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Asdaabsolute plonkers

This is a copy of the Email I have attempted to send to ASDA (I say attempted as it has too many 'characters' to use their online 'contact us' link, and customer.[protected] comes back as undeliverable, however as I am sitting here waiting for yet another callback from the illusive 'Debbie' or 'Mark', I thought i would add it on here.

Firstly - I would like to say I find myself in very unfamiliar territory, as I don't normally complain, I normally just choose a different company/restaurant/store etc the next time. However, in the last 15 hours I have received such a pathetic service from your company that I would like to make my feelings known to you, and as your employee 'Mark' (no surname unfortunately as I understand your call centre employees don't have them?) this is the way I escalate my complaint then here we go.
1. I was expecting delivery of my groceries between 18.00-20.00 on Saturday 30th Jan. By 19.30, the shopping had not arrived, and whilst this was still within the allotted time, I was aware of the heavy snowfall we had, and therefore the driver may struggle to get here on time, if at all. So, I rang up the [protected] (at my expense), waited in a long queue to get through, and spoke to a very friendly chap, who, once I explained about the snow and offered to let the driver deliver the following day if easier due to the bad driving conditions, and explained that I didn't want it turning up really late as I have small children who would be in bed and really didn't want them woken with the delivery etc, assured me that there were no reported delays in my area. I thanked him and he asked me if I would like to do a customer satisfaction survey which I agreed to do and left a 'very satisfied' result right the way through.

2. 8pm - no shopping, no phone call to say running late? but again, I had every faith it would get here as the lovely chap had said no delays in my area.

3. 8.30pm - food arrives, delivery driver explains why a bit late - delivers food etc etc.

4. unpacking food I notice no chicken breasts, and then no ham, and where are the avocados? and the mince? etc etc - now this has never happened before with any supermarket I have used for delivery, however, I am fully aware that mistakes happen so I ring the [protected] number again.

5. After waiting about 15 mins to get through I get through to another very friendly chap (sorry I didn't ask his name, as at this time I foolishly believed that your employees did as they promised so didn't feel the need to).. he apologises and asks me to read the list of Product codes, which I do, and he advises that someone will call me back later to confirm what has happened. (By this time, my takeaway which I had to order when the shopping hadn't turned up, is stone cold)

6. 9.50pm - hmm, surprise surprise - no phone call. So, I ring the [protected] number again, by this time a little frustrated as I like to have relaxing stress free Saturday nights, and don't enjoy spending hours on the phone to call centres, however I speak to 'Lauren' (as I took the name this time, as my faith in your company is reducing at a rapid speed) - Lauren advises me that the pleasant chap I spoke to earlier has made no record of our conversation - I (understandably I feel) explain my frustrations to Lauren, who is very polite and apologetic, and assures me I will be contacted back in the morning to sort this out ( at this time it was 9.58pm, so she probably was wanting to get away on time), and guess what? - Sunday morning NO PHONE CALL.
7. So, I pick up the phone and call [protected](from memory this time!) and speak to a lady, who more or less confirms that none of my complaints have been recorded. She 'assures'(haha) me that someone will call me back, and when I explain that I have heard this once or twice before, she agrees to ring me back herself. Hurrah! she rings me back and tells me that the stores systems are down (does this include phones) but they will call within the hour.
8. 90(not 60) mins later 'Mark'(no surname) calls me. Neglects to apologise for ringing me late, however he does give me a very scripted apology and tells me he understands my frustration. After a lengthy conversation with the Mark, I accept that he is going to try and help, and go through all the product codes again. Mark agrees that he will check with the store and call me back in 10 mins.
9. 25 mins later, 'mark' calls me back - and advises me that unfortunately, Debbie the personnel(?) manager from the store says they can't deliver today, but will give me a refund of MY money that has already come out of MY bank account for groceries YOU haven't provided! And, (and this is the most insulting infuriating part of all), advises me that if I ever choose to use your services again you will give me a £10 money off voucher!!! ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH????????????

10.. I ask 'Mark' if Debbie the personnel(?) manager could tell me this in person, or if she can make the time for me then I will come into the Sunderland store and discuss this matter with her face to face, as I am clearly 'insulted' to be offered a £10 voucher and a refund of MY money!!! - (the calls to your [protected] number at 5p per minute have so far amounted to approx £6.00 - add this to your delivery charge of £5.00 (which I forgot to mention, mark had earlier mentioned 'shouldn't be a problem' to refund but hasn't mentioned since) - I, after this shambolic experience am out of pocket!
11. At this time, I can't give you a conclusion to my 'saga' as I am still sitting waiting patiently to hear back from 'Mark' but hey ho! NO PHONE CALL!!

12. I am now going to have to put my 2 children, one of whom has a very bad cold, into the car, and drive to a supermarket to get the ham, chicken, yoghurts etc etc which I ordered because I needed, not for a laugh. Thanks very much ASDA. Hopefully next weekend won't be ruined by you.

13. If anyone does want to contact me about my complaint, then you should already have me contact number but incase you don't it is [protected]/[protected]

14. I have just gone to send this email via the 'contact us' link that Mark gave me and it wouldn't submit because you now say my message has to be less than 1000 characters!


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