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im a colleague at this store and fairly recently we had a new counters manager arrive on our department since then he has been completely stubborn and unhelpful, rude, mildly sexist towards some female colleagues and whenever we ask him for help he totally dismisses us and he always stays upstairs off the shop floor and offering support and has an unproffessional attitude towards us colleagues and customers have been known to complain about him aswell and he never follows company policy especially when holidays are concerned, and when he has the cheek to dicipline us, he raises his and treat us like vermin and as if we were beneath him in an equality state, he has called colleagues liars when trying to tell the truth to him, he doesnt listen when we tell him about stuff that needs doing like off-sales, he has no respect for the individual and why can we have a manager who cares about the department and the colleagues who work there, instead of some incompetent fool, this person should not be a manager on any department and is a pitiful excuse for one aswell, nly wish our gsm would get to realise and do the right thing and sack him and then perhaps morale will improve and us colleagues can be happy again and not depressed and miserable on a daily basis.


  • Ha
    has2bannon Mar 12, 2010

    I agree, I worked for ASDA and left as a result of bad management. We complained for years but nothing gets done.

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  • Di
    Disilussionedwithretail Apr 14, 2017

    @has2bannon Hell...I thought it was just my store...manager on GM has been through 4 section leaders and numerous colleagues, some ending up on medication for depression, others leaving the company after years and all due to the bullying...his current thing is calling his male colleagues "arfur" in half a job...and even when he's not in work he phones numerous times with more instructions, jobs, queries...then becomes insulting and belittling if not everything is done ...including things he calls up to tell you to do, as he, never got round to it...and things he didn't ask as he thought it, so therefore you should be able to read his mind! ...numerous complaints have been ignored & swept under the carpet with the people team asking "why do you let him get to you? Ignore him" and an incompetent newly appointed GSM telling one section leader "your the one with the problem not him" ..they preach about company ethics & policies but when it comes down to it they don't deliver.

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  • Tr
    TruthisBest May 09, 2017

    @has2bannon Dan Smith GM manager Canterbury store does cocaine and sleeps with colleagues but is protected by store manager and deputy manager and personnel manager then in 2016. Corrupt managers everywhere!

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  • Sa
    Sac427 May 19, 2019

    @TruthisBest I working with Asda from 2 months as probation period but I got medical condition and just take week off its not like a permanent medical i got hurt on my little toe but they put as unnecessary off and force me to back to work and I did I got contract for 3 days but they force me to work 6 days and it's night so it's getting hard and hard and now he is give me notice on basis of I am taking 3 day off in my probation period but they are not seeing that I did a nearly double shifts then my contract if I work can u guide me where I can complain about that thanks

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  • Jo
    jomoss Mar 30, 2010

    asda claim to take money out of your AFTER the shopping has been delivered this is untrue!
    twice now they have made me over drawn and i have had to pay charges thanks to asda!!
    asda was supposed to bring my shopping today but never showed and never even bothered to contact me to inform me.
    i now have no food and no money beocuse of asda overdrawing me and not even bothering to inform me i cant have my food. all my money for food is in my account that they have now used up! thanks alot asda YOU SUCK!!!

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  • We
    wesleyjp Sep 05, 2010

    I went toe fish couter in my local ASDA supermarket with the intention of buying a whole Salmon.
    However having waited about 20 minutes for someone to serve me (There were staff available), but they told me to wait until someone else to serve me; I decided to go to TESCO to get my salmon instead.
    I did complain, but at the end of the day the staff should be serving the customers not yapping about their personal life to each other.
    Yet again another example of Very bad service from ASDA staff.
    About 2 monmths ago I went into that Canford Heath ASDA, that someone mentioned on here, and I asked if they had Sugar Free lemonade as there appeared to be none on the shelf.
    The female staff member showed me a bottle containing sugar, I told her that it was not sugar free but she insisted it was, I showed her the label, which clearly listed Sugar as one of its ingridients she gave me some stupid excuse sayingthat the sugar was not real sugar
    I am a diabetic and also a dietician, so I complained to the manager who seemed uninterested, over the fact that this staff member was giving very bad and dangerous advice.the canford heath asda should be avoided at all costs

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  • Ca
    Catchy Nov 16, 2010

    If your diabetic AND a dietitian why on earth would you ask a stranger in a supermarket for advice if your claiming to be a know it all anyway. Oh was it just to cause trouble?

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  • Au
    Audrey Feb 22, 2011

    My husband brought some ribs from asda in hull the sauce was nice but the ribs was full of fat he was very disapointed.

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  • Ni
    nicolaobrien01 Jun 12, 2011

    I was shopping at asda with my 4 children when i slipped on spiult food and injured my back and elbow i cant get up im in soo much pain and im a single mum an there no1 to help me it shouldnt of bin left on the floor there were people workin in the asda at that time next to the spill it sjhould of bin cleaned up

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  • TwinkleTwinkle Jun 13, 2011

    Have you contacted Asda?

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  • Te
    Teresa64 Jun 20, 2011

    I actually work for Asda and we have a policy that staff HAVE to clean up any spills they see as they go...Perhaps the spill hadn't been noticed by the staff at your branch. Trouble is, people will drop stuff, step over it and carry on going rather than bend down and pick it up. They don't seem to care about the consequences to others walking along in their wake. I hope you're feeling better now...

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  • Gi
    Ginda Jun 25, 2011

    I have experience in senior management with another company of which I took voluntary redundancy to go into Retail, I have taken up the role of a colleague to gain retail experience. I've been with Asda for over 2 years and have been trying to get into management trough the ranks and each time I've applied for the section leaders post my path is being blocked!! each time I take the interview I'm never informed whether I passed the interview or not and not offered any feedback so that I can work on my weaknesses. I don't really know who to see or who to compliant, there is one persons whose name keeps coming up who is at a managerial position and I've been informed that the person doesn't like me and she keeps blocking my opportunies. What can I do? Please help!!

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  • Tr
    TruthisBest May 09, 2017

    @Ginda THe managers know ahead of time who they want, happens all the time in Canterbury. If they don't want you to progress you won't and will be stepped over. It's a sad truth!

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  • Ms
    mshravani Oct 31, 2011

    Its been more than 15 days, the uniforms have not been delivered.
    On calling the asda direct help line they say that the address is incorrect so it was not delivered.
    On asking them for a refund they simply hung up.
    This response also I got from them after calling them atleast 5-7 times.
    This is sheer cheating and not expected from an organisation like ASDA.
    I am completely lost, since it is school uniform and my child has to suffer due to such irresponsible behaviour from ASDA direct.
    Kindly guide.

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  • Ma
    margaret egginton Dec 26, 2011

    i returned a Christmas present to the cannock store today as the wrong size had been bought.they didn't have my correct size so i chose a pair of equal value so could do a straight swap but was told that the original pair had been reduced in the i didn't have the receipt-because it was a present-they would only reimburse me to the sale value which in effect meant i had to add a further six pound.i pointed out that they hadn't been marked down in price at which point the girl got them from the shelves and proceeded to put sale stickers on while i was standing there-this stinks!i paid the money and left before my temper got the better of me hence this letter i have been a loyal customer of asda for at least 30 years and it is the first complaint i have made but i am still extremely angry

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  • Mn
    m nayler Apr 15, 2012

    i was in asdas dagenham at 8.45am on the 14th april, i was with my 2 daughters one age 3 and the other age 4, we were down the soft drinks isle and had to give way to the man with the big floor hoover we had to squeeze in between boxes, and was not even said thankyou to. then ten minutes later after we had left the check out, the man that was putting carrier bags on the tills pushed the trolley into the side of my 4 year old daughters head making her cry carried on walking with no applogy at all, i dont know what staff your taking on but they certainley havant got any manners. i was bought up with manners to appoligise when you need to other parents might not be so calm. yours sincerley m nayler. 65 langley crescent dagenham rm9 6tb.

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  • An
    anonymous111111111 May 09, 2012

    Hey there, greetings from the UK.
    Now, i don't usually complain about anything, especially on the Internet. However, due to the extreme lack of quality in the BBQ Ribs I had bought a few days ago, i felt compelled to do so.
    The entire thing was full of cartilage and fatty parts. now, this doesn't usually faze me. The thing that got me the most was the fact that i only managed to get two mouth fulls worth of actual meat out of the dam thing, the rest was uneatable.
    extremely irritated by the whole fiasco.
    My solution, shop at a different store.
    thanks :)

    note: would of attached photos, but felt they where too graphic. (its a mess)

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  • Sh
    shaun turner Jun 28, 2012

    Having recently been dismissed for what was put to me as " a breach of trust" something that I have said i have not done but yet it was one word against another. At a time when they were and have restructured the depot managment offering volunteery redundancy. It smells fishy especially when there was a stock discrepancy back in November 2011 of 40k and the manager invloved was asked to not input the figures. Gross misconduct it states in the managment policy handbook but to who if it was done not the guys at the top that run the depot.

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  • Iv
    Ivan Harbinson Jul 31, 2012

    Bought Seedless green grapes 25/7 Best Before date 29/7 these grapes showed signs of yellowing and going bad on 28/7 Product of Egypt Site 909729 Bar Code 2773 8436 Taste was bitter /bad, could not eat and enjoy. Worst grapes I have had .
    Bought 4 Choc iced Doughnuts same date -intended to use for entertaining that evening. use by date 27/7 bar code no. 0 227210 001003. Dreadful poor tasteless -the worst I have ever tasted. Refused to use for entertaining. Only cost £1 but not the point-- The worst product I have ever bought from Asda.- sorry wont be recommending these products.

    Response would be appreciated
    Ivan Harbinson

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  • Tr
    TruthisBest May 09, 2017

    @Ivan Harbinson There are over 200 product withdrawals a day on food and some aren't done in a timely manner.

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  • Al
    Alex Murphy Aug 07, 2012

    Asda have a policy that when you order items which cost £100 on ordering they may deliver those items but increase the charge to the actual cost in-store at delivery time, so you may end up paying £110. Asda do not make clear that you may examine all items on delivery and reject items which are charged at a higher price than you agreed to pay. This will delay the driver as you check each item or any item but that is Asda official policy and may save you many pounds if you use this option. It will not make you popular with the driver but this is official policy and may save you many pounds per year. ADA Save money on their poor delivery policy

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  • Ta
    Tasneem Makda Feb 26, 2013

    Have had issues with online order delivery from ASDA three times this month. First order not delivered due to weather, and no one called to inform me me. Second order not delivered, no call to inform why AND my credit card was charged without proof of receipt of goods. Third order - driver rang bell, he didn't push buzzer gate and when I went down to let him in manually, he had already driven off without calling me at all.
    Very angry and frustrated with this level of service.

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  • Ry
    ryan hughes Apr 27, 2013

    Hi, I had this same problem. The ribs I purchased were completely full of fat, no meat at all. On the packaging it says they are 'so-tender the meat falls apart' but this is very false. I could not eat these at all and was quite annoyed that I had taken the time to cook these. Very disappointing. I will be returning these to the store.

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  • Be
    bentona Apr 28, 2013

    Shopped online at asda, they added about £10 to my bill for nothing, on a whim, all the items clearly shown on itemised bill add up to to the lower price, so have basically ended up paying £13 pounds for delivery plus the fact a lot of items I ordered were missing, would never have ordered if I had known. Tried to contact your company was told they had just decided to change prices, and therefore would not correct issue. Isn't this fraud? False Advertising?

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  • Belleville Apr 29, 2013

    We were able to put a deposit down on their website to hold the car until the morning. Completed the purchase over the weekend. Thanks for making it easy.

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  • Wi
    william dobbie Jan 29, 2014

    this is the fourth time i have complained about asda smart price larger, my dunfermline store wont send it to me with my home shop, when i complained, that they were still selling it in store .they told me, that the manufactor had went bust this was in november, and they are still selling it as of today.I can get any other larger sent to me exept smart price larger can you tell me whats the problem

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  • Un
    unhappy chap Apr 23, 2014

    Bearing in mind Asda is a food shop hygiene should be a priority however in this particular store the toilets are disgusting. This is not just a one off. I go shopping with my 2 year old girl every Saturday and she often needs to use the toilets during an hour or twos shopping trip. It disgusts me to have to clean the toilet seat myself before I can let her sit on it. I have even tried to let her use the disabled toilets but they were worse. I know some people are lets say messy and Asda cannot be expected to keep it pristine 24/7 but these toilets clearly do not receive the attention they need.and to make matters worse they have the cheek to have a award on the wall for best toilets of the year!!

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  • Mi
    Miss T Muesli Jun 15, 2014

    I informed them of a piece of packaging of which seemed to be bag string. They emailed me back to tell me to send the empty bag and the foreign body. Unfortunately someone threw this as i wrapped it in foil and they didnt realise it was important. The point is I know that they should still chase this up as there will be more in other packets I can guarantee. Health and hygiene and safe procedures will not allow for this to happen. It could and may still be a choking hazard. It will have caused cross contamination. This is atrocious on such a big scale. I have just got my next order from Asda and the same product is not sealed properly down the back seem. Uneddible again!! what is going on? The machinery and staff and procedures need to be checked out. They are selling thousands of these bags and my last two are well beyond hygiene and cross contamination standards. I expected Asda to want to do something urgently to atleast inform the production line. I trust you will look into this.

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  • An
    Angela Don Jul 03, 2014

    Can you please tell me that when it come's to your bra size's you do not seem to go up to a size B when you get to a 40'' Back (eg 40b/42b) could you please consider making them as there are lots of people other than me that have these odd sizes.
    Thanks Asda

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  • Jo
    Jo Scurry Aug 03, 2016

    I shopped online and received emails and indeed can still see my online order.
    My complaint is about the procedure regarding product no. 4018602. Champagne.

    The offer was a bottle for £10. I ordered it and there was nothing on the online checkout to say the offer would have expired.

    The order was delivered and I accepted the substitutions and it was only as I checked the price later that I was concerned that the projected order total and the actual total differed so much.

    It was then that I noted the champagne charged at the full price of £24.25.

    I rang customer services to say I had been overcharged and after waiting some time for the operator to return to me was told that the offer had expired and the price was the price I had to pay!

    I feel this is not my fault and that Asda has acted incorrectly in this matter.

    I bought the champagne at the price advertised and this is the price I should pay. At no point was I informed that the offer had expired, not at the checkout, nor by email, nor on the delivery note. This is bad practice on your part to simply charge me the amount you did when the price agreed was £10.

    I have been told that I can have a refund when the champagne is returned. This is not satisfactory.

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