Applebee's Restaurantsproduct and service e

P Sep 12, 2018

We celebrate dinner at Applebee's in California Md last evening. It wAs The worst experience We have ever had in the restaurant chain first of all ordered two steaks the waitress couldn't tell which one was rare and which one with medium so once we started eating realized the steaks where switched I ordered mashed sweet potatoes got fries appetizers were late coming to the table ordered a hamburger plain came to the table with cheese restaurant crew saying happy birthday brought a Sundae which person was lactose intolerant and then charged us for the ice cream when he did not even order it had to almost beg for our checks so we could leave about for waitresses not including our original waitress brought the food out did not have a clue who got what and like I said had no way of telling rare from medium steak worst experience we have ever had at the time there was another Table complaining as well I think they could use new management the manager there actually whispers when she talks so you cannot hear her

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