America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasseswrong contact prescription

M Aug 10, 2018

I went to America's Best against my better judgement, having read all of the bad reviews about them online. However, I thought it would be cheaper than an eye doctor since I no longer have vision insurance. Well- not only was the staff very rude but the doctor tried to give me the wrong contact prescription. Even though my eyesight had clearly gotten worse, she tried to give me a prescription less powerful than the one I currently had. Turns out she wasn't even listening to me when she asked me to read the chart. What service right? After paying way too much for a supposed discount exam and all of the extras they foist on you- I was not able to order the contact brand I wanted. Instead, I was given a cheap-o brand that did nothing for me. I had to come back again a week later so they could give me my prescription. They then messed up my prescription order 3 times online. 3xs! I turned around and tried to order from 1800 Contacts instead and it turns out the contacts America's Best told me to get- were recalled by the FDA years ago!! I'm so frustrated, I never want to step foot in that store again but because I paid for a 3 year service plan with them (so stupid of me to get dragged into by their sales team) I now need to go back because my prescription still isn't right and my left eye is all blurry. If the doctor had taken the time to actually give me the correct prescription in the first place I wouldn't be in the mess now. Horrible business!!! It would have been cheaper to go to my local eye doctor

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