back on a specific day to speak with a specific person, when done I'm told they cant help me, I'm told to call another number the list goes on. On a very unsatisfied costumer.

3 couches
3 couches
3 couches

hector reclining sofa and loveseat

Went to the Ashley Furniture Homestore in Layton Utah on May 26th 2018 for the first day of their Big 3 day Memorial Day sale, to purchase the Hector Reclining Sofa and Love Seat. It claimes reg. price 2649.99 now only 599.99 a savings of 77%. It was on the front page of their add. Hostess at the store asked us what we were looking for and when we told her, she told us they were already sold out, but she could show us other deals that were similar. (one cost 799 and had a chair instead of a loveseat, and one that was 1, 000.00. I feel it was a bait and switch situation. Never in the add did it say there was a limited quantity. I feel they advertised this great deal just to get people in the door with no intention of actually having the product to sell.

hector reclining sofa and loveseat

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manager of the store

On 5/15/18 at approximately 1000 hours, i found a tv stand on the ashley furniture store web sight that could hold my 70" tv that i just purchased. The web sight online advised me that if i was a new customer i am entitled to 10% off a online purchase. I contacted a male representative at the el centro, ca store for more information. He stated "you can come in and see it and he would match the 10% discount". At approximately 1400 hours, my wife and i drove approximately 12 miles to the store to look at it. A female representative met us at the door to help us out. We asked her about the tv stand and advised us that they already sold the floor model. I asked her if she would honor the online 10% new customer discount. She stated"i need to talk to my manager". The manager walked up to us, didn't even introduce himself(maybe because his head was full of himself) and just looked at the computer screen. He finally asked"do you have proof of the 10% discount, i advised him that the company would send it to me within 24 hours. He looked and talked to us like lower class people. I was wearing my bulova watch and my 3 diamond 14k wedding ring as my wife was wearing her wedding ring. I was willing to pay for that stand in cash.(over 500.00). When managers at this store profile people, they need to listen to people more carefully.(my wife and are both college graduates). I advise people to make the drive to yuma, az and look first at furniture row before you purchase any furniture. Tommorow 5/16/18 my home furniture will be delivered from furniture row. The city says, " buy local" i will not buy local ever.

bedroom set delivery

I ordered a bedroom set and mattress from ashley mississauga location on Mavis road. They set my delivery for 12 may 2018 . I received delivery confirmation on Friday, I opened my old furniture and garbage whole and cleared my room but delivery never showed up. I reported that to store and they replied aggressively that they don't have any thing to do with delivery, I have to call guest service but they was closed on Sunday . And today on Monday I called guest service they ask me to rebook I stated my condition that me n my family sleeping on floor from Saturday night. But they said they only have Friday to rebook . Me and my family are very disappointed and suffering from this situation because of ashley. I ll never visit Ashley and I ll recommend every body to to waste ur money at ashley. I will consult with lawyer to deal with this situation. Thanks. Regards Jagwinder Grewal [protected]

scamming extended warranty

In Dec 2012, I purchased a set of furniture from Ashley in Toronto. I also purchased $200 extended warranty plan upon salesperson insist with the term of 5 yrs protection. He informed me that if I don't use the warranty, The money will be refunded at the end of the 5 yr term. Whereas I didn't use the warranty, I referred to the store in Jan 2018 for refund however, they started playing and passed me to different departments, the initial company (Avantage) and... yesterday, they eventually told me that I'm able to use that $200 in case of purchase of $500 from one of Ashley stores!!!
They appreciate there is NO clause indicating this decision. They apologized about the salesperson who forgot to tell me this condition. I couldn't find any place to escalate the case and getting desperate now and my wife advised me to forget that $200, as donating to some greedy thieves. Ashley is not trustful. They're not loyal to their black and white agreement. This was my experience and pass it to every one not to take another victim.

  • Pi
    pissed off2025 May 23, 2018

    ok 11 month old sofa peeling was told it was due to normal wear the sofa is a disgrace
    wont give me a credit to trade up to something better so I can pay difference want s to trade me for same sofa with defective inferior fabric and expect that will be ok its not
    so do we consumers have any rights legal remedies
    They truly suck

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uncomfortable expensive furniture

I bought a damask dark brown leather furniture set. I hate it! I paid almost 5000 dollars for it. Its a beautiful set but not user friendly. I bought it in october, No one even sits on it because its either too hot or too cold. Ive tried putting covers on it everything slides off. My kids wont sit on it. When I lay to on my side on the couch it hurts my legs. The area where the two recliners come together hurt my legs when Im lying on my side and leave indentations in my legs. When I sit on the couch my legs dangle and it hurts the back of my legs. No one explained to me that leather was like that. I feel we did not get very good service it was all about making the 5000 dollars. I am so dissapointed I asked to even trade for a lesser value set and they will not bend. I hate ashley furniture im now stuck with a set that no one likes or will sit on in my living room they are horrible to rip people off like that. All I asked for was a lesser value set so my kids would have somewhere to sit. I feel I got ripped off on this set of furniture. All I want is comfortable furniture in my home!!!

glider recliner

On March 25, 2016 I purchased a glider recliner for $462.23 (including taxes). In June 2016 Ashley's replaced a part underneath the glider. At the time of purchase I did not purchase the extended warranty. A few months ago I went to my local Ashley's store to make a complaint regarding the fabric on the arms of the glider wearing down. They suggested I contact the repair store and have them come and look at it. I did call. It was going to cost $80.00 for the service call. Have no idea what it would cost to replace the fabric or the gliders arms. I decided not to follow through. Now the glider is making squeaking noises and there is a black substances coming from the bottom of the glider. If you check your records you will find that I have purchased other items from Ashley's and have been faithful and paying customer. I would appreciate any assistances you can give regarding this matter. At this time I am a very dissatisfied customer.

damaged furniture

I purchased Furniture 8 months ago and when it was delivered it was damaged, they have made three attempts to deliver the corrected merchandise and they failed all three times, merchandise was still damaged, and they also made two attempts and came to my home after 9:30 in the evening which I did not answer the door. I have made over a hundred and twenty phone calls and several emails trying to get my issue resolved, the only thing they will do is keep redelivering damaged merchandise to my home. I have taken off several days of work to have the furniture delivered correctly and I don't feel that I should have to keep doing this. I have asked that they just come pick up the merchandise since they can't get the correct merchandise delivered to me and they refuse to. I have called the store over 35 times to speak to the store manager, they are never available or they are out for the day. I have asked 15 times for the store manager to call me back and not once have I received a phone call, it is the same thing if I go to speak to supervisor, the supervisor is always on lunch. I am not sure why I'm getting such a run around when the solution is very easy, come take the merchandise back or credit me for the damage merchandise.

delay in delivery of furniture and wrong furniture delivered


My name is Varun Jain. Unfortunately I was a recent customer at Ashley's furniture.

This is with regards to my order for furniture that I purchased from Ashley furniture on E Mayo Blvd in North Phoenix. Order placed on 1/28/18, Order number [protected].

The overall experience of going through this order and its delivery has been the absolute worst experience I have had in a long time. My wife and I spend an unimaginable amount of time trying to troubleshoot this order at various points.

To begin with, the day we placed the order, we spent almost the entire day picking furniture, which was based on information provided by the sales person- Erik Johnson. There was a lot of "leading on" and falsifying information and deliberate misappropriation of facts and offers to make us keep picking furniture, based on false promises.

I am a surgery resident and my wife is a human resources person at a corporate, both with busy schedules, therefore needed to pick furniture prior to moving in to our new house.

"EJ" figured that out and kept making promises which he was unable to deliver, and never had any intention to deliver in the first place.

1. Regarding financing, we were promised a 0 % interest financing for 60 months for the entire amount. That eventually never happened. It was only a portion of the bill and that too for 24 months.

2. A living room set we selected was outrageously marked up / inflated (to allow a 50 % discount). I found a cheaper price at another online site which the store refused to acknowledge and match and simply gave excuses.

3. The worst was- a bedroom set we selected, costing $3000, with 50% off, totaling $1500, was displayed with both, a dresser and a chest of drawers. This was never mentioned while he was selling us stuff. At billing when it came up, it seemed overpriced at that point, which I discussed with EJ, contemplating cancelling that and looking elsewhere. To this, he discretely ( acting sneaky and falsely favoring), said he could add that on to the order, no problem. However, behaved secretive and said, " I can't add it right now as my manager (Dan) is around, but when he goes back I will add it on to the order". When we were getting it billed, I reminded him about what we spoke about, and he then passed it off by saying, he would add it at the back end and send me a screenshot/provide a print out the next day. The next day my wife and I called back and when there were weird responses, I went to the store. There I was told he would be unable to provide that, but still tried to assure me it had been added. Next day I called again and insisted on wanting something in writing to reflect the order, to which he again refused. At that point I was annoyed because I knew I was being taken for a ride and just needed that accepted. I asked him, if the order arrived and the item was not there, what would my option be ( since I did not have anything in writing). To that his cheeky response was, " well, you could come back and I can give it to you at 50 % off, which is basically the regular price for anyone walking in"...These all being unacceptable responses, as a result of false promises. When I called him out on that, he became hostile and started saying things like, " i was trying to help you and do you a favor, but now I don't feel like doing that".

4. Another thing that happened when we had gone back to finalize the bill and make the payment, he offered to add on a plate set and table mats with the order, but again was not willing to provide anything in writing, and simply stated that it will be shipped to you separately. This again was something I knew, was being out rightly falsified to my face.

At this point I was exhausted, since we had spent an incredible amount of time on the weekend which is the only time we had for all this, and knew that I would not be able to take care of this during the week. We just wanted to get this over with so decided not to argue, just pay what was being asked and get whatever we could at their mercy.

5. The ordeal did not end there. The delivery took multiple attempts, because part of the order was not delivered initially. In addition, wrong products were delivered. The next date for delivery, again, a wrong part was delivered, as a result of which the bed was never assembled because the footboard was not delivered. The bed remained dismantled for the next 3 weeks, needing us to sleep on the mattress.

Repeated phone calls to the store in this regard was met with minimum help or sympathy.

I just did not want to bring up the ordeal with the salesperson till the entire order had been received.

I am bringing this all to your attention in detail now, because I need this to be looked at, because this sort of harassment and dishonest is unacceptable especially in the sales business. It is almost criminal, akin to fraud.

I have read other customers reviews and have read similar incidents. I would like to believe this is not a tag associated with the Ashley brand, but I do need action to be taken, else things like will this continue and salespersons will keep engaging in these sort of practices because they know they can.

I will wait for a response, failing which I will be forced to escalate this matter.


ashley furniture durablend sofa and loveseat peeling

Shame on Ashley Furniture! DuraBllend"sofa and loveseat PEELING.

An Ashley Furniture"Dura blend"sofa and loveseat were purchased for me as a gift by a family friend. Dura blend is, allegedly, a combination of real leather and faux leather. It wasn't long before there was some minor peeling on both pieces which escalated into extreme peeling. This should NOT be happening within a few years of minor use. Both pieces are peeling in places that are never even touched! It need not be used - it shreds itself. The quality of the material (DuraBlend) is cheap!

Every day, all day, with chronic back pain, I pick up pieces of the sofa and loveseat. I find pieces on my clothing and in the shower... everywhere! I weigh 98 pounds and have no pets. The sofa and loveseat continue to peel and come apart. There is no excuse for such poor quality.

On the DuraBlend information card the first descriptive word is - durable! That word should have a question mark following it. (Durable?)... Another descriptive phrase on the card is"sophisticated look and feel."Please see the photos. Does that say sophistication? It should say -"Belongs in dumpster."Sophistication? I am embarrassed to invite people into my home. When I do, they always leave with pieces of the sofa and loveseat attached to their clothing. A souvenir of"sophistication."

Stated on the tag is -"Made by Ashley furniture Industries, Inc."Well Ashley, I need a replacement sofa and loveseat of a similar color and shape - but pieces that will not peel that are actually durable and sophisticated in look and feel.

Sick of looking at shredded furniture claiming to be"durable."

ashley furniture durablend sofa and loveseat peeling
ashley furniture durablend sofa and loveseat peeling
ashley furniture durablend sofa and loveseat peeling
ashley furniture durablend sofa and loveseat peeling
ashley furniture durablend sofa and loveseat peeling
ashley furniture durablend sofa and loveseat peeling
ashley furniture durablend sofa and loveseat peeling
ashley furniture durablend sofa and loveseat peeling
ashley furniture durablend sofa and loveseat peeling

electric recliner sofas

Electrical recliner sofas I bought this sofas in 2015 after a couple months they start peeling I go back to the store with pictures after they saw them they told me to send them three pictures of the sofas they were nice and they told me that they want to help, this store is located in North Brunswick New Jersey on route one after that they give me another contact from some lady saddle which I was calling her and emailing her for a couple months finally on the end she respond and she give me another contact email and phone number she said to me that I can ask for Joe and he's going to repair my sofa I don't know where they're located but I'm gonna give you the phone number [protected] and email [protected] just to let you know that this guy was lying to me for seven months he was saying send me the picture and then he was going to lose the picture when I call back he told me to send them again and again and that was going on and on into thousand 17 before Christmas time she told me finally did he order the material, and you don't call him again because he's gonna call me back when the material is there and he's going to come to fix the sofa now it's March 2018 and he call me and he told me to send pictures again because he didn't even remember what he was lying to me so I send the pictures again and after two days he call me back he said that they discontinue this product and he cannot help me three years They were wasting my time and lying to me now I'm going to call Better Business Bureau and I suggest you everybody who has a problem to call there to

leather sofa and loveseat

We purchased a Living room set from Ashley Furniture in July or August of 2013.
It has started peeling over the last few months and I have researched the internet and found that Ashley is aware of the defect in workmanship. I have never had a living room set peel like this and not last. It has been well documented that Ashley built an inferior product and needs to take responsibility for their poor product

leather sofa and loveseat
leather sofa and loveseat
leather sofa and loveseat
leather sofa and loveseat
leather sofa and loveseat

store manager and customer service

We purchased a bedroom set from the Ashley Furniture Homestore in Shiloh, IL on Greenmount Rd on 1/19/18, which upon delivery on 2/1/18, was damaged. We schedule a time for Ashley to come out and exchange the damaged footboard, and were given a 3 hour time window on Saturday (2/10/18). No one showed up and no one called to say they were running behind. My husband called the store in Shiloh, IL and spoke to the manager Jim, who said there was nothing he could do, it happens, and to call the Customer Care Team. My husband did this and was told, nothing could be done until Monday (2/12) and someone would call that day to schedule a new appointment. Instead, my husband received an automated call on Monday, requesting that he confirm the appointment time that has been scheduled for Tues (2/13), when we would both be at work. My husband again called the Customer Care Team, and spoke with a an individual who could not explain how the appointment was made and when he asked for a refund or compensation was told no. When he asked for a manager's info, he was told he would not be given the information. I reached out to Ashley via their chat service on the website on Monday. I messaged with Alissa, who after hearing our issues, provided me with a number to Corporate. She then said, she could not assist me when I told her I wanted to actually talk to someone who would help me, and then said she was terminating the chat to assist other customers. I called the Corporate number she provided when I got home from work and after sitting on hold for about 30 minutes, was told that they could not locate my account information, and I would have to be transferred to my local Customer Care Team to have the issues resolved, this is the same Customer Care Team/Line that did not assist my husband. I spoke with an individual, and explained the situation. I informed the agent that Ashley clearly is unable to provide an exchange, therefore, I would keep the damaged footboard and would like the cost of the footboard to be refunded. Again after being placed on hold numerous times, I was told I would not be refunded the cost of the footboard, and if I did not want to exchange the footboard, I would only be given a 10% discount off of the cost of the footboard, which is $24. I told her this was unacceptable and ultimately gave in to scheduling another appointment. She assured me the Tues (2/13) appt. was cancelled and that a new appointment was made for Wed (2/14). She told me I would receive a call 24hrs out giving me a timeframe for the delivery on 2/14. On 2/13, my husband received a phone call from the delivery team stating they were on their way. He told them that was supposed to be cancelled and no one is available for the exchange. The delivery men said they were not notified of the cancellation. After my husband told me this, I called the Customer Care Team and requested to speak with a manager immediately. After sitting on hold for close to 30 minutes I was connected to Shawntez. He told me there was nothing that could be done, the appointment on Wednesday could not be met, and the only recourse I had was to schedule another exchange appointment and see what will happen. He became rude and attempted to talk over me several times. He told me I would not receive any compensation for the issues and I would not receive a refund for the cost of the footboard in lieu of exchanging it. When I asked for his manager's info he told me his manager only gives out that info at his discretion. I said then contact him now and tell him the situation because I want to speak with someone else. He told me no, he will not get that info and would not allow me to speak with anyone else. I disconnected with him after telling him I would be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I then contacted the local store, and coincidentally spoke with Jim, the same manager that told my husband there was nothing he could do. After telling him I wanted to speak with someone over him or someone in charge of the Customer Care Team, he finally said he would make some phone calls. I asked him during the course of the conversation what the return policy was because I was considering returning the bedroom set, to which he responded that because it has been in my home, it could not be returned. Jim made some calls and called me back to tell me I would receive a phone call from someone within the hour. After 2 hours of waiting, I called Jim back to tell him no one had called. He said he would make some more calls and a short time later, I received a call from a woman with the Customer Care team, who actually provided assisted my needs and provided a satisfactory resolution. She was able to provide a partial refund for the delivery and also scheduled an appointment that was convenient for us. She called back today, to confirm the delivery date and said we would receive another call regarding the specific time frame for delivery of the new footboard on Friday (2/16). In addition, we decided to cancel the $500 protection plan we purchased at the time we bought the furniture, because the paperwork we received stated we had the right to cancel this plan for any reason within the first 30 days. We knew the terms of the plan, that if we didn't make any claims in 5 years, we would have a $500 store credit to use, and we have decided never to purchase from Ashley again. After contacting the number on the back of the protection plan we were directed to call the store. My husband again, had to speak with Jim, who said we could not cancel the protection plan because we received 60 months financing. My husband told him that no one said at the time of the purchase that the 60 months financing was contingent on us purchasing the $500 protection plan and further, the paperwork says we can cancel. Jim stated, well you have to come in the store then, and you can only receive 12 months financing. My husband said fine, went to the store, cancelled the plan and the financing was changed from 60 months to 12 months. I am astounded at the lack of customer service, especially because while I sat on hold multiple times, I listened to the same recording stating how much Ashley values their customers, and how grateful they are to the customers who accept their furniture in to their homes. Nothing could be further from the truth, after what we went through. Ashley only cares about making sales, and once the sale is made, the customer no longer matters. I will never purchase anything from Ashley again, and I will strongly discourage everyone I know from making the biggest mistake of their lives by shopping at Ashley. Potential buyers beware, the Customer Care Team is not interested in providing customer care, they apparently have the authority to refuse to assist customers and to refuse to provide their superiors' information when they are rude and not performing their jobs.

leather couches pealing

We purchased our very first furniture set for our first home! Black leather couches, tables etc. 10/2/2012. No issues until about 8 months ago when started to notice the top of one of the couches pealing. Do not understand as they are hardly even used... and never even touch the TOPS! We spent more than $4500 here at Ashley in one day! Only bought leather because We did not want something that was not going to last! What a ripoff. Called and got the runaround to just gave up. Will never recommend or ever purchase from them again.

leather couches pealing

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Feb 04, 2018

    Hi Mark.

    Appreciated reading about your concerns.

    There are several issues which can explain the difficulties you're having. To begin With, please understand that not all leather is the same kind or grade. Less expensive leather is thinner and processed. It can more easily peel over time, especially of it's not taken care of properly. Remember that leather is skin.

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couch / sofa / loveseat

I'm writing this email out of extreme frustration and I'm feeling so helpless and regret the decision of buying the sofa from this store.

I bought a 2500$ worth sofa and love seat and within an year the leather came off.. I've been trying to get the leather replaced since 4 months now and it just takes forever

It's been 4 months now and I still have not been able to get my problem rectified. I called probably more than 10 times in the last month or so and every time I get one answer: "Our systems are going through an upgrade and we cannot do anything as of now."

- First, they accept that it is a manufacturing problem and that you will get my leather replaced.
- Even after confirming my address on the phone, the leather was sent to my old address.
- It takes another week or two to get leather delivered to my new address.
- It takes one more month for the technician to arrive, only to tell me that the leather does NOT fit my sofa
- Since then I've been trying to call you almost every week and no one seems to take responsibility.
- And to add to all this frustration, last time I called, customer support manager tells me that I might not even be covered .If I was not covered, why was'nt this not communicated to me ealier and why did they waste my time sending the leather?

I'm extremely disappointed with the service and would not recommend Ashleys to anyone I know.

couch / sofa / loveseat

upholstered side dining room chairs

I purchased 6 upholstered dining room chairs in Sept 2016. A few weeks ago I noticed a crack on the wood piece which connects the front & back legs. I was talked into purchasing the Protection Plan. I phoned them and was advised that this was not covered since it was structural. I contacted the Ashley furniture store in Poughkeepsie, NY where I purchased these chairs. The 2 salesmen that had helped me with this purchase are no longer employed there. I told them about my chair and was advised that since they were over a year old, they were no longer covered under the warranty. I mentioned that these chairs are only used about 6 times a year since they are dining room chairs and only used for Holiday dinners with my family. I cannot believe that after only 15 months the chair would actually crack. I explained that I was dissatisfied with their response and was then called back to say that they would send the wooden piece for my husband to replace. We received the package yesterday and it contained 2 front legs, not the wood piece that would connect the front & back legs. I called Ashley today and was referred to Customer Service. I spent most of my day today speaking to many representatives from Ashley. Bottom line is that they said they cannot get the correct piece that is needed. I would have to either purchase the chair again @ a discounted price (not much of a discount) or pay for a technician to come and fix it. I told them again this was unacceptable. I have furniture over 40 years old and have never had any of it crack!!! I asked them if I were to order a new chair, then somehow the manufacturer must have the part that I need or he would not be able to replace it. I was told they could do nothing more for me. Also I was told the manufacturer is from South Carolina. Well the pieces on my chair say "Made in China". This was my first time I ever purchased furniture from Ashley and it will be the last time. I have 5 other chairs and am I too be concerned that these may crack as well. Since they said they could not locate the part that I need, I asked if they would cover the cost of the technician to fix the chair and I was told NO!!! This is absolutely outrageous. I cannot believe that a supposedly reputable company as you claim to be will not go the extra mile and help out a customer. I have learned a hard lesson. In the past I have always bought furniture from Raymore & Flanagan and I will again return to them. I will never recommend your store and will tell my story to all friends & family. This is outrageous. How can a company sell furniture and
then after 1 year not be responsible. A horrible company that should be more responsible. I wanted to get in touch with the CEO but was told they could not give me this information. I hope this letter gets to the top of the company so that no one else has to go through the aggravation that I have had these past few weeks dealing with your company and getting no satisfaction at all. I would also appreciate a response to this complaint.
Pat Whalen
27 Tamarack Hill Dr.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

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    Shaun R. Dec 24, 2017

    Hi Pat. I appreciated reading your complaint.

    There are two issues to your complaint. One is very much structural, the other is more use related.

    There is definitely different qualities of furniture. Some furniture being made better and stronger than others. Generally the price points will also vary to the quality. Remember the saying, "You get what you pay for." Everyone wants to go less expensive when they purchase certain merchandise, although they rarely will admit it when the merchandise doesn't hold up.

    The second issue concerns the overall weight being placed on the chair. This is a delicate subject to handle. But even the best furniture will break if enough weight is place upon it. The manufacturer has no control over what weight you are placing upon the chair, but they will have weight restrictions for a specific reason.

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couch set

I would never buy furniture from Ashley again and I will tell anyone looking for furniture to go elsewhere. Full L shaped sofa with ottoman, reddish brown leather, peeling with in a year and does not take touch up paint.

We don't have a lot of money to spend on furniture and this was a big deal for us. The salesman was annoying and deceptive in his description...we should have looked elsewhere but believed what he said about the quality.
The cushions are flattening pretty badly too...we are not overweight people and there's just the two of us. Feel very taken by this company.

You should be out of business

couch set

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    Shaun R. Dec 02, 2017

    It looks pretty heavily worn. But admittedly, Ashley is not known for high quality; they're a cheaper level of furniture, much like Ikea. It's unfortunate because to you it was a larger investment but I'm sure, in comparison to better quality furniture, it was less expensive. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

    You might check locally for someplace that redyes furniture. I bet it can be made to look a great deal better.

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