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So I purchased with a american furniture retail card no interest for a year. Ok I set up the last payment to pay the account in full. But wala the payment wasnt taken out because they said I was on auto pay. But yety they took a payment last month of 400 that was not on auto pay. Now they are charging me 1200 for interest. This is outrageous when I dont even owe this much on the original balance.

I will close the account pay the amount I borrowed and I will not I repeat will not pay the 1200 interest. I will let it ruin my credit. I have three new cars a new house and I don't need credit just to prove a point I am not paying it.

I am 54 with health issues so good luck to them [censor] for trying to cheat me. When I called they hung up on me when I called back they were closed [censor] service plus I get to talk to a foreigner they cant even employ people in the united states WOW.

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    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Dear dontcare1111111, all though your concerns would be with the bank that financed your purchase rather than the store, if you would like to email us with your customer information along with a phone number that we could reach you at; we would be happy to research this for you. You can reach us at [protected] Thank you, AFW


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      Oct 24, 2017

    I think this is the first time I've read a complaint about hoping you might die early as to not pay off a disputed debt. Hopefully that isn't the case ;-) Just be careful. Being a legitimate debt doesn't mean it was a debt you were expecting. Many accounts require that the terms of the agreement be met in order to qualify for the no interest period; this sounds like one of them. If you were on an auto-payment system, I'd see if you can prove that (1) the auto-payment was one established by American Furniture Warehouse (this makes it a 'pull' auto-payment system instead of a 'push' auto-payment set up by your bank or other third party) and (2) that funds were available on the date the payment should have 'pulled' from your account. Unless those two stipulations exist, you MAY find that the 'no interest' period was rightfully withdrawn when a payment was late.

    If determined that the 'no interest' offer was correctly rescinded, the second question becomes the correct amount of interest and late charges which are applied. Your original card holder agreement should outline these terms, but you would want to confirm whether the interest is simple versus compounded and if and how late payment charges are applied. In addition you should be weary about additional costs if the account goes to 'collections.'

    Just because the amount is outstanding, doesn't mean that the original debtee, in this case American Furniture Warehouse, is out anything. Many times the financing amount can be provided for by a different division or third party source. If not initially, it can be sold to a third-party at any given time. In addition, the collections process can be either internal, external or a combination thereof. This is important only because, as each additional entity becomes involved, they have the legal ability to add-on to their own fees. Years down the road, any particular entity that has either been assigned to collect the debt or ends up holding the debt, can get a judgement to lien on anything you may have title to, like your home or automobiles. Once this happens, they're assured of getting paid because title is going to pass at some time. It's also possible, although not as likely, that they could garnish payroll, tax refunds, etc.

    None of this is provided as negative or a 'threat' only as advise so you might have a clear picture as to what you could be up against. My suggestion would be to not ignore the debt, but be proactive in getting it resolved earlier than later.

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