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Ashley Furniturefraudulent rebate

We where offer $500 in gas rebate with a purchase of a living room set from ashley furniture store in wesley chapel florida just by sending our receipts each month for 4 months, I didnt received anything I just come to find out is a huge big scam!! Even the phone # provided on the certifate does not exist. Shame on ashley furniture


  • Ja
    jayj Feb 25, 2011

    You people put yourselves through so much for so little. The 500 dollars was a spiff.. If a 500 dollar voucher was the deciding factor in your purchase of 4500 dollars in furniture you need your head checked. Try buying for quality next time, not a pipe dream. You would really file a lawsuit for $500 and maybe a little more for your anguish? Just tying up the courts on petty bull****.

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  • Sl
    SLGB Feb 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing here only it was $500.00 in groceries. Now they have sent me a release to sign and they will give me $100.00 in cash. July 2009. Sent me a letter to try another company, that didn't work. Ashley says they don't have any info on me for the second company.
    Ashley Furniture Hwy K O'Fallon, MO
    Wentzville, MO

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  • P2
    p27159 Jun 22, 2010

    See this thread where people who had the same problem with Beck's furniture in Folsom, CA discussed their situation:

    Note that many of them decided to sue, and evidently they were ALL WINNING. So don't hesitate to file a small claims court case. Read the thread for info on how to proceed

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  • My
    my5kids Apr 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just received a letter stating that I failed to provide documentation demonstrating that I enrolled in the gas redemption program so I am not even getting the $150. I have been in contact with the local stores director of marketing since early on in this fiasco. I submitted a copy of my receipt, a copy of enrollment email as well as several correspondances I had with the first company via email. How on earth can they say that I didn't pursue the program? I am starting to wonder if the only people who received any money out of this was the lawyers. I will never ever step foot in Ashley furniture or any of its affiliates again. Add to this that our love seat is a piece of crap and has been fixed 4 times in the warranty period and obviously not fixed right.

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  • Mi
    midland mama Jan 05, 2010

    I received a grocery rebate in Midland Texas for $500. I wasn't going to buy $500 worth of furnishings but thought "why not, it's like getting it for free - I just have to wait a while to get the $$ back." That was 2 rebate companies and 8 months ago - still not a dime.
    I am going to small claims court if they do not give me a $500 rebate. I feel they actually owe me $500 cash but would settle for the rebate, since they are victims also, in a way.
    But they are dragging their feet.

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  • No
    notthatupset Nov 23, 2009

    I too have a voucher that is no longer any good... BUT I do understand that it was not Ashley that did me wrong. It was the gas voucher company. Direct your anger were it should be directed.
    The gas voucher also was an agreement to "pay" me to do a few surveys over the time period and send in my buying habits via the gas receipts from my personal gas purchases. So I was being "paid" to participate in a program. The program is no longer available.
    I am happy that Ashley is participating in the settlement to get money for it's customers. I guess I am more understanding than you all. You were going to buy furniture anyway and you bought it with a gift... I sometimes don't use my gifts from my Aunt because it's not my taste. It's no different than that gift that my Aunt gives me that collects dust in my closet. I will buy from Ashley again with out hesitation. The court action settlement has been decided and I am sure that Ashley will honor that ($150 pay out)

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  • Bo
    boycott ashley Nov 17, 2009

    I'm in the same boat. 20% off your next purchase up to $500.00??? I don't want anything to do with Ashley Furniture... The last thing I'd do is step foot in one of their stores and give them my money... They owe me $$$$... I'm not letting it go. I call them weekly. I made a purchase in good faith, they need to stand behind what they sell and their promotional offers. I choose to do business with Ashlee furniture not the 2 gas company's that aren't legitimate. They chose to partner with them. Boycott ASHLEY FURNITURE

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  • Kn
    KnowYourRoots Nov 15, 2009

    I for one do not deal with Ashley Furniture anymore. I sincerely advise others not to do the business with them. They are the cheaters ... we cannot allow them to cheat us again. Even the setlement was an eyewash and giving just $150 after spending quite some time in followup communications.


    Any alternatives to sue them ... please post here.


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  • Ja
    Jason Borley Nov 07, 2009

    I was also a victim of the gas vouchers. Today I received a letter in the mail stating a settlement has been made between Ashley furniture and the victims of the scam. I am wondering how much Ashley furniture paid the prosecuting attornies because it was just as large of a slap in the face as finding out that both gas voucher companies had folded. The settlement was as follows.

    *$150 in cash---(No $500 here).

    *We also have the opportunity to spend another $2500 at Ashley furniture so that we can get our $500 back. (A whole 20% off of merchandise with a limit of saving $500).

    Are you for real Ashley Furniture Store? First of all, any one of us who got duked by Ashley understands that 20% off of furniture is actually leading to profits for the store.

    Join me in posting to everybody on your facebook accounts to boycott Ashley furniture stores. Don't give them any more business and make them realize that they have messed with the wrong people. The first mistake by Ashley Furniture is forgiveable, the court offer is complete lunacy.

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  • Ra
    R&J Sep 17, 2009

    We purchased our furniture in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in September 2008. We were originally purchasing a bedroom suite and were then enticed to purchase 2 additional leather lazy boys by the salesperson due to this wonderful gas rebate of $500. She stated that even her sister had done this and it was "wonderful". Well, everyone knows the story - the first company went bankrupt as well as the second. To date, it is one year later and we have seen no compensation. Oh, yes, we were sent a $50 Ashley card for our troubles until things are resolved. By the way, does anyone know what I can purchase at Ashley for $50 or less? We have spoken with Kelly at the Ft. Wayne store many times and she reassures us that her "hands are tied". Today I spoke with the coporate office and Trissa informed me that the case was going to court in Chicago very soon. When I pursued more questions, she had no answers. She said she worked in "customer service" and that she was sending me a letter via email, yet she stated she was unaware of what information was in the letter. How ludicrous - to have an uniformed person contact me to tell me that she doesn't know what is being done, yet she is taking care of my problem. How long in the real corporate world would any of us be allowed to get by with such inadaquacies? We are considering filing a personal claims against Ashley, filing a report with the Better Business Bureau too. Also, has anyone thought to research when both of these claimed companies filed their bankruptcy? If the bankruptcies were filed prior to anyone's purchases, this would be a much bigger settlement than the $500.

    Ron G.

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  • Ma
    mad at ashley Sep 11, 2009

    Shame on Ashley Furniture and Country Junction of Wind Gap, PA. Gas rebate a total scam. Better Business Bureau said customers may receive a $150.00 refund when Ashley settles. The rebate was for $500!!! Total rip off.

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  • La
    lafrmfla Aug 19, 2009

    I had the exact same problem. Looking into the second gas vouchers from value buzz, it to is a fluke. I called Ashleys Furniture yesterday and they offered me a $100 Walmart Visa, $250 off a purchase of whatever from Ashleys Furniture, or $500 off a purchase of who gives a [email protected]*& from Ashleys Furniture. I asked him if he was serious. "Do you think I will every buy anything from you again?"

    He gave me the regional managers number and he offered me 2 $100 dollar Walmart Visa's. So they want us to settle for $200 bucks when we were promised $500. I hate theives and this sound like highway robbery.

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  • Js
    JSK Aug 18, 2009

    I have been dealing with this Ashley Gas Rebate program for a year now. I purchased over $4500 in furniture (in Texas) based partially on this $500 gas rebate program. I have been through 2 rebate companies and am now dealing with "Ashley Furniture...Corporate"...Dealing with? They advised they would have more info in 2 weeks. Now 3 weeks, and no new info. I am now sending letters directly to the owner of the store and threatening a lawsuit for misrepresntation and failure to resolve this issue in good faith. NO ONE GIVE UP!!! This program was an incentive for us to buy furniture from a well known NATIONAL furniture company. They will stand behind the program or suffer the consequences!

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  • Wm
    wmlee Jul 25, 2009

    Understand that Ashley Furniture Homestore customers and Ashley Furniture Homestore itself are not the only ones that were taken. Many automobile dealerships, specialty reatilers, and others who all thought they were "helping" people get an opportunity to earn up to $500 worth of free gas were taken too The companies that sold there services to fulfil the $100/$500 gas are the ones to blame. They went "out of business". No warning to any of their clients, general public, or anyone. The retailers, automoile dealerships, etc, all lost hundreds of thousand of dollars and are now left trying to take care of their customers even though they have already "paid" for the certificates. Do realize the $500 free gas was in exchange for the client/customers buying habits, receipts, and surveys. The client/customer was to send in receipts and complete surveys to receive the $25 per month for their infomation. In other words the client/customer was getting Paid for their info.
    Most people I have spoke to said the $100/$500 gas was not part of their buying decision, it just sweetened the deal whether they were purchasing furniture, automobile, building materials, etc.
    By the way, Gas was well over $4.25 a gallon at the time and now it is around $2.30. That is a significant difference of 45% less cost of gasoline. $500 times 45% equals $275. Just food for thought.

    Signed by:
    A gas voucher recipient and a retailer who has lost money, customers, and faith in doing promotions.

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  • Th
    thecurrent1 Jul 22, 2009

    Bought 4000$ furniture from them... they gave me 500$ gas rebate which works over the period of 2 years(Sept 08)

    first company (tidewater) went under and Attorney General of Florida was involved. Filed complained with them and NOTHING.. IT TOOK US 5 MONTHS before figuring out that the first company went under and all other process.

    Contacted Ashleys... they set me up with new gas voucher company (took another 2 months just for the setup).. They asked me to keep patience, so I did..

    NOW THE NEW COMPANY HAS GONE UNDER..(3 more months later)...


    I M MAD ! VERY MAD!!

    my plan is to buy 500$ worth of furniture from them on credit and not pay a single dime...

    lets them contact me instead of me contacting them !!!

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  • My
    my5kids Jul 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The new company that is fixing this for them has just filed for bankruptcy too and aren't sending any cards either. Now what? I have been dealing with this crap for 10 months now and have not received a single penny from anyone.

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  • Ha
    hateashleyfurniture Jun 08, 2009

    Call Ashley Furniture back...they have a new company who is fixing this for them so we at least get our money...they will put you on the list and send you the new info. Unfortunately they are not personally calling everyone who got this fraudulent deal. You have to call yourself. OR even send an email asking about the gas redemption.

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  • Je
    Jennifer K. May 21, 2009

    Thanks for that. I intend to see what comes to my mailbox and then call the corporate office about it. In my opinion they have know there was a problem and it is up to them to contact those customers that signed the agreement for this "gas voucher" sale promotion.

    I'll let you know how it goes. I won't be holding my breath however. :P

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  • Je
    Jennifer K. May 21, 2009

    I FELL FOR THE SAME SCAM!! My husband and I needed a couch for our den area that allowed room to actually relax together and found the sectional at Ashley Furniture in Mobile, AL University Blvd. store. We really loved it but had second thoughts about another purchase when it wasn't an emergency to replace the other couch just something we really wanted. When we asked about the "deal" that was advertised, they told us we could get $500 in free gas. That was it, no details, just that...and well with gas at $4 a gallon that seemed like a really good deal. We "assumed" it would be a credit voucher given at time of purchase. It wasn't, and after 4 months of filling up, sending off the coupon voucher and gas receipt every month, and waiting and waiting for the $25 gas card to come, I contacted the company by email and received a response saying they were sending all of my receipts and vouchers back due to invalid receipts and duplicate receipts. They did...every single one and enclosed a whole new packet for me to start the process over again. I did that too! It has now been another 4 months and after making sure I followed the instructions and mailing the receipts and vouchers, we still have not received the first little $25 gas card.
    Today I decided to send another email complaining and the email was returned. When I tried to go to website, it took me to another class action website that has over 300 complaints and claims filed against the company for exactly the same reasons that I have experienced. I filled out the complaint and then called the Ashley Furniture Store in Mobile to complain and request at least a $500 credit for gas or our purchase etc. I was told:
    1) there was not a manager there on Thursday and she was the only one there.
    2)she "just needed to get my address and she would mail me a $500 gas credit".

    This time I was smart enough to ask what the $500 gas credit was and how it was going to come. That was when she told me it would be just like the other one, but a different company. She said they have been doing that for over four months and have not had any new complaints. I couldn't believe it! I verified that she meant I was to start the process all over again, and she confirmed. I also asked why someone had not sent me some type of notification or regarding the issue with the other "fraudulent company", and she said "we have to wait until we hear from the customer because we don't know if there is a problem if not."


    I guess I will update later if this new company is a fraudulent one as well!!

    Jennifer K.
    Mobile Alabama

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