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F Aug 13, 2018

Back in May of 2018 I put a 3 piece living room set with recliner on layaway along with a queen size bed only. The total came up to roughly $1100 or so I paid 884.00 which it left a balance owed of like $200 or so. I informed the salesman Craig that I was doing a remodel in my house and that I would return sometime in May to pay the remaining balance.
However, I received a called from Craig to inform me that the living room set that I ordered was no longer available. I told him that I would be in to choose another set.
Lets fastforward to August 1 2018 my husband and I visit the showroom and we decided to purchase a mattress for the bed that I had on lay away. My husband chose the mattress and we had to pay $99.76 difference of the credit that was applied to the account. We informed the Store Manager Chris that we would return on Friday to pick up the merchandise.
I called ahead and informed them that I was on my way. I was trying to proactive so that the pick up would be smooth once my husband arrived with the rental truck. I arrive at the showroom and informed the Store Manager Chris that I was there to pick up the merchandise and Chris told me to give him a moment to have the merchandise bought to the loading dock. I arrived at the showroom 30-45 minutes before my husband. After about 20 minutes of me browsing around the showroom I walk over to Chris and ask was there a problem with my merchandise. He finally says yes the mattress you chose someone sold it. At this time I look at him puzzled because my husband asked them if the mattress would be marked as sold with a name attached. Well to my surprise they sold our mattress and didn't have any in the store.
I told Chris my husband was on his way and we needed to resolve this issue before he got here. Chris says lets look at other mattresses which we started to and he showed me several however, I would have to pay almost $300 more for the other mattress. My husband arrives and Chris tells him the issue. My husband isn't happy because the mattress that he chose they assured him that it would be clearly marked and there would be no issues.
My husband is a retired military man of 28 years served change for him after you have said it would be there is a problem for him The mattresses that Chris showed him wasn't a good fit for my husband. To try and get my husband at a happy place I asked Chris about the floor model and could he reduce the amount that we paid for it because it was 600.00 well he says no. Then I saw a lamp that cost $86 and I said may I be compensated with the lamp for your mess up and he says to ask the other store manager Mo I think that was his name. He went into the computer and said the lamp was $234 but I told him on the tag its marked $86. He says oh you can pay half.
My complaint is even though I suggested the floor model that others consumers have tested by lying down on it. This floor model is considered USED merchandise. I would like to believe the floor model should have been a reduced price. Again, I asked other options to compensated for taking the floor model to please my husband because he was on the verge of cancelling the entire purchase.
Now to add insult to injury once we decided to take the floor model we had to wait another 30 minutes for the items to be bought to the loading dock and what we thought was going to take us roughly an hour to pay for the rental truck turned into 40.00.
I had to ask Chris who was going to bring the merchandise to the loading dock and then at this time calling the young man to bring the merchandise.
I am very disappointed in the lack of customer service and the lack of compromise now I compromised on my end and suggested the floor model. I feel that the price should have been reduced or a decision should have been made to compensate with the lamp that I liked.
I called your corporate office on August 3, 2018 and left a message of my concern. I received a message from Jay on August 6, 2018 who left a message that he was contacting me in reference to my complaint. I returned his call on Aug 7 at 6:45pm EST however, he hasn't returned my call. I called Jay 740.833.6397 again on August 10 at 1:31pm EST and again today August 13 at 5:41pm EST. I have left him a message requesting that he give me a call back and he hasn't returned my phone calls.
I am highly disappointed in the kind of customer service that I am not receiving from American Freight.
I can be reached at 954.479.1175 or my email address is [protected]
I look forward to hearing from someone who can handle my complaint.

Tammy Flanders

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