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On august 21, 2008, I arrived 3 hrs early for my flight from birmingham to phoenix. While packing I placed two boxes of jewelry in the center of my case, wrapped in clothing {note that this jewelry made it to birmingham from phoenix safely 3 days earlier}. I was lucky enough to catch an earlier flight, but my luggage would have to wait. I arrived in phoenix, waited for my luggage to arrive, picked it up and went home. The next morning, while unpacking I noticed both boxes were gone. Unfortunately, one of the boxes was full of heirloom and very expensive jewelry. I contacted my brother, who previously worked for the airline, and he stated when your luggage goes through tsa, they can see exactly whats in your bag. If they see anything good, they alert the baggage handlers in back, who by the way, have no cameras in their area. That is where all the theft occurs. Obviously, they had motive and more than enough time. Much to my suprise, american airlines sub-contracts their baggage handling to a company called "jet stream" located in birmingham, so it's not even aa employees. I did file a complaint with the birmingham police, but i'm sure I am not a top priority with them. I have continued to search for my jewelry on-line, I have sent flyers with descriptions & pictures of my jewelry to pawn shops in birmingham and until thanksgiving, no such luck. I was able to find one ring, my late fathers, on an ebay web site. I called the police on thanksgiving, never heard anything back for days and finally I called the police again on 12/3. I called them again today and was told they needed to fax something to ebay, and that he would do it asap, but the item still remains up for sale.

Beware, nothing is safe. American airlines says that in their ticket cover they state they are not responsible for items such as jewelry in your luggage, so i've got nothing. Not to mention, my homeowners only covers $1500 and the claim was over $20, 000. Adding insult to injury, both my flights to and from birmingham were delayed hours.

I am never flying aa again, and neither should you.


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    ala Dec 05, 2008

    dealmax is taking money out of my bank account every month i wish they would stop it

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  • Ma
    mariana Dec 17, 2008

    I'm sorry you lost your luggage - big mistake putting jewelry inside your suitcase. Cameras, anything of value at all should be carried.

    I have had many things stolen from my suitcases, including expensive boots and articles of clothing - I have pictures of everything. Since I only travel twice a year to and from my destination, I send my clothing by UPS ahead. I have to fly American as I like the connection and try to get a quick layover in Dallas.

    I wish I knew where to file a valid complaint and would like to post a picture of the pink jacket that was ripped off. Maybe I'll check ebay. I would be very upset if I saw my jewelry on ebay - they should have some kind of security on ebay for stolen items.
    good luck.

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  • Co
    common sense Apr 26, 2009

    So you gambled once with your jewelry and won... once. Sometimes you lose when you gamble. Everyone has been told, time and time again to not pack VALUABLE ITEMS and/or medications in checked baggage.
    While it's not right that your items were stolen, take some responsibility for your own actions!

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