Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.
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Plus Complaints & Reviews / SCAM/over billing/virus infected


This web hosting company is a joke. was signed up for 5 years and they did nothing but ruin my 10 computers with their constant viruses in the emails, constant email problems, over billing for everything, you get 10 bills for the same damn thing and despicable customer service. I advice... / Everything was fine for the past several years until they upgraded my account to the new system or servers


Everything was fine for the past several years until they upgraded my account to the new system or servers. I first lost complete access to a service I recently signed up for and was in the middle of using, the Full Version of Website Creator, also known as WSC. I had already built half a... / Poor Technical Support


If you enjoy dealing with some of the most friendly tech support people that you'll find anywhere, then you'll enjoy having your web site hosted by APLUS.NET. However, if you want to deal with tech support people that actually know what they are doing, then you'll want to...

APlus Net / Website not working 48 hours after upgrade


I have been a happy customer for about 6 years until the last several months. I have numerous websites hosted by them. Until the last several months (it is Dec 09), I have received prompt customer and technical service from them. Something dramatically and profound happened at... Internet Services / trying to discontinue their services


We have been tryng for three days now to an EPP code from so we can transfer our services to another company. When I tell them why I am calling, they put me on hold, connect me to different operators and then they just finally hang up. I have also tried their online chat and they... Web Design & Hosting / Web Design - Total Incompetence


This company is AWFUL. I have never seen such incompetence when it comes to website design. The project concept and design was great - however, the implementation was a nightmare, and even after almost a year of development and thousands of extra fees along the way, this company never... / Poor Service


I hired their services for a web site design, hosting and search engine booster, but the web site was never completed. They must be so big that they have major communication issues between departments, my acocunt manager did not know when the project was to be completed and the change...