Art Van Furnituremagnolia side table (petite rosette), and magnolia desk/table (60”x30”) both in jojos whitr

Late January 2019 I called my favorite salesperson at this location, (Georgette Johnson). I was interested in purchasing JoJo's Magnolia Large Table/Desk. After being told that there was a significant promotion at that time, I called back and ordered the matching Petite Rosette Table and the nightstand. After Georgette had gathered the pricing and called me back with this Information, she stated that apparently the sale was for "office furniture only". This excluded the two additional tables that I ordered. I placed the order regardless and added the desk chair. A few days later I was notified that the nightstand and chair were no longer available even though their system showed otherwise. So I settled on the 2 pieces rather than the 4. Deposits were provided. A week or more later, I was notified that Magnolia was transitioning their furniture build site from Vietnam to the USA. I was told by Rachel that this would cause an approximate 3-4mos delay. She added that I would be receiving nicer furniture in the end which to me, felt worth the wait. My furniture came in, (another long story), and due to our son getting married in June, we delayed opening the items to be assembled. Once we got around to inspecting the furniture, low and behold, there was a stamped label on the bottom of each piece that stated "MADE IN VIETNAM". One stated 2017 and one 2018???? What in the world happened? The manager certainly did not care when I called him. He sent me a $25 gift certificate. Not a great compromise for being lied to. The furniture is flawed as well. Scratches, caulk added, yellow rings on certain areas, etc. I want a refund, NOT A REPAIRMAN VISIT!

Art Van Furniture
Art Van Furniture

Oct 11, 2019

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