Asdafuel pump extras


another part od rip off britains motorists go to asda fill up in the quick lanes were you pay by card and what happens you put in [example] £20 and when you put the nozzle back on the pump, click, £20.01 it doesnt matter what amount you put in always the same result, so an extra penny per car filling up runs into millions a year COME ON ASDA GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND GET IT SORTED, if not looks like it will have to be taken up with the TRADING STANDARDS.


  • Tl
    tlgcouk Mar 28, 2010

    Absolute load of rubbish, use various Asda petrol stations every week and have had no experience of this whasoever.

    Do you seriously believe that Asda have invested in special petrol pumps unique to them which put 1p on every transaction?

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