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I had Grayson Collin Appliance company come out to fix my GE dryer. They were sent out by American home shield insurance company. The first time they came out was last week of December. The technician was very unprofessional and had very little knowledge about the work. First thing he said upon his 30 second exam, that the dryer duct was clogged and there was nothing wrong with the washer. He was trying an easy way of this. I told him that the dryer duct was cleaned twice prior to his arrival, I also showed him receipt for duct cleaning. Upon asking questions he struggled to tell me what was wrong with the washer. Upon further investigation, he told me that the thermal sensor was bad and he needed to change the felts on the washer. He came back again and told us he already changed those items. Few weeks later we called this company for the same initial problem and another technician came out who also told us the dryer duct was clogged and there is nothing wrong with the dryer. Seems like "Clogged Dryer duct" is every tech's way of getting out by not fixing it. Again I showed him the paperwork and told him the Dryer ducts were cleaned. He *** the dryer and told me he needs to replace the thermostat, the thermal sensing unit and felt pads. To my surprise I told him the tech from the same company had already changed it on his last visit. He once again stated that there was no work done previously on that dryer. He came back a week later and changed those parts he mentioned to me and this time I asked him to leave me the old pasts for my verification. I called back again today and told him that the dryer was still not heating and that he needs to come *** it again. They told me that they have closed the case and that I need to contact American Home shield. When I called American home shield they said that the tech had reported that there was no mechanical failure to the dryer that that the dryer was heating properly. He also reported that " Customer was using heavy cloths with metal buckle in the dryer that was making it not heat and get stuck" When he came to test out the heater, I had 2 towels, 3 underwear and 1 white stripe shirt. My white stripe shirt got stuck to the dryer because it has buttons on it. Now they are not willing to further fix my dryer. This is just an understatement of the problems. I have not mentioned about their staff and scheduling issues. The tech tells you he will be there between 1-3 and shows up at 11:30. Another time told me he will be there between 2-4 shows up at 4:30!! This is on a weekday, so I have to take a day off for him to come fix my dryer.


  • Al
    Alice Catania Oct 11, 2007

    I have a ceramic glass top electric stove. I smelled a funny smell one night before going to bed chemical or something. In the morning I awoke to a broken stove top.

    The Warranty Company American Home Shield decided that a broke the stove top by dropping something on it (which I did not ) and refused to pay for replacing it. My stove is only 2 years old and I have had Home Warranty service for 3 years. Not only did they decide not to pay for a new stove top I ended up paying a $55.0o service fee to boot.

    I got in touch with the manufacturer of the stove, they replaced the glass top no charge. But, I do have to pay installation. They felt I was telling the truth and that the glass tops are sometimes defective.

    So, having a Warranty company for the ease and convenience is not what they claim, they want to fight you on everything that breaks. I am right now trying to get my $55.00 back from them. I have had many friends tell me they also had trouble getting them to fix things or replace items.

    I hope this saves someone else from having a nightmare experience!

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  • Ji
    Jim Sep 11, 2008

    American Home Shield - How to beat home warranty companies at their own game

    I have discovered how aggrieved homeowners can turn the tables on home warranty companies and beat them at their own game. Please share this with everyone you know.

    I’m an attorney and after having a problem with my home warranty company, American Home Shield, I decided to investigate whether other homeowners had experienced the same or a similar problem. What I found were web sites devoted to consumer complaints on which numerous homeowners had recounted incidents of fraud, deception, and rip-offs by their home warranty company. I also found a blog written by a former American Home Shield employee and another written by a former plumber for a home warranty company. Both recounted situations that would not pass the “smell test” in a court of law.

    I also investigated lawsuits that had been filed against American Home Shield in Georgia, which is where I live. I found about 15 cases. The majority of cases had been filed in small claims court. As I reviewed the cases, I discovered that none of the cases had been litigated. In every instance, the case had been settled to the Plaintiff’s satisfaction although the details of each settlement were not part of the case file. With the knowledge that all cases had been settled to the homeowners’ satisfaction, I realized that American Home Shield would settle with an aggrieved homeowner before allowing a case to go to trial. My conclusion is that the only thing aggrieved homeowners need to do to beat home warranty companies at their own game is to file suit. The last thing American Home Shield wants to do is litigate a homeowner’s claim and the reasons are obvious to me.

    The most obvious reason American Home Shield would not want to litigate a claim is that in most instances, the cost to American Home Shield to settle a claim would be less than the cost to litigate. The average amount of a claim in the cases I found was $3, 800.00. Two were for less than $1, 000.00 and only one was for more than $10, 000.00. I’m sure far more than the 15 homeowners who have filed lawsuits in Georgia have had their claims denied. American Home Shield wins when a claim is denied and the homeowner does not sue, which is exactly what American Home Shield is counting on homeowners not doing.

    Another reason American Home Shield does not want to litigate is because the company does not want to have to defend its craftily drafted contract or its questionable business practices, which is exactly what it would have to do if a case went to trial. American Home Shield also does not want such information to become public knowledge, which is also likely to happen. Additionally, a judge or a jury would also be hard pressed to return a verdict favorable to a company that engages in questionable business practices.

    The final reason American Home Shield does not want to litigate is because a lawsuit actually places American Home Shield in a precarious situation. American Home Shield would have a difficult time defending any claim by a homeowner because the company has no first hand knowledge about the claim; it would need the testimony of the service contractor who, for its own reasons, may be less than eager to testify. The only knowledge American Home Shield has is what the company has been told by the service contractor. And any testimony from American Home Shield about what it was told by the service contractor is hearsay and not admissible in court.

    To defend a claim, American Home Shield would need to subpoena the service contractor who actually made the diagnosis to testify about the claim. If the homeowner has done his/her homework, he/she would subpoena witnesses who could dispute the witnesses for American Home Shield. The homeowner should subpoena one or more service companies who had been called either for a second opinion or to make the actual repairs to dispute the testimony of the American Home Shield service contractor. The homeowner might also consider locating one or more other aggrieved homeowners to testify about their problem with American Home Shield. Another good witnesses for the homeowner to subpoena would be a former service contractor for the home warranty company or a former employee of a service contractor.

    Since American Home Shield has at least three significant reasons why it does not want to litigate, the best and easiest way an aggrieved homeowner can beat American Home Shield at their own game (and most likely any other home warranty company) is to file suit. The one thing for an aggrieved homeowner to keep in mind is that if he/she does not sue, the home warranty company will win. But if he/she sues, the homeowner will most likely win. And that is how an aggrieved homeowner can beat American Home Shield at their own game.

    My advice to aggrieved homeowners is not to stress over a denied claim, the denial of a situation as an emergency, repeated “band-aid repairs, ” or a delay in authorization or in the repair of an item. I would also advise a homeowner not to waste time arguing with American Home Shield but to set a reasonable deadline for the appropriate action. Upon expiration of the deadline without receiving satisfaction from American Home Shield, the homeowner should then proceed as if they did not have a home warranty and then sue American Home Shield for reimbursement. The homeowner should also remember to document every action or inaction by both himself/herself and American Home Shield. Although the disadvantage to the homeowner is initially having to pay for the repairs, the advantage is that the homeowner can choose the service contractor and the brands and quality of products. I won’t guarantee all aggrieved homeowners will prevail every time but I have good reason to believe most aggrieved homeowners will prevail the majority of time.

    For aggrieved homeowners whose claims were denied at sometime in the past, you may still be able to sue for reimbursement. To make that determination, the homeowner needs to research the statute of limitation for suing on a contract in their state. In any event, a homeowner should be safe filing suit for a claim that was denied during the past twelve (12) months.

    Within the next six months, instead of reading homeowner’s stories about being scammed and ripped off by their home warranty company, I want to read stories about how homeowners turned the tables and beat their home warranty company at their own game.

    If anyone has any questions, I can be contacted at [email protected]

    Good luck.

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  • Do
    Don O'Brien Sep 29, 2008

    The pressure regulator under our house broke and has been sprayining approximately one gallon a minute of water on the underside of our floorboards since last Thursday morning. It is Monday night.
    The plumber sent by American Home Shield arried on Friday at 4:00 pm. He didn't have the right part and said he'd be back on Monday morning. He called us on Monday to say that AHS wanted a second estimate on the cost. A call to AHS confirmed this. The second company arrived at 7:00 pm on Monday night (tonight) and said he couldn't turn off the water to work on the problem because he wasn't allowed to turn off the water at the street. We called local water officials who said this was not true. I calculate that 5, 760 gallons of water have now been sprayed under my house. No action yet. I'm worried about mold, not to mention the water bill.

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  • Av
    AV Oct 10, 2008

    This site is pathetic! " By the people and for the people". Wrong!

    You have Google Ad words at the top of the page titled:
    American Home Shield Complaints for poor service. I thought this was a legitamate site. The Google ad word read as follows:

    American Home Shield
    Protect your Home's Heating, AC,
    Plumbing and Appliances with AHS

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  • Ed
    EDDIE S. SMITH Nov 26, 2008


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  • Al
    Al_D Jan 30, 2009

    AHS is very unreliable, unprofessional and incompetent. I lost more in wages than the cost of repairs because on 5 occasions the contractor would not show up on the scheduled date and time. It took me more than 6 months to fix my heat pump after 3 changes of vendor last year. This year the problem repeated because the previous contractor left the work incomplete and it took a month and half to get it fixed again after change of 2 vendors. AHS keeps assigning incompetent contractors who never maintain schedules with little care for quality service. This business is all about collecting fees and delivering nothing aka PONZI scheme !!STAY AWAY FROM AHS.

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  • La
    laughinlivin Oct 01, 2011

    AHS is worthless...they use providers that don't care if they fix something or if they show up in a timely manner. I had to buy a dishwasher b/c they couldn't get someone to repair mine in a timely i'm have been waiting three weeks to get my dryer fixed...will probably have to buy a dryer pay for a service but they don't care when it gets fixed...what is really the purpose of this warranty if i have to replace the product myself b/c they choose service providers that cant or wont work in a timely manner.

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  • Ma
    Mark Barry##### Nov 03, 2014

    Took multiple trips to fix garage door and wash machine. Customer service is extremely rude and non helpful. Do not buy this service under any condition. When you have problems, don't bother calling the regular number as it will only give you more problem. Call and ask for Rene Golwitzer corporate headquarters at (901) 537-8000. Again don't bother talking to anyone but her. Also demand to speak to Mark Barry -President. He can be reached directly at 901-525-7800.

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  • Gi
    GINA1958 Nov 25, 2014

    I recently cancelled my American Home Shield Warranty and went with a different company that had better rates and service fees and I just got a call from AHS stating that since I am cancelling the service two months prior to the end of the coverage, they were going to charge me penalties and administrative fees. I hung up on them. I had been with AHS since 1996 and they had the gall to try and hit me up with that. I was told a long time ago that there was never any penalties if I cancelled. I call out their BS and will go the extra step in hiring an attorney if I have to. Now my daughter and sister are both canceling their AHS contracts as well. Yay, let's get on the band wagon and squash this company!!!

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