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Cellular Sales Complaints 15

6:00 pm EST
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Cellular Sales Dishonest

This company is not Verizon. I had a terrible experience with the company. Since I purchased equipment, my router would not work. As well I was charged for set up of equipment, the agent did not set up the equipment, I did. I never told I was dealing with a third-party company. I am asked to give my credit card; I am told the phone is free. As well, my account reflected the incorrect monthly amount. I have a sales receipt with no signature from me. I did not approve any charges on my card. For over $300. Charges were not explained. Yet the service agent did not have me sign the contract. The agent told me to come in to return the equipment. When I did, he tried to ask me to keep the equipment and exchange the router. I stated I spent hours on the phone to no avail. At that point the sales agent told me I could not return the equipment. He was rude and misleading.

Desired outcome: Refund of $310.87 I did not authorize.

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5:10 pm EST
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Cellular Sales Incorrect charges due to their error and no refund

I purchased a hot spot in August of 2022. I returned it the next day and purchased the home internet device. I called Verizon in October of 2023 to ask for a breakdown of my charges. It was then that they explained to me that I was still being charged $35 for the hot spot. I know it sounds like I should have caught that but with 4 phone lines, internet, and two apple watches and all the fees taxes and incidentals I did not "see" it in the bill. Verizon tried to help me get the refund but Cellular sales refuses to refund me the charges. They have the documentation of my return of the device. Although its only $525, this billion dollar company refuses to compensate for their error. I asked for everything in writing and am taking to small claims court.

Claimed loss: $525

Desired outcome: reimbursement

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1:33 pm EDT

Cellular Sales rude and surly

Went by store in Dayton. July 5 at 9:30 Customer service rep. (name unknown) big guy, bald head. Had problem receiving text on phone. Rep. fooled wGith it for 20 minutes and then said it was the phone. I needed new phone. Oftered to sell me a Pixel 7 for $200. Said ok...but instead of me paying $200, he advised I would have to add it to my account at $20 monthly for 36 months. I can do math...Thats olver $700. Total bait and switch When I refused those terms and again offered the $200, reo shoved it across to me...said that is all I can do for you, have a good day and hollered NEXT.

I drove to the Verizon corporate store in Hixson...Bing,bang,boom. Phone fiixed at no cost.

Going to advise everyone who used RUN not walk away from this store.

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9:23 am EDT
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Cellular Sales Billing

I swith to verizon 5 mont ago, I was promised to pay $325 plus tax a month, bills for the last 5 month between $600 to $1000. Representative lie to me to get my business. I have being calling verizon to complain. They say taht I have to go back to the store because it was a retailer branch. But the building has a huge sign that says verizon. I open a complain with bbb. Do not deal with retailers for verizon, liars!

Desired outcome: credit to my account

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8:02 am EST
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Cellular Sales Misrepresentation of price

On November 7th, 2022, I entered the store looking to downgrade my phone and services. The sales rep, Julie, convinced me that upgrading would be cheaper and would only cost $150. She did not explain the 3 year commitment to a premium plan, totaling $1440. She did not explain the return policy, that I would have to forfeit my trade in. Meaning if I returned the device, I would be left with no phone at all.

I have raised my complaint both locally and higher up the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, they seem to support their sales reps lying to their customers and refuse to do anything about it.

Desired outcome: Any one of the following would be acceptable:Refund and $800 credit toward a new phone.orRelinquishment from commitment to premium plan.

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10:01 am EST

Cellular Sales Unauthorized Charges

We are disputing 'device setup' fees of $135 for the three phones ($45/device) for the service that was never performed.

On Nov 27th we went to the Cellular Sales store at 117 Tower Rd, Waltham MA 02451 to upgrade 3 phones. The sales person did not disclosed the fees for device setup and told us the charges are for taxes only. Later he gave me printed copy and saw $45 per device charge for total $135.

I asked for the refund and was told its not refundable even though the service was never performed because one of the phone was not in stock and other two phones were never turned on, nor opened from the box nor activated and we ended up returning.

The sales person was unscrupulous and lied to us saying the charges for taxes and was not honest to full disclose the fees till after the customer has signed on the small credit card terminal.

Desired outcome: Refund $135 fees for the service that was never performed.

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6:08 pm EDT

Cellular Sales Service

My son and I went to the New York State fair. I was in need of a new phone so I stopped at the booth marked Verizon. The gentleman said to get everyone new phones. My son my husband and myself and to combine to one account. My husbands phone was less than a year old we told the gentleman that but he said to get him a new phone anyway what he didn’t tell us is that my husband would have to pay for the remainder of his phone witch was over four hundred dollars we have tried to talk to both Verizon and cellular sales so far since August we have paid approximately 800.00 they also added a So called free I pad when they said it would require another line that we would have to pay for we said no. But they put it in the bag anyway and opened a fourth line. I am a senior citizen and my son is a paraplegic we made it clear that we wanted the cheapest way possible to go. And although my son did sign the paperwork

Desired outcome: I want other people to know that these third party venders cellular sales and Verizon did us wrong and to be careful also have my original plan back.

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9:08 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Cellular Sales Customer Service

Good morning,

It is with dissatisfaction that I am writing today. I am very disappointed with the service I have received.

Please let me preface this by noting I have been a Verizon customer for over 26 years. I was. Realtor for 26 years where customer service is paramount.

Presently customer service at our local newspaper.

I have never lodged a complaint nor had such dreadful service, ever.

Let me explain;

MAY 12th

On May 12th I went to the Verizon Wireless store @

900 Tamiami Trl suite 115

Punta Gorda FL


I was there to hopefully replace or repair my iwatch which I had dropped and shattered the glass.

My customer service agent Ashley Morreale was great in the beginning, I purchased a new phone (13) as well as (series 7) iwatch. Unfortunately the iwatch had to be ordered, was told 1 - 2 days for delivery and will receive a call upon receiving.

That call never came.

MAY 19th

I called on May 19th @ 8:23 a.m. and sure enough it was there.

I went to the store around 2:00 that afternoon to get my new watch and turn in my old phone, which I did.

Ashley set my watch up and said I could leave and she would reset the old phone so I didn’t have to sit there. She said “I will call later this afternoon or tomorrow to let you know it’s complete.” Call never came… AGAIN

MAY 23rd

I called Ashley to let her know my watch was blinking a white screen and would need that checked as well as to check on status of phone reset.

She called and left me a message on May 24th requesting my Apple ID to reset phone, nothing mentioned regarding iwatch problem. She said she was headed to Tampa for a work related trip and would call late Thursday or Friday. NO CALL ONCE AGAIN

MAY 31st

I went to the Verizon Wireless store first thing, was taken care of by Michael. He found my old phone and reset (hopefully). There again were no watches in stock so he ordered one, again would take 2-3 days for delivery and will call when it arrives

He assured me after airing my disappointment with Ashley that he will take care of all this for me.


JUNE 6th

I called [protected] ( Bernardsville NJ, I’m from Morristown NJ) @ 9:42 a.m. and spoke with Leo.

I had my dates a bit mixed up , however I still have heard NOTHING from anyone

I have been charged activation fees etc;

This is truly very upsetting and I’m hopeful for a speedy resolution, however I will not use the Punta Gorda office.

I look forward to hearing from you and we can resolve this so no further action needed.

Thank you for your time.


Pamela Gill

Acct # [protected]-00002

370 Sorrento Ct

Punta Gorda FL



Desired outcome: I would like my iwatch and any monies that have been paid towards that.I will not however go to Punta Gorda office

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8:16 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Cellular Sales Trying to return a new pixel 6

Phone purchased October 31. About 2 months after purchasing a Pixel 6 from Cellular Sales my girlfriend started having issues with the new device. Incoming calls would not ring, like the volume was turned off or down, could not retrieve voice messages, Bluetooth would not work, settings would change sporadically on their own, etc... Went back to the store where it was purchased and asked for a solution. The sales associate was no help and offered no solution. We left the store disgusted and suggested to the sales person that we might contact BBB which of course took that as a threat! WTH. Decided to go to the store where the sales associate that sold her the phone was working that day (February 6, 2022) in hopes of exchanging or purchasing a different phone. Just some kind of solution!

When the Pixel 6 was purchased she turned in or exchanged a Pixel 2 for the Pixel 6 and they gave her a rebate/credit towards the new phone. The sales associate that we met that day reminded her the rebate would not apply and the money for the rebate would need to be added onto the new phone purchase if she bought one. He also proceeded to point out that the rebate contract was for 24 months so she would owe Cellular Sales/Verizon money back which would be tacked onto another phone if she chose to purchase one. This was never spelled out when she purchased the Pixel 6 as part of the rebate deal. Nothing in writing! Fine, even though it is his word against hers we asked for some type of solution.

The real issue is the attitude the sales associate had with my girlfriend. The second she walked in the door of Cellular Sales that day he had an attitude with her. Hindsight, I wish I would of called him out on the attitude thing but I didn't and I regret it. He denied things, didn't want to listen to her issues with the phone, interrupted her, played dumb and even multi-tasked while talking to her! Really? He said more than once that he is the most thorough, knowledgeable and experienced sales associate the company has and would never not disclose the details and length of terms for the rebate. No solution again and a sales associate that needs to learn how to treat a long standing client or any client with an issue for a device that was purchased in their store.

I would think Cellular Sales would step up to the plate and replace the phone or offer an alternative phone without suggesting to my girlfriend to contact Google to try and get it resolved on her own. In my line of business we make it right for the customer, we back what we sell and offer a solution. Whatever happened to that idea? If Cellular Sales sells the product they should back what they sell to their customers. Come up with a viable solution, that is what she was asking for. But because the sales associate had an attitude of not wanting to listen or help her, he made the whole experience a nightmare. Asking my girlfriend to try and get it resolved on her own is not the kind of customer service any person wants to experience especially dealing with a sales associate like we did.

Believe me, reporting this whole nightmare to BBB is sounding better everyday!

Desired outcome: Solution. Need to get it resolved quickly and back what you sell.

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3:05 pm EST

Cellular Sales Lost phone number; no refund

December 10, 2021

Angelo Anello
temp number [protected]
perm number [protected]
To Whom It May Concern:

Last Friday, December 3, 2021, I went into an Ocala Verizon store (SR 40 near the Ocala city limit), to purchase a ‘Jet Pack', for reception on Verizon's internet network.

I was sold a package with a new ‘Edge' phone (because my moto e6 wouldn't work); promised by Verizon Agent Ahmed, that the January 2022 first payment would be less than $ 200. I agreed, and waited for my number [protected], to be changed. He even wrote down his quote on my receipt, and then denied that he wrote it.

The number was not transferred, and Ahmed has avoided me; he left about 3:00 PM.
He texted me the next day, saying I had ‘threatened' him, because I had pointed out that he lied to me about the price, and failed to transfer the number. He told me it was ‘out of his hands'!

I waited through Sunday, December 6, 2021, when it was apparent the number wasn't going to change. Driving back to the store, I explained my predicament to Anna [protected]. She tried to help, taking back the items purchased, and returning my old phone. I called the previous carrier (Total/ Tracfone), but was told the number ‘wasn't available'. I spent hours on hold, trying to fix this, using Anna's phone. And hours on the road.

Today is the fifth day I have been unreachable, because my number is ‘not in service'. No one at Verizon seems to be interested in this; there is no commission to be had. I talked to ‘Stuart' who offered to put me on customer service hold again, at the store yesterday; I declined.

I would like to dispute the sale, as dishonest ‘activation fees', and therefore void:

Suntrust (Truist) disputes [protected]

Cellular Sales 12/ 3 26.94
" " 96.00
112.94 charged 12/ 3

- 12.51 credit 12/ 6
- 3.20 credit 12/6
- 50.00 credit 12/ 9

57.23 total owed

Please help me restore my number, and retrieve my refund from Verizon!

Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.


Angelo Anello

cc: Any Interested Media
FCC Telecom
FL Senior Consumer Agencies

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Update by Angelo Anello
Jan 01, 2022 3:10 pm EST

I was misled to believe I was dealing with Verizon, only to find out Verizon claims it has no control over Cellular Sales. Even though they use a huge Verizon sign to attract customers.

Update by Angelo Anello
Jan 01, 2022 3:06 pm EST

Impossible to reach anyone at Cellular Sales who can fix this.

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2:56 pm EST

Cellular Sales Phone return but account cont charge, acct clear of charge

Sept.19, 2020 went into cellular sales Great
Bend to look for different phone, my apple 6 years old and starting to have some issues I had been told about would start occurring as phone aged. Got Dura XV Extreme flip phone> Serial number [protected]. Didn't like so returned within 2 wk window per Verzon policy. On Oct. 5, 2020 returned phone and box etc to GB store, person who initiallly sold me phone not there, but other guy who may have been named Alec per other staff., accepted the return took card thing out of flip phone and put back into my old Apple phone and turned it back on. He said he would finish return process, I asked about receipt he said no need. When I left store he was standing there with the Dura phone in his left hand.
Come forward a year, I am talking to Verizon regarding possibly replacing my phone when they tell me I need to pay for phone first! I remind them my phone over 6 years old long ago paid for. Dont get itemized Verizon bill, but had I known that was possible I WOULD HAVE DISCOVERED THAT I WAS LIED TO! I since requested monthly itemized bill for add fee.
I went into GB store and confronted them, the guy never finished return so it does't show it was returned I am hot, per Verizon Duro phone never turned on after I returned it. I asked GB store where phone I returned was, employee who seemed very sneaky said they arent kept in store. I should have taken pictures of guy day I returned phone. I have been charged to dATE 150-160- DOLLARS FOR PHONE I RETurned per store protocol. I am going to need to get another phone in near future. I want my number, I also have hot spot and would like to simply get a new phone. Would appreciate my account getting credited for this error and return officially done. thank yo Gayleen Schmitt

Desired outcome: return finished as should have been and cost i have been charged in error credited to my Verizon acct.

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Martha Hill
Oct 03, 2022 5:28 am EDT

Yeah... Been there been had by a crook named Charles Payne. My Samsung galaxy 10 had swollen battery, so I, being covered by insurance, took my swollen phone in to file a claim for another phone like I had.This slick Weasel Charles proceeds to say "you will pay an arm and a leg for the deductible".Then he goes to another part of the store and brings back Moyorola Edge.He assured me it was a MUCH BETTER PHONE, and whizzed me into getting this phone.He deftly installed a case...50.00 and a screen cover ?price.Long story shirt. I TOOK THIS 690.00 PHONE BACK.He claimed it was DAMAGED.CHARGED ME 100.00RESTOCKING FEE +50.99 FOR I DON'T KNOW WHAT.AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS.

11:50 pm EST

Cellular Sales Cell phone/ signature fraud on my paperwork

Was that a State Fair in Augusta Georgia saw a Verizon tent setup spoke to the gentleman said that they were from Verizon later to find out that they were not they were from Cellular Sales. They said that they were offering free phones with a promotion they had so I got four phones. They showed me customer agreement paperwork showing what my monthly bill is going to be. To find out I am being charged for them. I only signed customer agreement. I called customer service and the said they would get upper management to look into it. Which took long than what they said and went past my return policy. I was told I had to pay for the phone in my monthly bill. I have now found out the sales person or customer service rep has forged my signature on documents and they are all different types of scribble lines and are not my signature.

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Update by steven bridges
Dec 12, 2021 11:53 pm EST

See attached photos,

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8:27 pm EDT
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Cellular Sales Cellular Sales Representing Verizon Wireless

On July 28th 2021 I purchased an iPhone 12 at the Deschutes County Fair (in Oregon) ( Invoice : WAT21IN143). I am extremely unhappy with this purchase for numerous reasons. I tried contacting the Sales Rep who refused to help me. Also, I contacted Customer Service via email on 08/19/21. I was not responded to by 9/9/2021 so I sent a follow up email. I finally received a call back and the caller said they were not going to help me. As mentioned I purchased the iPhone 12, through Cellular Sales, at the Deschutes County Fair. I am extremely disappointed in the transaction. I received the rock bottom dollar for my, like new, iPhone 8 Plus ($99). The average trade in is $181. I was way overcharged for the Puregear Steel 360 Class protector which is available at Wal-mart for $15 (I paid $50). Also, I was charged $39.99 for the Nimbus 9 Phantom 2 Blue case (Available at Wal-mart for $20). Finally, I overpaid for the iPhone 12 which is for sale through Apple for $729 (I was charged $810). In total I believe I was short changed, by Cellular Sales and Verizon Wireless, approximately $206.

Desired outcome: $206 credit

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9:22 am EST

Cellular Sales Deception and deceit

Buyer beware! Back in december I purchased a new phone from the verizon store in newtown square, pa. I was told as a "gift" I can also have a tablet for a $1.00. And the tablet will cost me $10 a month. I asked, "any more fees or costs? "absolutely not!" i'm told by ray albright at the verizon store. Well, guess what? That "free" tablet came with a 2 year contract that was added onto the contract for my phone. Ray albright added the tablet to my phone contract without my knowledge. I decided to return the tablet because I never used it. Guess what? If I want to return my "gift" I have to pay $350 dollars to get out of the contract. When I complained I was told by joe, the manager of the verizon store in newtown square: "you signed the contract, go pound sand. " this is deceit and deception at its best. Don't be a victim. Don't shop any cellular sales stores dba verizon. If you need verizon, go to a corporate store, not a bogus dba. Ugh, I hate being taken by a #### scam artist.

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1:54 pm EST
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