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N Sep 08, 2018

Nick Todd of I-40 BP tore my 1999 corvette apart, demand $120.00 CASH to purchase the part to repair my car, never purchased the part, left town. My car is still torn apart and unable to drive on road legally. Nick Tood has avoided all calls and text messages. His Father In-Law, who owns this I-40 BP told us that Nick "stole" are money, no longer works there BUT we can purchase the part and he "will fix my car". This place is a scam on several levels. On St. Patrick's day 2018, our vehicle got stuck in the mud, we call AAA to get a tow truck to pull our vehicle out of the mud, I-40 BP came to pulled us out, Donnie, and we were told we had to pay them $50.00 CASH, we questioned that because we called AAA and they were paying but we're told no AAA was not paying we had to pay CASH. This I-40 needs to be investigated. This morning we have file a formal complaint with the Crossville Police Department regarding money and designer Coach sunglasses Nick Tood stole from my vehicle while it was a I-40 BP for the repair they never made; Nick Todd stole money, Coach Sunglasses ($140.00 value) from my vehicle then stole $120.00 (CASH) he demanded to purchase the part for my car. This last incident took place on Sunday August 26, 2018.

As a long time AAA member, I am requesting you investigate these incidents because if they are doing this to us they are doing this to other elderly folks as well. Both my husband and I are Seniors Citizens.
You can contact us at the following:
William and Nora Massaro
261 Stonecrest Avenue
Crossville, TN 38571
813.205.7656 cell
931.277.5061 home

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