American Airlinesflight las to lax on september 28 flight number 2307

I got injured in the airplane by a careless flight attendant!

I was seating down on my seat 25c when a flight attendant open the overhead compartment and dropped a computer/ tablet maybe a pos on my head. It really hurt, i was chocked and scared and I got angry with the flight attendant because she should know better, she is trained for this. The corner of the hard computer feel in my head and over my right forehead And into the floor another flight attendant came over and offer to get some ice, I let them know I want them to report the accident, I put ice over my head and the flight attendant that dropped the object on top of my head stop to let me know i was icing the wrong spot ( oh I am sorry are u felling what I am felling? Did u get hit in the head? By a careless flight attendant?)
Anyways the chief of the flight attendant came over to ask if I needed medical help, I was late already for my connection flight to Hawaii so I told him no, I want him to report the accident. Before I left the flight I asked him if he did the report he said he didn't have time to do it! I rushed to get to my next flight since I the flight was delayed and I just made it! When I got in Honolulu still with a headache I took ibuprofen and I felt at sleep and when I woke up today sunday sept 29 I felt pain in my head and in my neck, took medicine again, but the minute the ibuprofen wears off I have pain again ! I do have a bruise in my head where the computer hit me. I can feel the elevation!
I want to know if it was reported the accident and what can American Airlines do for me now? If I can still consult with a doctor
I didn't get any names I got overwhelmed by the pain and I was worried about missing my connection to Hnl where my son and husband were waiting for me.
The flight attendant who careless drop the hard heavy object on my head was a brunette, young, the one who offerred the ice was a red head and the male he identified himself as responsible was a African American I think he was bald or shaved head.
The passengers around me and beside me know what happened they saw it!
I am also so disappointed, the flight attendant has so many spaces in the plane there's some space specially for their stuff in the back of the aircraft, why on earth she put this stuff there is beyond my comprehension, also she was taking out a bag, the bag was open so really anything could be dropped. I think this is careless because she knows, she is trained for that, she lets all the passengers know about being careful when you open the overhead compartment.
That is her job she got training for this, it was an accident caused by a mistake a mistake because she is a flight attendant, an accident that could be avoided by having everything in a enclosed bag, storing this devices on the overhead compartment by the flight attendant designated seats on the back of the aircraft.
She was also dismissive since the pilot warned everybody about strong winds and turbulence so to be careful when u open the overhead compartment.
She said sorry she said it was an accident but the minute I told her she should know better it's her job! She had an attitude, that kind that wont calm down a customer because what she told me it made me even angrier what a bad attitude for a flight attendant to have. We were lucky the red head came and dissipated the argument on time. So I really think she should get more training on talking to customer and empathy because she had none with me.

American Airlines
American Airlines

Sep 30, 2019

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