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Hosting Raja / OVI Hoisting reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 14, 2012. The latest review Suspended my webhosting account was posted on Mar 2, 2021. The latest complaint refund for vps hosting not received was resolved on Feb 17, 2018. Hosting Raja / OVI Hoisting has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 26 reviews. Hosting Raja / OVI Hoisting has resolved 5 complaints.

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1800 258 8000 (Sales & Customer Service)
+91 741 109 0125 (Sales & Customer Service)
+91 741 109 0119 (Sales & Customer Service)
+91 741 109 0124 (Sales & Customer Service)
+91 806 900 1433 (Technical Support)
+91 806 900 1435 (Technical Support)
+91 806 900 1436 (Technical Support)
+91 806 900 1437 (Technical Support)
+91 953 876 8899 (Renewal Department)
+91 888 446 2288 (Renewal Department)
1st Floor, Saraswathamma Complex, Akshay Nagar, TC Palya Main Road,Dooravani Nagar Post, Ramamurthi nagar
India - 560016

Hosting Raja / OVI Hoisting Complaints & Reviews

Hosting Raja / OVI HoistingSuspended my webhosting account

Suspended my web hosting account, saying that it uses more cpu and ram, although it is a unlimited package I purchased.

They Completely suspended my account and I also request them to please let me take my website backup and then I will remove some data. but the didn't listen.

Suspended my webhosting account

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    May 19, 2019

    Hosting Raja / OVI Hoisting — say unlimited play and don't provide space say only 20gb spacegive you so I want my refund

    i was buy unlimited play to unlimited space and all now i hv upload my video file on storage suspend my...

    Hosting Raja / OVI Hoistingweb hosting

    Hello all

    This is to inform you that never ever go with HostingRaja for web hosting services. I bought hosting from them 3 years ago and whenever I checked I found my all websites got down. And their technical support staff never available in the night time and no one is there to give support and assistance. Everyday my websites does down, so its is better to avoid this web host.

    You can find my website here at it is most of the time down.

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      • Updated by nehakumari28 · Nov 26, 2018

        I am using HostingRaja hosting since 3 years and from past few days I was facing malware issue with my websites, I was so worried, then I contacted technical team of HostingRaja via ticket system and they did everything to resolve the issue of my websites.

        Mr. Ajith, Manager of HostingRaja technical team fixed the issue of websites in just few minutes. Thanks Mr. Ajith and Mr. Syed M for helping me.

      Hosting Raja / OVI Hoistingdomain and hosting service

      I have purchased domain and hosting from but their servers are down .You can check when iam telling them to change nameservers they are fooling me.
      Mysite will not go live If you go for hostingraja like my site, Cheap are not the best.

      Dear Subhankar Sengupta,

      A customer support staff has replied to your request, #389208 with the following response:

      Dear client, As discussed we have sent the verification mail to [protected] email id, Kindly have a check with the same and verify it and update us. please update on this. As we have informed it will take 5 working days for the new email id to get updated. Regards,

      Yashwant Singh
      12:37 PM (2 hours ago)
      to sales, tech, support, crm

      How many times i am telling you that I am not getting any verification mails.Please check my attached screenshot.Same thing you guys are repeating for last 5 days.
      I don't know whether you guys want to do l or not, Yesterday i shared my emails id and password also for my gmail [protected] amd password is
      and [protected] password is
      I am struggling for last 5 days to make my site live.I am requesting for a transfer to other hosting companies.or else I cannot go live.

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        HostingRaja — working working attitude of

        I compalaint to Mr Mani who is the CEO of the Hostingraja which email is [protected] They pressising...


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        Hosting Raja / OVI Hoistinghosting raja is a no.1 fraud company

        Don't Buy any server space with Hosting Raja as they are Fraud
        Hosting Raja is totally a fraud company and they have no right to write No.1 Hosting Provider. I have companies in India and USA. I bought there Cloud server plan on 10th Nov. I told them to host my website and on their server. They took 5 days to migrate my website and from 15th Nov 2017, my website is not working. I send them emails so many times but never got a proper response. Every time my site is down and my technical staff told me that our Media website is down because their server is down. They spoiled my business as my clients told me every time that your website is not working so I request everyone to never take any server on Hosting Raja as they are totally a fraud company. I am going to ask them for my refund. My admin and I called so many times on their phone numbers but nobody picks the phone. Technical support is also not available for chat.I tried to contact them so many times on chat also but i received this message:- I am sorry, Our agents are busy supporting other customers or offline. Please let me know your mobile number. We will certainly get back to you.Thank you, Sorry for the inconvenience.
        The toll-free number is also not working. If you are going to buy any server space or cloud server space on Hosting Raja then you will spoil your business yourself and your website will never open.
        Even they are providing such poor services then how they can write on their website that they are No.1 Hosting provider. Who declared them to write No.1. They are only fooling people and making money.
        I am going to launch a Press Release on my more than 200 Media Websites as well as on all Reviews Website and all Social Media Links related to Hosting Raja.
        Interesting thing is Hosting Raja website is also not working sometimes.
        Till today their server did not work more than 50 times in last 6 months.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Hosting Raja / OVI Hoisting — refund for vps hosting not received

          When I connected with HostingRaja customer service to migrate my websites to a VPS, they were very eager to...

          Hosting Raja — domains details

          I have been facing issues with several domains for around 1 year, the latest one is The account...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Hosting Raja — suspension of account even after upgrading

          i have a website with growing traffic. so they asked me some 10 days before to upgrade to premium corporate...

          HostingRaja.inreseller hosting

          I am a pro developer and reseller using hosting raja for several months. I am writing this review to help you decide what is best for you. This is not a personal attack or favor on hosting raja, its simple based on experience I had with them. Here is my experience of various services they provided to me:

          Update april 2016: is a bunch of cheaters and misleading people who just know how to loot. They never solved technical issues and kept websites non-working. They sent emails that my reseller account due date is 21st april but suspended my account on 20th midnight because of which I could not download my websites. Even their chat person said I could take backup till 21st evening but they are just misleaders. Now, they are demanding rs. 1000 per website backup and refusing to activate my account india, companies and even electricity, water, mobile bills take action after due date but these looters are just weird. I am planning to put up a court case against them in consumer court. I recommend everyone to stay away from them adn look for some company who is really trustable. I donot work with quick2host right now but still they are so good and supportive that I am planning to rejoin them for some services.

          Also they closed affiliate account without any prior information in which I had an earning of around 500 rs.

          So my words: stay apart miles away from hostingraja.

          Domain: they provide attractive deals along with the affiliate bonus option which makes them a cheap and attractive choice for domain purchasing. (5 stars).

          Hosting: they provide attractive hosting deals and resources which again makes them a very cheap and attractive choice in web hosting. (4 stars).

          Server speed: the websites provide a better loading speed in comparison to my provider. (3 stars)

          Uptime: servers are running really good and take a break for max 4-5 minutes, and that too after long intervals but still there is room for betterment. The frequency of downtimes should be reduced. (3 stars)

          Sales support: their sales support is good. As far as you are looking to purchase something or you are doing a payment, they are good. (3 stars).

          Email management: this is where I found this company really lacking in. They said that they are providing high quality email service free with their hosting and they also say it is the same email service they provide as a separate business email service too. Convinced with it, I moved all the client websites to their server and created some email accounts for them, even for my own business website and bannggggg: the dreams of hosting raja being high quality service provider got shattered. I found their email service to be highly unstable and useless. Inbox not getting emails. Junk folder not getting emails. Junk folder not getting opened etc. Etc. Even their team was not able to resolve the issues in working days and just kept on giving excuses. Worst of all, they send email from their mail ids, emails reached and they claim the issues resolved like they are my prospective clients and will purchase services from me. Truly disappointed. This forces me to purchase server from another company and move websites their because website is nothing without business email. (0 stars).

          Database management: this comes to a cheating now. An autoincrement column in my database is jumping to 1000 instead of 1 whenever their is a failover/server restart and they tell me to rectify my code. Their tech team is such foolish that hey think I can send value to an autoincrement column from my c# code. I mean what is "auto" in the "autoincrement" if I am sending the value from the coding and making a coding mistake? Totally insensible. To add up, they say if the 1000 jumps will make the database column to take up more space due to bigger values, then I should purchase a vps immediately. Instead of resolving a issue, they want me to invest more and pay them. Thats cheating. (0 stars)

          Live chat support: really terrible. They come into chat whenever they want and they run out of the chat by leaving conversation whenever they want. Another agent may or my not join another session, and bye chance if they do, you will need to repeat the whole story again and again new agent leaves and another new comes in and this goes frustrating. (1 star).

          Technical support: now this really counts negative stars for them. They really dont know about technical. What they can do is just click on some buttons in their panels and resolve minor issues like dns settings, hosting settings, etc. When your website really needs a technical support, they raise their hands. Worst of all, to every message you add in ticket, their reply will be that your issue has been resolved without asking you whether it has been resolved or not. My email related ticket has 60+ messages in 5 days, email related ticket has 24 posts and a domain settings took 5 days with 30+ posts. Email and database issues still unresolved. So, when there are technical issues, they dont know how to help. They just keep on putting false claims that issue has been resolved without even asking from you about it. Its only you who has to rush after them. Weird. (1 star).

          Bottom line: if you are a newbie and need only small static website to be uploaded, then hostingraja is your best bet. If you are going to do business and need technical consistencies, then better opt for someone else.

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            Hosting Rajawindow vps server

            Completely fraud and cheater company. After purchasing servicing from them by seeing cheaper plan you will pull your hairs. I purchased expensive service from them but still every time i have to do them mail some time they decrease memory or window license goes expires or plsk license goes expires. seems like they using all free service of licensing company due to which they are providing cheap hosting. In terms of service third class service they have and most probably they dont have 24 hours service.
            This is 4th time same issue appeared in 6 month service.

            read old reviews on this link before buying :

            window vps server

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              Hosting Rajahosting raja website hosting

              Dear all,
              I have purchased hosting from in 14 days of period it has downed 6 times, now according to 30 days refund policy company is not ready to give my money back, never go with this.

              Any doubt please call on [protected]

              hosting raja website hosting
              hosting raja website hosting
              hosting raja website hosting

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                • Pr
                  Praneetha Srivastav Oct 23, 2016
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer


                  i experienced a same situation like you with them

                  Some of my friend suggested to go with and i am literally very happy now

                  24/7 support and excellent uptime and i recommend them to you also

                  Thank you

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                Hosting Rajaservice issue with my domain

                my self from Gurgaon.
                I had buy hosting from hosting
                from last three days my website is not working there is no body who is listing for this issue. no body pick up the call.
                no body is responding for this..

                my website is
                some times they says server issue.
                some times they say no backup
                some times they say cpannel login issue..

                bt issue is only with hosting raja

                service issue with my domain

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                  I used HostingRaja hosting service and despite all their promises my website suffered from many cyber-attacks. When I contacted HostingRaja customer service to get some help they were absolutely useless and did not do anything to protect my website.
                  They said they'll resolve my issues as soon as possible but they never did anything and someone continued to hack my website.
                  I have many websites and used many hosting companies in my life and must say that HostingRaja was the worst ever! No protection and absolutely no support! Avoid at all costs!

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                    Hosting Raja is fraud company and it does not provide hosting services as committed ..

                    Don't take their service ..

                    customer support is very bad and direct hangup your call once you discuss about your hosting service.

                    also toll free number is useless as no body ready to pick call.

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                      www.hostingraja.inwebsite renewal problem

                      I registered 2 domains on 19/8/2015 and 21/8/2015 with a reseller off
                      I forgot to renew both websites on 19th and 21/8/2016 itself.
                      I tried to renew on 31/8/2016.but their support team said domain is expired.grace period is only 10 If you want to restore you should pay 9, 000 inr or 7, 000 inr.

                      So I contacted their main provider support team.They said that it is 100% possible to rrenew domains.They said you should contact support team.
                      but there is no use.
                      so I lodge a complaint here.

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               — hosting services : I just run away from hostingraja!... never choose hosting raja.

                        I have many websites and multiple hosting accounts with hosting providers. I just gave hostingraja a try due...

                        Hosting Rajacomplaint against missing data

                        we are facing a lot of problems with hosting raja. yesterday 12.7.2016 our all websites were not worked. today 13.7.2016 our client websites were working but last n no of weeks datas were missing, one of our client were complaining against us and now there were looking for the penalty of 50k. some of our other client were shuting down the business with us.and some of our other clients were asking for refund payments and so on.
                        if any complaint registered on our company. then i sure, i will take you in the consumer court. within today kindly restore our missing data or i will the actions on you... for sure.
                        Hosting raja using very bad security system, again and again our websites were blocked and we are facing the problems with this company. now am changing my hosting service to some other company. hosting raja provides really a very bad service . i dont know that weather they are stealling the data from our clients data base.

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                          Hosting Raja — poor service, so bad service, at the time of purchase says functionality and after purchasing functionality not available for this type of server

                          i have purchasing shared re seller hosting space from hosting raja. at the time of purchase i have clearly...


                          HostingRajasecurity is not provided to source code of customers web applications

                          This is complaint against Hosting Raja hosting provider as i am customer of hosting raja since 15 days. They have provided me login credentials of my server to upload WAR file(file required for Java web application with source code) As per hostingraja's instruction i uploaded the WAR file and deployed it. But suddenly i recognized that i can access WAR files of other customers also. which are available on hostingRaja and could be able to download their WAR file. As i have provided this issue to hostingraja but they are telling this is issue and is going to handle in next 24 hrs but my demand is that i should get refund of my hosting payment i can't trust such hosting providers. and customers project should be confidential data. My client raised complaint and asked me for refund and compensation otherwise he will reach to Consumer Care. Plz guide me on this issue. i demand compensation charge to hostingraja due to their low security and delay in solving issue. i got loss of nearly 1lac . who will refund it to me. ...

                          security is not provided to source code of customers web applications
                          security is not provided to source code of customers web applications

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