Asdahome shopping and poor customer service


To whoever is reading this complaint.
I have an account with Asda for the home shopping and never really get everything that I order however accept this because it is what it is.
I called the home shopping team at my local Asda on the Sydenham estate Leamington spa as they had cancelled our order stating that the driver had been involved in a road traffic accident and said I would have to call someone at the store the next day.
I did as was asked and when enquiring about the driver they said that this wasn't the case and he had fallen down some stairs. They then said my order was now cancelled and if I wanted the same order I would have to start the process over again. A real inconvenience I tell you!
He also told me that for our inconvenience we would receive a home shopping voucher of £20. Guess what, no voucher and this was back in August.
My last order was on the 2/10/17 I ordered and paid as usual. This morning 12/10/17 money was taken out of my account making me overdrawn and incurring costs, I was confused and went to see Asda customer services who said it was a payment from September but could not explain why this had been taken now and not last month.
She gave us an Email address for james.[protected] and stated that we needed to contact him as he would be the one to reimburse our overdrawn situation. Below is my email sent to James. I have sent 2 now with no reply. I am really annoyed.
I would like to raise this complaint to the people that may be able to help me out please. Also is there an Ombudsman I can contact.
Yours disgruntled
Catherine Golby

Dear James,
I have spoken with Davina from Leamington Asda today in order to inform of monies taken out of my account which has incurred overdraft charges. I will attach a screen shot as requested. The shop was for September 12th I think, however monies not taken till now a month later.
I would be grateful if as we were told you would reimburse my account with immediate effect so as not to incur further costs. I do understand that from time to time mistakes are made however your whole home shopping experience has been very hit and miss since using this service. I cannot use this service again as I spend my time trying to rectify Asda's mistakes then when put through to the right person who apologises then offers us a voucher for inconvenience which placates us for a short time saying it will be added to our account, no materialisation of any vouchers.
My account number which you already have is [protected] (front of card number is [protected]) sort code is 776893.
Reference number for September shop Monday 18/9/17 [protected]

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