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Complaints & Reviews

durablend sofa and loveseat

I bought a Durablend sofa & love seat from Ashley Furniture Home-store in St. George, Ut. I did not purchase the 5 yr. warranty.

We moved out of the area and stored both pieces of furniture in a climate controlled storage unit for 3 yrs. During this time no one used the sofa or love seat and it was covered and well taken care of while we moved.

2017, we noticed the sofa was peeling and it's getting worse. My husband & I don't use the furniture much, a few hours in the evening but, this should not be happening!

I contacted the store manager and left my phone number. The customer service representative told me he would call the next day.

From everything I've read, the store owners of managers from each location do nothing. We shall see?


My bed frame was broken, unfortunately I lost my receipt. When I went to my local Ashley furniture store, they told me they are under new management since May and I got my bed the November timeframe before so they do not have any record from the old management. I currently am at work and can attach the damaged bed frame as a follow up. I just want a replacement side bed frame to replace the one that was damaged.

recliner chairs

Bought two swivel recliners and within two month one broke, when we tried to get them repaired your service person said a repair kit had to be ordered. We went back and forth and where never able to get any help from you, but did get abusive and rude sales people. The second one just broke and the person sitting on it fell and was hurt. No one should shop at your store.

recliner chairs
recliner chairs
recliner chairs
recliner chairs
recliner chairs

living room 3 piece couches

I purchase a living room set from Ashley with a extended five year warranty from this with guardsman. Now I need them to step in and fix or replace my couches but they are ignoring me with their stupid answering. I'm very disappointed. I paid around $1700 for my set and extra for their warranty which I was told covers everything.
Please help me. I need to exchange them. They are broken and the leather is peeling off.
Nancy Loloi516-6439136

living room 3 piece couches
living room 3 piece couches
living room 3 piece couches
living room 3 piece couches

  • Or
    Orvil tod Nov 13, 2018

    The people complaining here have echoed my situation exactly! The Reclining Sofa Sectionals are Build with pressed wood and fastened with the cheapest bolts known to man! The bolts don’t have washers on both end and if you set on the front edge for more than a minute the bolt breaks! I f you lean on the front edge to get ups half inch 1/2”x 4”x4’ pressed board will break 12” from the end! There should be a law to redress the common issue faced by citizens getting ripped off! However we live in a Capitalist Society where Lawyers Rule economic product liability policies! Caveat Emptor!


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failing to receive the recliner I bought more than 2 months ago!

Hi, my name is aboubakr, i've purchased a recliner from ashley store, cfc branch, 57 days ago, exactly on 21st of july, so 57 days and I still did not receive my recliner, or even was not notified of any delivery date, my wife contacted the call center of ashley egypt, she has been told that someone will contact me to discuss the matter, but unfortunately no one did, so I contacted ahmed gaber, the sales man from the store, who made the sell process for me, he said he will call me in 5 minutes, and he did not, so I called him again same day around 10 pm, he kept telling me how sorry he is that I did not receive my recliner yet, however he did not advise any specific date for delivery!, and then he asked me to talk to mr ibrahim, the deputy store manager, who made no difference actually, as he also kept apologizing and provided excuses like the factory did not succeed to finish with the recliner's fabric or textile and this is why I am not able to getting it, so I told him that this is their homework and their business, and I don't care, all I need is to know when I am gonna get the recliner, then he said that I called lately, and he cannot provide me with any immediate answer cause I called lately and the factory isn't working now!!

I explained that I called lately cause the sales man did not call me in 5 minutes as he promised, and then, the deputy branch, manager promised to call me on sunday, I waited till monday afternoon, then made a complaint via call center (complaint ref 4758), and asked the call center agent that someone has to contact me, as I suffered from a fair customer experience and service, then mr ibrahim called again after 4 hours I guess, also kept apologizing, but the apology was not for not calling as promised, but was just apologizing again that he won't advise a specific date for delivery and made me choose between waiting and just wait with no time frame, or make a money refund for me, or take the only recliner left in the showroom of cfc branch instead of waiting for a new one!
This is it! This is my experience with ashley, actually my problem now is not the delivery date or the recliner, but the whole experience is really full of [censored], you put an item for sale, I pay for it, and wait forever, and then keep making an endless phone calls and talk to your miserable employees of cfc branch, and beg them for a delivery date, and then after 2 months these are my choices!!!
And finally I submitted a complaint via ashley egypt facebook's page, someone responded that the complaint has been forwarded to the specialized department, and I will get contacted by someone to finalize it, and guess what, it's been 5 days until now and no one contacted me,!

You guys need to help me if you're aiming to deliver a real customer care, cause those guys in egypt branch are not doing their jobs, and they push the customers to make scandals for ashley.

But I will just keep escalating till it reaches todd wanek's level, I won't give up, and I wish you understand this very well.

Thank you.

  • Ti
    Tigrenok Oct 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Call Al Ghadban, Sr. Regional Manager, 608-304-6091
    Gary Donovan, Regional Manager: 608-304-1629

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  • Ti
    Tigrenok Oct 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    if paid with CC file a credit card dispute :)

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  • Mo
    Mostafa Elhadidi Feb 04, 2019

    I have the same issue, and guess what, they sold me the recliners almost at the same time they informed you that they have a delay issue for this product.

    For me its 5 months now, and Ashley Egypt is investing our money, most probably they are doing black business in Egypt.

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customer service and delivery

I ordered 2 power reclining chairs after tax and delivery was $1800.00. I received an email confirmation and phone call for delivery on 29 aug for both chairs. The delivery showed up but with only 1 chair. The delivery drivers had no idea. I called the customer service line and the lady was very nice. She said the chair was in back order. She then called the Seattle warehouse. They had a chair. She said she would call me back the next day with confirmation. I never got a call. I called on the 30 aug. I was told my chair would be delivered the 1 sep. I did get an automated call on the 31 aug of a delivery date of 1 sep between 9am-12pm. I called the customer care line again cause it is past my window. I was told they were dropping off a delivery in Hermiston OR and I was the next stop. Bridgett from the customer care line said she couldn't do anything. I asked for a refund of my delivery fee since this has all messed up in Ashlie furnitures end. She placed me on hold so she can speak with the delivery department. I waited about 10 mins after waiting she placed me back in line and I waited again for 10 min for another customer care rep to pick up. I had to go over everything ALL over again. The rep then said the delivery time is until 2pm. That was not what I confirmed. She also called the delivery driver and said he had 2 more stops! I asked again for a refund and she told me no.

This was the wort experience I have ever had. I spent a lot of money and the actions or lack there of, the customer care department is unacceptable.

Why would I refer ANYONE to Ashley furniture!

Update. The email address (2 of them I was given) are invalid! I was told I would receive a phone call when they were on their way. I was texted and said 30 mins. An hour later they came to my house with no phone call and then they were VERY rude on the phone. I was not there since I said I had another app. I had to call my husband to stop what he was doing and rush over to accept the chair. The delivery drivers unpacked and put together my chair outside! This is the worst service I have EVER experienced.

  • Ti
    Tigrenok Oct 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Call Al Ghadban, Sr. Regional Manager, 608-304-6091
    Gary Donovan, Regional Manager: 608-304-1629

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  • Ti
    Tigrenok Oct 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    file cc dispute

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customer service

Horrible experience thus far. Hard to even put into words. First, the price they quoted us over the phone was not the same price when we spoke with the sales agent in the store. We decided to still order the furniture since we really liked it and had it all planned out already. My fiancé asked before placing the order, multiple times, and I emphasized MULTIPLE times about the delivery date. The sales agent told us when we call to schedule the delivery if the items happen to not be scheduled to deliver by the 1st that we can just cancel the order and get our money back that day. So when placing the order, my fiancé had the sales agent check and see if they could tell us what items may or may not be in by September 1st. She stated that everything will be in except possibly the love seat. Which would be tolerable to go without the love seat for a few more days. Fast forward, and they said they couldn't deliver until September 6. So we settled with the date, nothing we could do. But now they're telling us September 11th and said that isn't even a guarantee! We move into our house on the 1st and will have no furniture. At this point we just want to cancel our order and be refunded. They're telling us we would not receive our refund for 7-10 business days! Why were we lied to? And there is nothing they can do to help this matter. I am extremely disappointed and disgusted! Terrible customer service! I will never order from Ashley Furniture again! This whole process has been absolutely a nightmare.

I am 6 months pregnant and now moving into a home with no furniture.

protection plan

A complaint will also be filed with GBS, the protection plan that Ashley furniture promotes.

Ashley pushed this protection plan when selling me my living room furniture. They stressed that if anything happens to the furniture we will fix it or replace it. What they failed to say that is once they replace your furniture, your replacment piece of furniture is no longer covered. If you want it covered you will have to buy a whole new plan. I bought a 5 year plan and in less than a year they replace my couch ( with a broken one that I didn't realize was broken until months later because we rarely use our living room) so I am no longer covered. The money that I paid for a 5 year plan is Ashley's or GBS's to keep and I'm out of luck.

patola park sectional

I purchased the Patola Park Sectional in December of 2017 from the Mooresville, NC location. About two months after owning it, we noticed both arm rests were broken - you could hear the wood moving inside the arm rest. The fabric starting pilling almost like a sweater and there are little fabric balls everywhere. We had a technician come out to fix the arm rests and contacted the customer service department regarding the cushions. They sent us a new cushion cover just for the chaise part of the sectional. The cushions are no longer staying in place, multiple times a day I have to push the cushions back under the back cushions. The back cushions have lost their form and are no longer firm . We have always gotten older couches from family members so for this to be our first couch investment it is EXTREMELY disappointing. We are not happy with this couch whatsoever. I am requesting that Ashley furniture come pick up this couch and either grant us a full refund or store credit to purchase a different couch.

delivery - waited for more than a month.

My name is Naren, I made a huge purchase (more than 20 items) from Ashley Sterling VA in July 3 rd week. Sales guy convinced me that all the delivery could be made possible in a week or 2, though the final delivery date shown in system is Aug'13.

I made multiple visits to the store, made several calls and left multiple vm's but, I get very poor response from them and not I was told that I've to wait until Sep'11 for the delivery. They are reluctant to cancel the order, and no support from the store.
I've got empty house, with no beds and it is really a big thing for me with kids at home.

I'm stuck and not exactly sure how to proceed and where to complain.

Appreciate your response.

Thank you,

bedroom set

hi my name is chelsea pye, I took and Ashley furniture bedroom set out from your carbonear nl location, at the time of trying to take it out the last kerri tried to make me pay for an extra week I which I wouldn't have the bed so I left came back another time a delt with Elizabeth and got my bedroom set at what I was supposed to pay not being scammed. then when the men delivered my bedroom set there was a dolly waiting at my house for them to bring it in with but instead the rolled it end over end into my house and beat the crap out of my dresser, I missed one payment because of a timesheet for work getting in late so I had to pay next time well kerri left an ignorant message on my phone basically saying that they know I'm not going to pay them and they know it will be nothing but problems so therefore I have told them I will NOT make another payment until o speak to their manager not of that store but their head over manager, I've been fighting for weeks now trying to get their manager they have harassed me at work after being told my work hours and being told that I cannot contact them during my work hours enough is enough. I've had it with you guys and I will be making a complaint to the better buisness bureau. kerri has done nothing but torture me since I got my bedroom set I'm done with you guys and I will have something done about this and for the love of God can someone please get the manager to call me this is ridiculous.

incomplete delivery

We purchased a bed frame and mattress (order [protected]) It arrived incomplete on 29 June 2018, on 6 July delivery of some parts arrived, discovered kit to construct the bed was missing. Calls made on 7/9, 713, 7/20, emails on 7/26, call on 7/31 resulted in very little help, wrong kit arrived on 8/3, kit was for a dresser), physically went to Ashley store (East side of Madison), again promised new kit to be sent, tech to show up on 13 August. No kit ever arrived, tech never showed up, no message of cancellation.

At this point we need to cancel the order, we need to have Ashley pick up the parts of the unfinished bed and take awy so that we can purchase a bed frame. We need to have documentation that we can obtain a full refund for bed frame (we will keep the mattress).

We continue to try and contact Ashley, several messages to regional manager Billie Kaiser with no response.

Simple to fix, hand over a kit with correct screws.

We are now looking into legal action to prevent you from charging us for something you have never delivered!

Please respond via phone [protected], or email [protected] or [protected]

delivery of be done set

I had ordered a bedroom set to be delivered and it was "mostly" delivered a week ago. At the time of set up let them know we were missing the trundle portion of the bed which we paid for.

The delivery people told us it wasn't on their list and would talk to dispatch. Tried calling the store and they didn't answer their phone. Then called "customer service " and was told I received my full order. Explained I had not and that is why I was calling: informed that this was a problem for the store to handle and not him.

After 7 phone calls with the store. Told multiple times they would call me back; no did not so I would have to follow up with them. Finally they discerned that we did in fact not get our complete order. Now a week later they still don't have an answer as to when they can get me the rest of what I did in fact already pay for.

Have asked to talk to supervisors and told they are not available. No wonder no one is actually running their stores. Will definitely not be a return customer.

customer service/delivery

I have had nothing but bad contacts with Ashely furniture in va beach. I first went into Ashley furniture on 7/8/18. We were looking for a bedroom set for myself and my daughter. It was right at closing. We decided on two sets and verified they were available (was even told they had my king bed there in the warehouse). As it was right at closing we didn't want to hold them up so we agreed to come back another day to get all the prices and paper work straight. I emailed back and forth with my Ashley Finnigan and arranged a date and time to come back to Finalize my purchases. She was aware i was driving an hour away and had a 30 dollar tolls to get there. I went back in on 7/12/18 as that was the date she suggested for me to return. Upon arrival i was made away my sleigh bed that i was told was in the warehouse was a mistake as that bed was d/c. I was very upset and had to settle with another bed. Some pieces to the bedroom set i had to purchase the floor model and had to arrange my own pick up. Those pieces i was told to come back anytime within 7 days to have it picked up. I asked if i needed to call ahead i was advised no that they would have it packaged and ready. Two days later i show up with a truck and trailer and Ashley tells me that they didn't packaged the furniture yet and I'd have to come back another time for one of the delievery guys to package it. Thankfully one of the billing ladies was sitting there and said no we never tell people they have to come back another day and told us that it was Ashely's job to make sure it was packaged. So we had to wait but were able to get the floor models then . Ashley was made aware i was moving in on 8/1/18 to my new home. In my area they only deliever on Thursday, so we were all set for delivery for 8/2/18. I was called the weekend prior reminding me of my delivery date. Then i confirmed my delivery on 8/1/18 at noon for delivery on 8/2/18 between 10-1. Ashley Finnigan then called me around 3pm and left a voicemail stating my bed head board got a hole in it while they were preparing for delievery so instead of making two trips to deliver my daughters bed on 8/2 and my bed the following Thursday (as they needed to order a new one). She had decided to just deliever it all the following Thursday. Once i got the message i called her right back i explained that i had already taken off of work and this was extremely disappointing and she told me well it's not my fault. I told her well it certainly isn't my fault. She not once try to resolve anything for me. Today 8/6/18 she called me and told me my bed was in and she would schedule mine and my daughters bed to be delivered on 8/16/18. I said that is almost two weeks away she had told me just on 8/1/18 that i could get it this Thursday. She said Well they are already booked up for this Thursday. I then asked what about my daughters bed that was moved to this Thursday she said actually no i never scheduled it because i was waiting for your bed to come in to make one trip. Seems to me she was trying to make everything easy on her and was not willing to work with me at all. Still no resolution was offered to me for any of this. She just gave me a "not my problem" attitude. I asked to speak with the manager and she said I'm the manager today. I told her i needed to speak with someone over her. She claims to be having someone call me tomorrow. Meanwhile she has already receive her
Commission and myself and my daughter are sleeping on the floor after we have spent almost 3000 on new furniture and broken promises.


We purchased a couch a month ago and requested 8/10 as our delivery date as we close on our new house 8/9. Signed the paperwork and were promised 8/10. On 8/5 I get a call from Gina at the Shakopee, MN store saying she got my email to cancel my order. I never sent an email! She then proceeds to tell me that I never returned her call on 7/31 so she can't schedule delivery for 8/10 that we requested over a month ago! I told Gina and her manager Hector I'm happy to bring in my phone records because I never received a call on 7/31. Of course there's no record of the number called or time of day. Now they expect us to take an extra day off work the following week for delivery because THEY messed up. Not happening. This is terrible service and I expected better. I should've just ordered online but was trying to be nice and get Gina her commission for helping us. Big mistake!

delivery guy unethical behavior

I had a mattress delivered to my home from ashley's furniture in arlington texas on 8/2/18, and after the guy delivered my mattress he sent me a friend request on facebook. It's just my daughter and i in the household and this was very disturbing to me because has my address. Now i'm wondering if he has my phone number too. It's just very unsettling!

repair and customer service

I had the most horrendous experience with Ashley Homestore in Hazleton, Pa and their customer service in Northeast Pa at the phone number [protected]. About a year ago I purchased a leather couch and love seat from Ashley furniture in Wilkes Barre, Pa. While purchasing the furniture set, I was talked into buying the 5 year protection plan very heavily which now I regret completely. This extra couple hundred dollar protection plan was a complete scam. Within 4 months of having the couch I noticed the stitching on one of the arm rests were coming undone. I ignored it for a while and eventually gave their customer service a call when it had gotten worse. I had to jump through hoops by sending them picture after picture of the couch which I don't even believe they ever looked at. They finally got back to me and said they decided to have an outside contractor named Jose and Jose only to come to my house and look at the couch. Jose was only available 2 days a week for a couple hours during the day. I made it clear that I worked during the day and would not be taking work off to meet with this Jose. They insisted no other option was available and I am pretty much out of luck. I told them I purchased the extra protection plan that was stated to replace your furniture at no cost for any problems. Ruth Ann at customer service told me that it was only an accidental plan I purchased and it would not cover a manufacturer problem. Ruth Ann then told me that their products at Ashley Home store are made very poorly in a factory line and was probably just stitched up very quickly. When I told Ruth Ann that I was disappointed in that because I paid good money for the couch, Ruth Ann stated "You should be happy we are even gonna replace just the arm for you because you only paid $700 for your couches." I felt offended and insisted to Ruth Ann that I would not be disrespected by her. She told me to take it or leave it that they would take apart my brand new couch and replace the arm rest. I would advise nobody to ever purchase from Ashley Home Store in Northeast Pa EVER!!

I am complaining about delivery

TERRIBLE DELIVERY SERVICE. We have been waiting for almost 3 months to get our bedroom set delivered. We bought our bedroom set 5/2018, they told us this was people's favorite bedroom set and we will get our delivery until June. Well, they keep rescheduling & the day they finally can deliver is (this Thursday 7/26/18) a day during the week & hrs they can only deliver is 2pm-5pm. Forget that we requested for our furniture to be delivered only a Wednesday or Saturday because we work, but no, they can ONLY deliver Thursday or else we have to wait another week to get delivered on a Wednesday. I spoke with the "manager" and it was not possible for them to work around my schedule...even though i been waiting for almost THREE MONTHS, I have to work around their schedule, & leave my job early so I can FINALLY receive my furniture ... I have to say the sales person that helped us with our furniture was amazing, but sadly the delivery department needs to be replace because they are taking the good experience that other departments offer. I will never buy from Ashley again. But, I wish the warehouse delivery department get reprimand for not taking the customer business seriously & not to try to work with your schedule after you spent $5000 for the company.
Location: Winston salem, nc 27106

  • Km
    KMcG84 Aug 04, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just wondering if you ever actually got your furniture? My husband and I purchased 2 sofas from our local Ashley store and we were told that they would be delivered no later than 8/2/18 and we would get a call at least 2 days out to give us a 3 hour time window. Well 2 or 3 days before the PROMISED delivery date I DID get a call from them; not to give me my 3 hour time window though, but to tell me there was a “delay” and they couldn’t get them to us until 8/8/18 now. Unfortunately for us, we had sold our old living room furniture to make room for the new stuff but all I thought I could do was just go along with it and have no furniture for practically a week with 3 kids and myself having a bad knee injury. Well after thinking things over and steaming from the ears for a few moments, I decided to call the store that we purchased from and let them know directly how dissatisfied we were and that they had lost a future customer all because their salespeople promise delivery dates they can’t make and that I would spread the word. The manager, John, asked me to hold for a few moments and surprisingly enough, he came back with a solution of sorts. I still couldn’t get my sofas on the promised date but he got me bumped up to technically this morning 8/4 instead of 8/8 AND to compensate us for our “troubles”, corporate is sending us a customer appreciation card/store credit for $400!!! So to say the least, maybe calling the local store directly back can be the squeaky wheel that gets the grease?... Good luck all!!!

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power leather sofas

I ordered two power leather sofas through Hay Needle, but the sofas are manufactured by Ashley Furniture. I ordered the sofas on June 22, 2018 with an expected delivery date of July 6-13. A couple of days later, I received notification that the sofas were out of stock and there would be a delay. The next day I received a notification that the sofas would be shipped out on July 6, 2018, but the expected arrival date would be July 26, 2018. When I called Hay Needle and spoke to Jasmine, she stated that the manufacturer was Ashley Furniture and Hay Needle had no control over Ashley as to when the product would be shipped.

I called Melissa in Customer Service at Ashley Furniture (corporate office) and she said they have no way of accessing info directly from the consumer and that I would have to ask Hay Needle to contact them. I was then escalated up to Sheila in Consumer Affairs who was a complete [censored] and so bored with the conversation and couldn't/would't provide any other information either. She said if Hay Needle told me July 26, then that's the date I should go by because they can't/won't tell me why it would take 20 days to get from Arcadia, Wisconsin to Las Vegas, Nevada. Sheila wouldn't provide me with the initial of her last name, or her employee number and sounded like a COMPLETE [censored]!!!

Bottom Line: When you order from an online company, make sure the product IS NOT MANUFACTURED BY ASHLEY FURNITURE because you will be sorry!!!

couch, loveseat, recliners

Bought my Ashley furniture over 5 years ago.
After 2 years it started cracking and peeling on all 4 pieces. Took pillow to local Ashley and they said they could not help me. I have made numerous attempts to get this rectified to no avail. I get the run around from everyone. I have since has to buy new furniture and stored all the furniture in garage. Until someone listens.