American Family InsuranceUncooperative and uncaring company!

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American Family Insurance
6000 American Parkway
Madison, WI [protected]

American Family Insurance is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Not only are they uncooperative they are uncaring. These people are robots and don't know how to think on their own. Even after I contacted "Customer Care", Lisa was just as uncaring and not even willing to understand why there was a $100 difference in the claim. Also, they have dragged this out to over a year. They only are about their bottom line. They don't care if they lose clients. I have since cancelled 2 auto and home owners insurance over $100 on a claim because I was able to prove the NADA value of my vehicle was $100 more than their value. I had to get provide 10 different appraisals and in the end all they really wanted was the NADA. They didn't care about the NADA value because they went up on the price on the aftermarket items. Which I had invoices for everything. They try to make it like they were doing me a favor. I would NOT recommend buy insurance from American Family. They are NOT looking out for your well-being. They are NOT concerned with getting you back to pre-crash condition.


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    connieburris Jan 06, 2016

    I have another one for this list, I have been a customer of American family for 5 yrs, made every payment never late & the very first time I need to use my policy I get a attitude like why are you bothering us with this & I also found out that even though I told them that I wanted to make my policy a zero deductiable on comp.. This was done on12/14 then today I was once again told that this changed olny happened on 1 of my vehicles not my 1999 pont. trans am & someone decided that they wanted one of the hide away headlights & now since American family didn't do what I told them to do I now have to figure out how to pay for this damage that's done to my car on my own! Its pretty good when a person has to pay for insurance that wont do what they were told to do & you still get stuck paying for something that I actually paid American family to take care of time to find another insurance co.. all that money for NOTHING!!!

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    Deborah K Sep 18, 2013
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    They had such a wonderful past reputation but today the only ones who seem happy with their American Family insurance policies... are those - who like me have never filed a substantial claim.

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    A Citizen concerned May 06, 2013
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    Not a very good insurance company, they are willing to take your money, but not willing to give you money for a claim. At the beginning of last year I had nothing but problems with the company. The roof on my house was in bad shape, and I had a garage that was also in bad shape. In March of 2012, American Family sent me and my mother a nasty letter saying that if our roof was not replaced by May of 2013, and our garage was not fixed to taken care of by 2013, we will no longer be covered. We did get a new roof put on July of last year, and they still sent us a nasty letter about the garage. At the beginning of this year we had our garage torn down. Shortly after we had our garage torn down, we had another nasty letter saying that if our ceiling in our bathroom wasn't fixed, (it has falling plaster) our homeowner's insurance will be canceled. I also had issue with my auto insurance when I had my last road service/towing.(Had a flat tire) I presented the bill, and the person behind the desk told me that I cannot be handing in claims for road service tows all the time. I told the person I am not doing this on purpose, and she said that that home office may think I am not maintaining my car. I told that person I do maintain my car. Why have towing on your insurance when your insurance don't cover towing? At the beginning of last month, I decided to change insurance companies for both my homeowner's and auto insurance. American Family go me very fed up with their poor service. I switched companies at the beginning of last month. I recommend not to go with American Family Insurance for your insurance needs.

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  • Ma
    Matthew McGoogan Apr 06, 2013

    I was insured with Am. Family for almost 19 years and my house burned down one year ago today and they are still not paying up. They are by far the worst insurance co. In the world. Hire a great lawyer to begin with. They are going to try and wear you down, and the are worst than slow pay, they do not live up their slogans or their word. Do NOT deal with their adjusters or anyone there. They will out and out lie to your face. I could write a book on what not to do and what to do when dealing with them. Number one advice, DO NOT insure ANYTHING with them. I will be put a great U tube vidio on line in the next week, look for it. If you need any advice or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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    orwildd Apr 05, 2011
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    For more than 80 years, we've made it our business to give our customers peace of mind by making their insurance experience easy and convenient. American Family Insurance understands you are looking for a relationship with a stable and trustworthy company. You want an expert, caring advisor who works toward making your insurance experience easy and convenient. An advisor who ensures there are no unwelcome surprises and peace of mind, especially in your time of need. Our knowledgeable agent advisors provide auto, home, life, health, business, and farm & ranch insurance

    American Family Insurance
    1811 Pioneer Park Way
    Springfield OR [protected]
    Monica Smith Agency

    Complaint Description:
    I have been with American Family Insurance for over 10+ years.I have had the best agents up to when my agent Brandy Clayton retired to have a family, we were moved to another agent that had a bad personality and moved to the MONICA SMITH AGENCY. That was not much better. We wanted to immediately move from her agency too. I decided not too and just stay and see if she would work out or not. We'll that was a BIG MISTAKE!!! I asked for UMPD to be put on my policy 3 months ago, when I changed my comp. to a $1000 ded. Monica Smith recommended that I get UMPD coverage because of the high ded. I added that coverage. Monica forgot or ???? and just did not add that coverage to my policy ( I thought I had UMPD coverage like I had discussed with Monica 3 months earlier). 30 days later I was informed I have never had UMPD, of course not since it was added 3 months ago over the phone. My son and daughter also have it. My suv is the most expensive of the 3 cars and even the adjuster said that my car should have UMPD over the other 2, since it was the most expensive. The adjuster did not understand why my agent had the coverage on their cars and not mine when I am the main policy holder. I was in a car accident and was told that I would have a $200 ded. when filed police report. After 30 days and getting the police report filed, I was told that I do not have UMPD. I have a $1000 ded. which I'm fine with, but the UMPD that my agent was supposed to add has $200 ded. which a hit and run would go under. My damages are $750. Monica Smith has lied to the insurance commissioner and other agents that I asked her not to put UMPD on my coverage which is a total lie. I write on envelopes what is being said during phone conversations. I have one envelope that I wrote my desired insurance changes I wanted when talking to Monica Smith 3 months ago. I have 10 other envelopes that have info from other services. It's a common practice for me, I never have paper around, yet I always have envelopes around to write on. FUNNY TOO-MONICA WAITED 30 DAYS TO TELL ME I DO NOT HAVE UMPD COVERAGE. She cannot own up to her mistakes.
    And American Family says they make your insurance experience easy and convenient. An advisor who ensures there are no unwelcome surprises and peace of mind, especially in your time of need.
    I'm not receiving convenient and easy service without unwelcome surprises. I sure had a very UNWELCOME Surprise.
    My family has given american family $500 a month for 3 cars and homeowners insurance. I also had business insurance with them for 6 years which added to a lot of money going to am/fam.My agent Monica Smith has also lied to her customers about PIP insurance. You can have a $250 ded and she told us it was against Oregon law to have a ded. on PIP. (against the law, great way to get extra $$$$ by not telling the truth to her clients) She checked into it and found out you can. Also told me that I was the first person ever in the history of her being an agent that has written a policy with a ded. on PIP coverage. Just think of all the customers she is taking advantage of. Out to make an extra buck where ever she can. Oh yeah!, My agent wrote a letter to the insurance commisioner and said that I was trying to twist her (Monica Smiths) words etc.. to get the outcome I wanted. Can you believe that???? Pretty much telling her customer that they are a con artist. WOW. She would not even have a paycheck if it was not for customers!!! Stay away from this company and especially this rude, incompetent agent!!! Cant even write my policy changes right. Then she says she took the ethical road, because it would not be fair to American Family to have to cover this claim under a coverage that the customer did not want to pay the premium to add. Monica is UN ETHICAL. Not putting on the UMPD on my Honda Passport for $11 a month. It is such a small expense and that is why I wanted to go with her recommendation. To be covered for an accident that was not caused my me. My son has left the insurance asap as soon as he saw what they (am/fam-monica smith) were doing to me.

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  • Sa
    Sara14 Dec 22, 2010

    I have been with American Family Insurance for over 14years. My 3 cars, Travel Trailer and home have been insured by them. I have had no accidents and made no claims no tickets. One of these cars was being financed - and is required to have full coverage by law and is what we had set it to.
    Recently my husband was driving this car and was hit by a drunk driver with no insurance ( who tried to hit and run) luckily there were witnesses. He was blown off by our agent and told he had to handle getting the money from this person on his own. I contacted the company and found that they now say this wasn't under full coverage or uninsured motorist, though they increased my payments for this when it had been added to the policy. My insurance went from $45 a month to over $270, sounds like full coverage to me.
    The same year we got a notice that we had to paint our house clean off moss on the roof (that is not there) and replace or tear out our fireplace that was originally grandfathered in or we would loose our insurance. This was told to us with less than 1 1/2 months to comply and during the rainy season when you cannot paint right before Christmas. The cost of purchasing a new woodstove is exorbitant and to expect a family to come up with this right before Christmas is callous at best.
    I highly recommend against them now, however I do worry that they all are crooks.

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  • On June 3, 2010, I had an appointment scheduled with Mr. Malec (American Family Physical Damage Claims Adjuster) to have my 1995 Ford Taurus inspection for damages sustained to my car around December 18, 2009. Prior to my appointment with Mr. Malec I was informed by one of Gino Villella's representatives that my premiums would not be affected if State Farm had to pay no more than $1, 000.00 towards the repairs of my vehicle. Since my car is so old, and the Blue Book value for my vehicle was a little over $1, 000.00...I purchased the drivers side front headlight and blinker assembly with the intention of possibly fixing my vehicle myself. I paid a total of $97.48 for the brand new parts. After Mr. Malec inspected my vehicle on June 3, 2010, he stated that the repairs total that American Family will cover, based on his observations, would cover $893.71 minus my $250.00 deductible, for a total of $643.71. Mr. Malec handed me a check made out in my name for $643.71. He asked me if I wanted Key Cadillac Auto Body to look at my vehicle and see if they could perform the work for the quoted price. It should be noted that Key Cadillac Auto Body is located in the same complex as Mr. Malec's office. I informed Mr. Malec that "yes" I would be interested in considering having Key Cadillac Auto Body perform the work on my vehicle "as long as they can keep my bill under $1, 000.00 not including my $250.00 deductible, otherwise will most likely have my car repaired to avoid having my premiums go up." For the car is barely worth more than $1, 000. in perfect condition. Nonetheless, I had a representative from Key Cadillac Auto Body look at my vehicle that same day and time.

    One June 3, 2010, upon being informed by the Key Cadillac Auto Body representative that "yes" they could repair my car for the estimated price that Jeffrey Malec determined, that "yes" they could begin work on my car that day, that "yes" they could credit me on the parts I previously purchased to possibly repair my car myself, furthermore...that they could provide me with a loaner car while mine was being repaired. I gave them the keys to my car and the check that Jeffrey Malec issued me for $643.71 stating, "you may proceed with the work as long as the charges do not exceed $1, 000.00 in addition to my $250.00 deductible. The gentleman from Key Cadillac Auto Body stated, "that shouldn't be a problem."

    Approximately one week later I was contacted by Key Cadillac Auto Body stating that my car would be under repair for a few more days. They stated an additional part was ordered that would tie up my car for at least another day.

    On June 10, 2010 my vehicle was ready to be picked up. When I arrived at Key Cadillac Auto Body and paid the balance on my complete bill with Key Cadillac Auto Body, I was informed by the Key Cadillac Auto Body representative who assisted me, Dale Olson, that my bill was in excess of the $1, 000.00 plus my $250.00 deductible, which exceeded $1, 250.00 which I under no circumstances authorized to exceed. My vehicle is not worth $1, 200.00 + according to Nonetheless, due to the complete disregard of my directive both to Jeffrey Malec, as well as Dale Olson of Key Cadillac Auto Body...I am told by American Family Insurance Company that my motor vehicle insurance premiums are going to increase $200.00 per year on my policy due to approx. $27.00.

    I am very dissatisfied by the way this matter has been handled thus far. Mr. Malec had the audacity to inform my insurance agent, Gino Villella, that Mr. Malec and I had a telephone conversation while my car was being repaired by Key Cadillac Auto Body, which he allegedly informed me that my bill will be much higher than originally estimated. Not only is this a lie, furthermore...that this phone conversation never took place. I have phone records to illustrate/prove that this alleged phone conversation never took place, and I am prepared to present this information upon request.

    I have severe concerns with the honesty and integrity of Jeffrey Malec. On several occasions, I feel, Mr. Malec has not been truthful regarding matters dealing with my claim. Mr. Malec has not been truthful with me, nor Gino Villella who is my American Family insurance agent, furthermore he has been dishonest and deceiving with the representatives of Key Cadillac Auto body. Mr. Malec has no integrity. I challenge Jeffrey Malec to prove without any doubt that this alleged phone conversation that he and I had where he claims he made me aware of the price increase of damage repairs to my vehicle actually took place. Mr. Malec appears to be attempting to cover his footsteps for lack of his own due diligence.

    As a paying and loyal customer to American Family Insurance Company for 10+ years, I refuse to be treated like this. Furthermore, under no circumstances will I tolerate lies. I was very clear and pragmatic with my directives to both Jeffrey Malec and Dale Olson that I would not be authorizing ANY repairs done to my motor vehicle if the charges were to exceed $1, 250.00. Additionally, the parts I provided Key Cadillac Auto Body with...why was I not credited the entire amount of $97.48, which I paid to John's Automotive Parts on March 28, 2010? Remember, in addition to two(2) motor vehicle insurance policies with American Family Insurance Company I also hold my homeowners insurance policy, an ATV insurance policy, a snowmobile insurance policy, passed motorcycle insurance policies, etc. Please do not give me the cause to explore other insurance options outside of American Family Insurance Company due to a $27.00 overage, which should have never happened in the first place.

    I am very upset about this matter.

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  • In
    InsAgent Jan 25, 2010

    Your aftermarket items are only covered if you get them endorsed. Otherwise, you would get what the NADA guide says the vehicle is worth. I totalled a car that I paid $5300 for a year after I bought it and they valued it at $6200, another I bought for $1000 that they valued at $3200. Sounds like the problem is with NADA guide or who you buy the car off of.

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    Witness Nov 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I know someone who had full coverage insurance with American Family insurance. Their car was vandalized while sitting on a car repair shop's lot. The car repair shop did not have car insurance for their lot which is not required in the state of Missouri. When the owner of the car called the American Family Insurance to report that the car was involved in vandalism, the American Family claims adjuster failed and did not even bother to come out to the scene of the crime where the car was left sitting there on the parking lot of the car repair shop to photograph the car or view the surrounding area where the crime occurred.
    That means, that they missed seeing the other cars in the parking lot that were also vandalized, the wooded fence and the wired fence that surrounded the lot and the other side of the car repair shop that was not fenced in.
    Once American Family finally had the car was towed off of the lot where it was vandalized, and taken to another car repair shop for an estimate on the damages, American Family Insurance picked out just one thing to fix, and accused the owner of the car of having a collision that was not remembered and that is where the other damages came from in order to scam out of fixing all of the damages.

    The only amount of money that American Family Insurance put out was less than $100.00. They also, hid the other damages from the car owner when speaking with the owner on the phone. Both American Family Insurance and the car repair shop told the owner that her car was ready and repaired ready to be picked up.
    When the owner got there to pick the car up, only a portion of the damages were repaired while the other damages were left not repaired. Everyone in the American Family organization agreed to the first person, not anyone of them spoke up for the truth.
    Scamming on their own clients...horrible insurance company they need to shut down...They did not even do a diagnostic test on the car after it was vandalized to determine all damages that occurred.

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