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L Nov 29, 2017 Review updated:

I bought 4 Anderson doors from Home Depot
2 Entry doors and 2 storm doors
Installation went well on three doors but the 4000 storm door was a disaster
The installer could not get the screen out in order to put in the glass
I called Anderson and they sent me a replacement handle. They claimed there was something wrong with the mechanism
Ok, I had the same installer who put the other three doors come out and...same problem
After replacing the parts still can't get the door to release
I'm frustrated
I gave up
Fast forward to now I would really like to get the glass in before winter
I called customer service
Basically got the runaround
Told me to call installer back (cost is on me)
Have installer talk to Anderson and they will troubleshoot with him
First of all I can't afford to take a day off
Can't afford an installer
Based on the reviews on this door it's a piece of junk
Anderson took me and others for a ride
They should have replaced the door
I will "never" recommend this company to anyone!
I'm 66 years old and have to live with a door with a useless piece of glass that won't go in
Winter is coming and all I have is a screen
Can't afford to buy another door
Terrible response from customer service!!!


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      Feb 01, 2018

    I had an Anderson 4000 storm door installed and when it got cold I couldn't get the glass insert in. I had the same door and it was fine for years. I had a handyman friend try to get the glass insert to fit and he could not. I called Anderson Customer Service and they told me to try using a shim and a rubber hammer. I am disabled and could not do this, so they sent me a replacement window. I picked it up yesterday, and it has the same problem. After putting the glass insert in on the left side of the door, away from the handle mechanism, I banged the right bottom and it went in. The locking mechanism was very hard to lock and the insert does not fit well with a small gap on the top left top, away from the door handle. Hopefully, when the weather breaks I will be able to get the screen in. This door/glass insert is very poorly constructed. Serial Number [protected], R. Betz [protected].

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