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american standard housing

I called and a Peter answered he stated they were called ASL n then explained they worked directly with the bank and even would walk me tru process for 199.00, he stated they give info on homes avail in area and could transfer title n my name once qulified with no credit check. When I asked more questions and for there website he hung on me. I called back n he hung on me again. Then I looked this so called company up n well its a scam.

  • Li
    lisa34 May 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this company is a straight out scam and we need to report them ..even if it takes going to the news people.

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  • Ka
    KayCeeEss Jul 07, 2011

    I knew it sounded too good to be true! I spoke with a Chad, Operator #1008. He was very polite and informative but I just had to check them out anyway. They weren't listed on the BBB website so I figured I'd google them and well, here we are! Thanks for the heads up!

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  • Da
    David L jr Jul 18, 2012

    Wow!!! To good to be true were my exact words. It is a scam!!!. they hung up on me twice also when I started asking too many questions. Think about is the bank just going to set you, (a complete stranger) in a house that they don't do a background search, no credit check or any thing? REALLY???? Folks don't fall for the B.S. It has SCAM written all over it..

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  • Ho
    housing scams Jul 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    is there rental housing companys that are not a scvam

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  • Ro
    ronald warren Mar 28, 2017

    ### you npeople if your that stupid to give me your 199 you deserve to be ripped off by mike davenport of santa Barbra ca. he is real easy to find he is the bass player for virsus the world. and has nice house in montacito ca. find the puck and get your money back god dam man do something theres the info on were the #### is and his wife name is susan quin.and she is just as much of a theft as he is. this is ex employee that didn't get payed when he was shut down.### you mike you #### sucker you got to greedy you dumb son of a ###ed yourself by opening lompock and Goleta what the ### were you thinking you had the world by the tail you dumb ###why mike why is all I want to know from one of your best sales man and you know who I am #### and I will testifiy aginst you for ripping me off for so many of my sales you think I didn't know you ### I have the records see you at the labor board and the felony court #### I will be there to tell all about mike davenport you #### I hope you rott in prison the rest of your ###ing life...Ronald warren #### I want you to who is going to take you down puck ####...

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When i contacted this company they told me this hole story how i can rent to own with bad credit and if i was not satify i can get my money back now that i want my money back they give me this hold story on how i am suppose to write 5 denial letters when i never received anything from the people i sent letters to they tell me that i can either mail them or go knock on these people doors remind u people i dont know and have them sign a dinal letter all i want is my money back that they promise be i can get

air conditioner

Purchased an A/C from Air Around the Clock in July 2004. Unknown to me it turns out they gave me an air...

deceptive practices

I found American standars homes online through craiglist i was told if i didnt find a home in 90days i could get a full refund tht did not happen and when i called customer services they respond very disrespectfulmalmost threatening. I dont have 200 dollars to donate im a single mother with four kids. I want justice i feel as if that company raped me.

  • Kb
    kbonnell001 Jun 04, 2011

    Yeah... same thing happened to us with american standard... they suck and now my bank is actually fighting with me to give the money back! What??? Anyhow, we WILL get the money back and I was told from the "customer service" that they'd have a manager call me and it's been DAYS... they suck, don't EVER trust them... they told me there'd be pics of each house and that the contact info was on there, none of which was true...

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rent to own

Dont get taken for this fraud. Luckily I was smart enough to tell him I would get back to him. I just wanted to hear what the name of the company was and look them up. The saying goes "if it sounds to good to be is" The only way to buy a home is with credit!!! A homeowner is emotionally attached to their home and if they are looking to rent out the home they don't need a $199 service to find them renters! There are plenty of people who would be happy to get into a house and take over payments or get a good deal. However, if the banks and security lending was providing a way for people to get in homes they would just work directly with the homeowner. Why would they rent out a pre-foreclosed home? HELLO~ The other issue is when someone asks for money upfront you should be cautious ! the dangers of identity theft out there people should beware to give up their financial information. RED FLAGS and KEYWORDS: no credit check, the deed will be yours within 24-48 hours, NO DOWN PAYMENT, NO LOAN APPLICATION. this company does not even provide bank names or references. Robert (who identified himself as the manager over there) advised credit is no longer a factor for banks. In WHAT WORLD! Risk is a factor! these are all lies. You can go straight to the bank or realtor for a foreclosed home and you will still need a credit score over 680 and you need viable income, fill out a loan application, and a down payment, plus they will not be trying to get you in a home already occupied with a property owner. There are hundreds of vacant homes. This entire thing sounded so stupid. If this was a true deal WHY ARE THERE SO MANY RENTERS STILL! Come people think!

  • Ja
    Jackee404 May 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yep they tried to get me to the guy I talked to was named Christian and the # he gave me is (805) 636-3798. Please don't get suckered by these people. I called back to ask if there was a website I could go to, to verify this information and he said he couldn't give me anything until I gave him my $199. If its not verifiable is not legit.

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finish coming off

We built our home 16 years ago. About 5 years ago, I wrote and sent a photo of our double Americast American Standard kitchen sink ( white porcelain). The sink had rusted all around the top. You sent me a replacement sink which was fine for a while. The replacement sink on the left now has the finish worn off at the bottom. The entire area keeps turning brown and is very rough not like the smooth porcelin sides. We have other American Standard products in our home and have been very satisfied with them. However, this sink has always been a problem. I am very discouraged with this sink and do hope you can help me. I have included a photo to validate my concern.

I appreciate a reply so we can correct this problem ASAP!

Thank you so much.

Sue Klein [protected]

finish coming off

  • Ja
    jackt46 Apr 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Folks, check to be sure you have a real American Standard product, I have seen commercial urinals with the "American Stamdard" name, I doubt that American Standard would mispell their own cr name.

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defective americast tub

Purchased an Americast "Princeton" bathtub. After installation, found the tub to be defective, warped causing water to pond against the corners / wall. Replacement tub was sent by American Standard but I had to pay out of my own pocket for rework costs to reinstall replacement tub. Waited for 7 weeks for reimbursement due to understaffed customer service and claims depts. This poor quality should never have reached the consumer.

  • Aj
    ajp0007 Mar 21, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too own an Americas bathtub with the same problem of puddling. I do not know what to do????

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I am a skeptic about EVERYTHING! I called about a craigslist posting. Some ghetto guy answered, and was trying to run my credit card. I told him I was going to have to check on some things to verify information about the company. He got really rude (probably because he knew I wouldn't be calling back) and hung up on me. I went to the better business bureau's website, and they have no information about this company (other than complaints) Don't do it people... save your $200 for a deposit on an apartment.

home mortgage take over payments

Found this company on Craigslist they claim that you can take over mortgage payments. They told me to print...


Have an extended warranty on heat pump, they have seiral numbers in system, yet refuse to, honor warranty...

split toilet tank

Upon arriving at our home we found that during our absence the toilet tank had spontaneously split open releasing a continuous flow of water as the tank tried to refill itself. This resulted in approximately $9, 000 damages to our property and the posiibility of damages to two units on lower floors still to be determined. This was a classic case of a latent defect. American Standard refuses to even replace the damaged unit much less than to be responsible for the consequential damages. They are now avoiding responding to my requests for resolution.

  • Je
    JEAN ANN Sep 29, 2012


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rusting, flaking off, porous, stains easily

Material is porous and spots easily. Very hard to clean stains. started rusting at point of contacts with AS protective rack. not even two years in vet light service. material is flaking neardrain. Definitely NOT ready for prime time. Total waste of money.

sink rusted out after five years

Bought this sink 9 years ago and it started rusting after five years. It has now rusted completely out around...

Resolved defected toilet

Hello, I purchased an American Standard Champion Toilet about a year ago at Lowe's - Huntington Mall...

americast products!

I purchased the 38" Sillouette 5 years ago. I liked that it was the large sink design. I undermounted it...

bad parts, bad quality!

We have bought 2 American Standard toilet seats, in addition to the seat that was supposed to come with the toilet from American Standard, and have had very very bad experiences. No Parts, or not the right ones. I'm pulling my stock in American Standard as it seems to be a company who doesn't have it going on anymore. Not to mention the tank lid says made in China, American Standard. What a crook! Rename the company to China Standard, and while your at it? Go ahead and put lead based materials in your products. Ask Mattel - they will show you how.

Mike East.

  • Wr
    wrong hole May 13, 2014

    I have an American Standard Commode which I did preventative maintenance on (replaced all the insides of bowl). Discovered the holes in the tank and bowl DO NOT line up (the bowl holes are about 1/4 wider than the tank holes). Therefore, the three inch bolts with the rubber seals (that seal the inside of the tank) will not seat (which means a constant leak or drip-drip leak).

    I called American Standard and spoke with their representative and was told since it was over a year old they would not do anything ... even though its an obvious PRODUCT DEFECT. I told them I had pictures of the defect ... They (American Standard) did not care.

    LAST time I will purchase from their company or affiliates.

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  • Ju
    JulieBT Jun 01, 2014

    I bought an American Standard Clean toilet from Lowes which came with its own "special' toilet seat requiring special plastic seat brackets. After just a few months it became loose with no way to tighten it because there was a flaw in the bracket design whereby they snapped. Tried to contact AS customer service who were less than useless. I literally had to contact them 5 times before someone made any attempt to help. I was mailed new brackets which were rubber and e-mailed instructions. I was not provided with any instruction on how to remove the old bracket. When I tried to fix the seat, the new rubber brackets were even more loose then the broken plastic one. And the instructions they sent me...were for the old brackets. I really feel that they don;t care about their customers. They really havent treated me with any respect or with any proper service. I will make sure everyone I know hears abojut it.

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sink staining and chipping in 3 years

My American Standard Silhouette Double Bowl Kitchen Sink (undermount) is less than 4 years has two chips and the porcelain is badly stained. The 30 yr old sink I replaced was in better condition.

American Standard has offered a full refund of the sink but will provide nothing to have the defective one taken out and replaced. Since it is an undermount with a slab granite top I'm looking at $800-1000 to get it fixed.

Just thought I'd air my complaint so that others don't go and buy the sink and expect a quality product.

  • Ri
    Richard Mann Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    American Standard Furnace MOD AUD080R936K5 installed by Amer. Dealer, and it is now 7-23-08 and we just had the third fan motor installed, under warranty, but motors during cooling season make loud noises like a washing machine that is out of balance, I dont know how long Amer. is going to replace motors, but I feel like we got an expensive lemon and I dont feel like we are going to get a long life out of this furnace. The furnace was installed on 7-21-06.
    Birmingham, Ala.

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do not buy american standard sinks!

I purchased an American Standard Americast sink 95 days ago and last week the enamel started flaking off near...

no replacement, no refund!

American standard sinks, had to "special order" at home depot, waited a week, hired a contractor to install, new faucets etc., it seems my sink is level on the top but both drains keep excessive water that will not drain, the sink is ref # s0101, sku 375-498, duel level7179.803.045,/7179.803.045 silhouette, paid $352.50, for the sink alone. Will american standard replace my new sink ??? Or refund my money ??? Remember it is both drains that are not level, and will not drain the water. Please someone help me. Thank you, linda.