Fuller Brush Complaints & Reviews

Fuller Brush / full crystal/full exterior

Jul 25, 2019

this is the most useless product I have ever bought. I don't know what its suppose to remove from venal siding but it isn't mildew. I spayed an 8 x 8 area four times and rinsed according to instructions and it looked the same as when I started. might as well used dish soap. the same with...

The Fuller Brush Co., Inc / full crystal and customer support

Jul 08, 2019

I will NEVER buy anything that has Fuller Brush on its container and I will advise as many people as I can, through all channels of communication to do likewise. I've spent over 5 hours trying to get the crystals that was missing from the Full Crystal product by Fuller Brush. I finally got...

Fuller Brush / crystals

Jun 02, 2019

Dear FB, I recently purchased the Fuller brush Full exterior cleaner. I have read the directions several times and have followed them to the "T" Your product does not work accordingly. I did a small area on the back of my house ( vinyl siding ), I wet the area down with water first, then...

The Fuller Brush Co., Inc / fraudulent practices

Oct 03, 2018

I recently saw on TV, the promotion of the Fullerbrush crystal product for $19.00 w.shipping a total of $24.98. I went online to order it. It came up w.some extra products that were suggested for a total of $34.93. I clicked No Thankyou. Iv had other companies try this gimic to add more...

The Fuller Brush Co., Inc / Full Crystal Set by Fuller Brush

Aug 03, 2018

To Whom It May Concern, On 7/31/18 @ 03:01PM, I ordered online: 1 Full Crystal Set by Fuller Brush Main Offer for $19.99. Included in this deal, there was a bonus: 1 additional bag of Crystal Powder for $4.99. I purchased these items using PayPal. Then I noticed a large error of a charge of...