American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]Contractor Services & Customer Service Dept.

E Aug 03, 2018

I am complaining about the poor service we have rec'd recently. Our central air condition unit went out and we notified AHS. They gave us the name of Easy Air Condition Service & his telephone number and said he would be contacting us. After a day or so, we called Easy contractor and he said he didn't contract with AHS. We called AHS back to inform them, then they gave us the name of another contractor. That's pretty back when the workers @ AHS doesn't know who their contractors are. When we called the other contractor, he stated he was at least three days backed up & America Home Sheild was aware of this. Now when you're in Texas with no air-condition and the heat is over 100 degrees, that's not good. Why do we need to be paying every month when we can't get the service that we're paying for.
Also back in the fall when our heating unit needed a part for it, the contractor that was sent out ordered the wrong part and had to re-order and return a 3rd day to complete the job. Well that was a continuation of the same job, but AHS charged our credit card twice.
I am request to discontinue services immediately and to destroy (shred) the credit card number that you have on file. We will also inform the bank to not allow anymore charges thru from AHS on that card.

Eddie & Lois Robinson
1804 Rosebud Court
College Station, TX 77845

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