American Airlinesseating assignments

D Oct 11, 2019

I would first like to say I have flown with you multi times and always received great service. Until today I would like to say how completely disappointed I am in your seat assignments. I booked with my companion but was told by Justin (incredibly rude) I would only be able to sit with him if I paid $50.00 per seat. I should add he was in row 28B and I was in 28 E both middle seats. Clearly you split up multiple people in that row alone. What an easy fix and able to help a customer be happy - when I approached Justin he made me feel like a low class citizen with a basic ticket. He had no time to help me - except to say it would be 50 a seat to change. I understand computers can assign seats but isn't that why we have humans to provide that extra customer service. Instead I was insulted and made to look like I was a lower class. Any company big or small should always treat their customers with respect - without those customers (even the lower class - as Justin made me feel) are important to a company's success.

I am sorry to say I will not be flying with you again I was hurt and degraded in front of a full airport.

Thank you for listening - hoping to help the next "basic" ticket holder get the respect they deserve.

Dawn Martie

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