Anytime Fitnesshorrible customer service


I signed up at club #1188 with Trish after completing the fitness study with Zach as my assigned Personal Trainer. After convincing my husband to sign up for the next fitness study (again with Zach) I told Trish my goal was to convince my hubby to get a membership after having a positive experience with Zach. I had a Corporate discount and she told me it was the same price either way so I originally took the 23 month option. After Bob was injured at his very first workout, I called Trish and (instant msg via FB) and told her to drop me down to the 12 month option since Bob was furious and there was no way he would join this club. I thought everything was taken care of as requested but found out 10 months after when I installed the new APP that she never made the correction. I called and of course she was no longer employed there. The new person was very friendly and tried to help but said my membership was transferred to Winneconne. Winneconne basically blew me off and told me it was an issue between me and the error at Neenah. I attempted to leave feedback at the Corporate Website and they never even responded. So here I am very disgusted with all 3 locations and am stuck in a fraudulent 2 year term because it appears this company does not know them meaning doing what is ethical right for the consumer resulting in me giving them $35 per month for nothing... and them getting nothing but bad PR for this employees mistake.

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