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Complaints & Reviews

non delivery of product / desired products

I have booked sofa (3 + 2 + 1 ) from Ashley Homestore in Isanya Mall, Pune on 10th Jan 2019. They promised to deliver by on or before 10th Apr 2019. However they haven't delivered the sofa as yet. Everytime we call the manager (Ashwin - +91 [protected] ) they keep on extending the date. We have got dates 24th Apr, 29th Apr, 9th May 16th May, 6th June. Now when i enquired with them yesterday they said sofa will be available by 12th June. I have moved to new house with no sofa. Me and my wife are getting tortured mentally and we are completely traumatised. They also don't make calls to update and when we make calls they give us the new date everytime. Please help.

defective furniture and bad customer service

My wife and I purchased a sectional couch two weeks ago where an added feature was inoperable. A repair technician came out to correct the item however no repair was made. A replacement was brought out however no correction was made. We were told the richard hall (the manager) would contact us two weeks ago and that has not happened. We are no longer wanting to do business with ashley furniture and want a full refund. The avoidance of richard hall (murrieta store manager) has been very upsetting despite being told he will contact us and the furniture being defective. We want a full refund and do not want to pay for defective furniture!

sectional sofa

I bought the sectional about a year and a half ago. The material came all twisted, stapled crooked leaving...

customer support and service

Excited about getting my furniture delivered today. Came home from work last night to remove old furniture and detailed the kitchen and bedroom for the new. But once the truck came there was the biggest disappointment. Only the bedroom came. The men looked surprised when I asked about the dining set. They made the call. Came back and continued the put bed together. Again came to me and told me there was hardware missing. Made another call. Customer service called and told me that the dining set came in damaged and had to order another from the manufacturer. DID NOT receive a call to inform me about the problem. Told me it would take another 3 weeks. Mean while without a table and chairs. As for the bed I have to wait another 1 to 2 weeks for them to get the hardware from the manufacturer and come back to put it together. Meanwhile I have the mattress on the floor and have to sleep that way and look at a dismantled bed and play the waiting game. Customer service DID NOT speak with any concern or urgency. After this experience I don't think I will do business with Ashley Furniture anymore and will tell my friends and family about my experience. Plus ITS PAID IN FULL.

durablend sofa and loveseat (recline)

Purchased the product 2012, paid over $1100.00 and purchased extended warranty with Guardsman. The furniture is peeling yes peeling, cushion back, front of the seat cushions, areas across the top back. When I contacted Guardsman Warranty for service I was told the peeling is not covered it is a manufacture defect, I would have been better off reporting something else was wrong with the set. I became and I am still very frustrated. The furniture is rarely used just myself and and friends when they visit. It is embarrassing to have company but however it benefits them cause I tell the story about Ashley Furniture Durablend is NO will suddenly start peeling. I have never experienced furniture peeling. It saddens me even more because I really like the set. I have contacted Ashley Furniture customer service, waiting on a response of my complaint, they asked for proof of purchase but I got so upset after speaking the warranty company...I tossed all of it in the trashed receipt and warranty paperwork..lost hope, I emailed Ashley Furn. customer service explaining I no longer have the receipt. Every time I look at the peeling I would become frustrated and it led me to research their DuraBlend furniture and discovered many complaints and a couple of lawsuits. I just want the furniture repaired or replaced with something of equal value, prefer replaced with better quality material...

durablend sofa and loveseat (recline)
durablend sofa and loveseat (recline)
durablend sofa and loveseat (recline)

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delivery of my sofa

I had a scheduled delivery for a sofa and a chair and a half. I received a phone call at 8am in the morning stating the sofa I'd delayed but we will deliver your chair and a half. This is wrong on so many levels. First the company is quick to swipe your card for $1890 however you couldn't have the decency to call someone before the day of their delivery that you do not have the item?? Called corporate customer service who is not help by the way; spoke to a Blanca; no empathy or compassion that the item wasn't coming in. And that it's scheduled to come in on WEDNESDAY but do not know for sure. I am supposed to get a call 48 hours after delivery to let me know when the product is "suppose" to come in but again no guarantee! I will never shop at Ashley Furniture Store again. When the money is their they want it but can't deliver items when the customer needs it. Mind you I placed this delivery 2 weeks in advance. You should know what you have in stock before making scheduled deliveries you can not fulfill to your customers

sectional couch

I have bought sectional couch from Ashley Furniture less then a year. The sellman told me we have 1 year warranty as if anything happened to the couch bring it back. When I called Ashley Furniture and told them I have infested with bed bugs and ripped and torn on the couch. The supervisor told me I don't have extended warranty so they can't do anything about it beside sorry.

prices between online and instore

About 2 weeks ago walked into Greece ny At home store. Purchased 2 reclining sofas (1000.00 a piece) and 2 end tables(399.99 a piece). Few days later in an ad on online I see the sofas are 799.99 and end tables are 164.99. Almost a $900 difference. I called the store. In the end i was given a $250 gift card. Cause they could only finance for 12months instead of 60 months if they fixed the price. We couldn't do a payment 4 times more then planned. The manager was very nice . But I find the whole thing very unfair. We were planning on getting a dinning room table that day but with a over $3000.00 bill decided to wait. I thought a gift card for 250 was a slap in the face. Will think again before buying with u again. At least check the prices online before I sign anything.
Thank you
Jennifer Irvine

handling of furniture/customer service/store experience

My wife and I were looking for a futon and a server at Ashley furniture store on Monday 4/15/2019. When we...


We bought furniture from the Ashley Store in Chatanooga, Tn. about six months ago. We had a repairman to our house because seat cushions continually loosened up and everytime you would sit down they kept moving. Apparently the velcro that was to hold them secure was not doing it's job. Upon inspection, the repairman said, to my wife and me, "the cushions cannot be repaired." We received a package in the mail containing extra padding, which only made the problem worse, according to the repairman. I repeatedly called DSG Services at: [protected] to arrange for a repairman to correct the problem. I spoke with various Customer Service Reps. Including; Raven, Natalie, Tatiana, Erica and a host of others. Ultimately I was told by Raven that the problem with the cushions was not covered and I must call the Service Center at GBS Enterprises to have the problem corrected by the Insurance Co. On April 10, 2019 I spoke with Evelyn, of GBS, and was told, the problem was in fact covered by DSG Services, and to insure I do not get bounced back and forth, I was to say this was a manufacturer's defect, not caused by the consumer, and should be covered under the Manufacturer's Warrenty." I then called DSG Services, for the fifth time today, and was told by Tatiana that nothing can be done. I asked to speak with a Supervisor, since I had taken out the extra Insurance Policy, and waited over fifteen minutes for a Supervisor to respond. I was told by Tatiana that the Supervisor would only tell me the same thing. I eventually spoke with a Mr.Shuntz, and sure enough he said there was nothing that could be done. I felt as though I had been scammed into buying the extra insurance, which proved to be useless, and was treated with a total lack of courtesy and was made to feel humiliated. It is because of this I feel that Mr. Shuntz should be terminated as a lesson to others. I anxiously await your response. c.c. Better Business Bureau

  • Updated by kakygary · Apr 11, 2019

    I anxiously await a response. Further action will depend on the response taken.

unclear rules; customer service

Put on layaway mattress paid a deposit less than a week later made $250 payment. Unforeseen fam emergency...

sofa sectional

I ordered this sectional back in November. The first time they delivered it, it was ripped in multiple area...

$4000 worth of junk

An extremely displeased "want to be" customer….. I held off writing this complaint in hopes that Ashley...

leather sectional

We purchased a leather sectional in 2015 from our local Ashley Furniture Store. In a years time the leather...

tyler creek dining room table and chairs

We purchased the Tyler Creek Dining room table and chairs through the Ashley Store in Louisville, KY. We...

Jeffersontown Furniture

tempurpedic mattress and adjustable base

Purchased bed and base from Ashley store in New Jersey . Delivery people refused to take my old bed and gave...

warranty not fully explained at point of sale by sales people.

I am now on day 4 with the run around. Tried to use customer care they sent a tech to fix my couch but 3...

entire experience

We went to the first ashley location on power and Southern. We took our time to select our furniture options. When it came to financing the store manager was not helpful or willing to offer (what we later found out) all the financing options available. The store manager insulted the employee ability to negotiate, mind you were were told the entire time the prices would be negotiated and they would work with us. The manager got to a point that he ended up going to the back employee area for a lunch break and never came back to attend to us. We went to another location in Ahwatukee where we struggled to find the same furniture options. The sales woman who helped us was not helpful but bothersome and only kept saying we should buy everything we considered. When it came time to finance we were pleased to have been presented with additional financing options so that we could get all the items we selected. The issue was the financing process was delayed because we had went to another store. We left and were told to come back the next day to finish up. While there we added more items and again the financing was delayed. We went back a third time and finalized our items which included a 24 piece dining set (which included a rug, dishes, and placements), 2 couches, and a bedroom set. The salesman from the 3rd day stated that the rug, dishes, and placements could be taken home that day. We indicated that we had no room in our cars and he said they would make arrangements for them to be included in the delivery.

The delivery was scheduled for 11/15. Mind you we prepared for the delivery so had all our rooms cleared out. On 11/15 I arrived at 145 and the delivery was to be from 2 to 4, we received a text at 245 stating they were on their way and they never showed up! We called back at 430 to see about getting them to come back but we were on hold so long that by the time we reached someone they were closed and not able do anything to help us. We finally got a hold of someone the next day and they claimed that the driver was at our home and they took a picture of our house. And were told we have been bumped to December...after many phone calls we finally got it rescheduled for 11/29.

Today the delivery was made, but again we caught the driver in time. He had only paused briefly and was about to drive off when we stopped them. The set up was frustrating because there were communications issues due to their strong accents. They placed items in areas that required us to still move it to its final location in our home because we couldn't get them to understand what we wanted. We are now two weeks living packed up so we were relieved to be able to finally set our belongings out. That's when we realized that they did not bring the dishes, rug, or placemats. We called the store to be on hold again for 30 minutes to be transfers to the local office. The employee there said there wa nothing they could do and they removed the dishes because they thought we didn't want them. Our paperwork indicates A 24 peicing dining set...not sure how that was confusing. so we are now without these items and still fighting to get what we paid for. We have lost time and money l, experienced a lot of stress due to their staff and terrible customer service. You can never speak to anyone who can actually fix anything.

It's a salted feeling we have toward this furniture that will be in our lives for quite some time. We love our selections, but hate the price monetary and emotionally we had to pay just to get them. Seriously regret the whole thing but because of the time we spent trying to pick things out we chose to try and we this through.

They seriously need training on problem resolutions, empathy, and customer service. Do not go to these ashley furniture locations.

damaged furniture delivered...

With all respect I would like to bring it to your awareness that I had purchased 9 pieces of furniture from...

protection plan

I was encouraged to purchase the protection plan when I bought my dining room set. I was assured that if anything happened, the product would be replaced. The material on all six of my dining room chairs are ripping and coming apart. I have no children or pets that use the furniture and rarely use the dining room table, so there is hardly any normal wear and tear that should be connected with this. When contacting the Careteam, I was told my plan does not cover color loss, cracking or peeling. Waste of money and not what I was told when purchasing the plan. I was told by the store there was nothing they could do; but they would "be happy to help me pick out new chairs." Never again will I purchase anything from Ashley Furniture. Beware of purchasing any additional protection coverage.