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Appliances Connection Complaints & Reviews

Appliances Connection / dishwasher

Aug 06, 2018

Appliances ConnectionJuly 2nd I ordered from the company calling themselves Appliances Connection. (They are also 1 Stop Electronic center, INC and sell Bosch Appliances through Amazon.) It took Appliances Connection 3 weeks after I had to prod the trucking company to send the diswasher I ordered. Delivery wa...

Appliances Connection / Scammers

Nov 15, 2017

Tired of their endless promises and zero actions to keep their words and make it all work. I ordered several items a long time ago, in August, and they never arrived. Instead of taking at least some sort of responsibility for screwing it up, they stater promising to deliver as soon a...

Appliances Connection / bertazzoni range

Nov 11, 2017

We purchased a Bertazzoni range and micro with warranties for over $3, 800. The range came damaged. This was noted by the delivery people/installers. Appliances Connection gave me every excuse in the book why I should just have it fixed. I declined. This went on for 2 months. I contacted...

Appliances Connection / Don't waste your time here

Sep 20, 2017

I know that things like this happen all the time. When you order something that's in stock and then after you paid it off, they say sorry, but your item is out of stock. That's what this company said to me after I paid for my items. Long story short, they refused to refund, because they...

AppliancesConnection / the worst service ever!

Aug 22, 2016

Purchased a refrigerator from and paid some extra money for some additional services such as quick delivery, old refrigerator removal and new fridge installation. It took them over two weeks to deliver my order even though I paid for the express delivery. They...

AppliancesConnection / very slow delivery service

May 16, 2016

I have ordered an item from AppliancesConnection and they promised I'll get it in 7 days. Three days later they emailed me and said that it will take a bit longer and said that they need 14 days to deliver it to my place. I was ok with that and said that I can wait a bit longer. Then I...

Appliances Connection / Acme Bunk Bed/Product Still Not Received

Feb 29, 2016

On Feb.11 I ordered the Acme Bunk Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers. I was charged and received order confirmation and a estimated time of delivery would be Feb.18. It's now Feb.29 and I still have not received my Bunk Bed. I have called 8 times now, I get hung up on, transferred to a... / This seller sent me wrong order

Sep 03, 2015

I have ordered dish washer and dryer from It was written on the website that both of the items were in stock. But the seller forgot to change the information. The dryer was unavailable and they haven’t contacted me and sent the wrong dryer. I was shocked, when... / Tracking number was fake and seller didn't give me a new one

Aug 09, 2015

I bought LG fridge from the company It was terrible, because they provided the tracking number, but it didn’t work within several days. I emailed the seller and told that I needed to know where my order was. I heard some promises and blah-blag, but the... / I didn't get my fridge

Jul 25, 2015

I bought fridge from the company After my payment was received by the seller, I received the confirmation email and the tracking number. The second email from the seller arrived two days later, where he informed me that the order would be sent on July, 6th. I... / I haven't received the promised services and the appliances were broken

Nov 27, 2014

I bought appliances from the company I also paid additional money for the installation and the rep promised to provide the precise day, when the workers would arrive. They delivered all on time, but couple of appliances didn’t work at all and the rep...

Appliances Connection / Company didn't provide full order and refund as well

Apr 19, 2014

I ordered appliances and accessories from the company Appliances connection. The seller promised to deliver my order within 2 weeks, but they provided not full order and when I called them and asked refund, they again told me to wait. The company is scam, and I lost a lot of money and... / Have you been Ripped Off by

Feb 18, 2013

I am a fellow victim and would like to help. Please contact me at [protected] if: 1. Your item arrived damaged, even though the packaging was not damaged, or 2. You paid for a new item but received a used item, or 3. You were refused a full refund on damaged goods or charged a... / They don't want to accept the warranty.

Jan 22, 2013

I was directed to to purchase a used hot water tank. I called and was told that the tank costs 125.00 and 20.00 for delivery. I agreed and they delivered the tank. We installed the tank and water ran everywhere. Now they don’t want to accept the warranty. / Refund held hostage to review


The washer I ordered was damaged so it was returned. I have read other online complaints about damaged merchandise. I wonder if this is how they can afford to offer such low prices. The company agreed to a refund but it has been six months (and countless phone calls and emails). Now their...