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Complaints & Reviews

customer service

A mistake was made when my elderly mother used Americam Airlines check in. Due to the deceptive nature of the web system, she ended up paying for priority boarding when she thought she was paying checked baggage fees, as we do on other airlines (this is an opt-out rather that opt-in option, designed to make such mistakes easier to cash in on situations like this). When we arrived at the airport and discovered the error, I immediately brought it to the attention of the baggage check receptionist. He told me he could not reverse the mistaken charge, that we would have to try to do that online, but he said he made a note in our travel record. I asked to speak to his supervisor. She informed me that it should be no problem. I believed her, but I informed AA personnel at the gate of the error that we thought could easily be remedied. I asked if there was a time stamp on boarding, and they said there was. So, we did not use the priority boarding. Anyway, to make a long story short, when I did try to do that through American Airlines Customer Relations, the representative, Helaman Mancia, refused to issue the refund that had been promised--A SERVICE THAT WAS NEITHER INTENDED TO BE PURCHASED, NOR USED. I INFORMED HELAMAN THAT WE HAD DONE OUR DUE DILIGENCE TO INFORM AA OF THIS IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

I feel this is very unreasonable and a poor excuse for adequate customer service.

I will continue to seek a satisfactory outcome. It is very disappointing that American Airlines chose to not make this situation right.

  • Updated by Cam Christian · Oct 25, 2018

    American Airlines made things right after a Customer Relations Specialist stepped in and issued the refund.

flight attendant "lisa" aa 1138

I have been an American Airlines Advantage card holder since the 1970's . This is my first complaint. While on my connecting flight home to SNA on October 1st Flight #1138, I was shamed and bullied loudly by Flight Attendant Lisa. She was walking with the beverage cart and asked what beverage we wanted and since i was a lady between 2 gentlemen I answered a club soda ...she ignored me and went ahead and served the men first then me my drink last and gave me a dirty look. My husband sitting next to me saw it as well. Immediately, a commotion took place behind us next to my Special needs son. a glass of water was spilled and I turned around and asked my son Are you OK? Immediately Lisa screamed out "What is your problem?" I was floored, I said I have no problem I was talking to my son... she replied you seem upset and again loudly said What is your problem. I said my son is Autistic and I was checking on him...nothing more. She was so loud everyone was looking at me...Embarrassing to say the least and I think she needs to be retrained in customer service or let go...It was so loud it was humiliating, no customer should be treated that way. I had no interaction with her before the soda question.
I did interact with the other flight attendant in the beginning of the flight because my entertainment app did not work. It took a while, but she got it going...but then the sound was gargled I asked the other flight attendant(a blonde) for a new headphone but it still didn't work... so no entertainment on a 3 hr. flight...BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND I had no interaction with "Lisa" until the beverage cart. Possibly your flight attendants did not want to be bothered...who knows but again for Lisa to scream at me saying I had a problem when I was trying to communicate with my son was harrendous and she never apologized. I was shamed by all the stares...and struggling to try to understand why she screamed at meat all. She was very confrontational. Clearly she needs help and I don't want any other AA customer to go thru what I went thru.

fly cancellation

Hi my name is Jadwiga Lancberg
On 23 of September 2018 my partial fly going from Las Vegas to Dallas at 7:00 AM was canceled at 8PM on 22 of September Airlines don't even inform me that the first part of my trip was cancelled
I got only small two words messages from Expedia that "flight is cancelled " What will happen if I don't look on my phone that night? Here we are my nightmare begin.
All night on the phone American Airlines don't have available morning flight.
My vacation in Italy was booked so many months before .I paid so much money for hotels, train etc.and now I'm not going because of American Airlines. AA have to flight going from Las Vegas to Dallas but like Representative said they don't have seats available In economy class.
For there mess I don't deserve get better seats to start my vacation on time.
After so many night hours on the phone AA offer me flight on British Airways departure 10 hrs later with no seats assigned So this means I can get seat on beginning of air craft and my 68 years old husband somewhere on the end.
So we still waiting. At 4:37 AM I got phone call that I can fly on flight going to Dallas at 6:03AM
This is the flight what was seats not available when I please American Airlines around midnight put me on that plane
The called me 1 hour 10 minutes/ air craft is close 10 minutes before departure/
It was no way two old people can make it on this plane/shower, get taxi to airport, check-in bags internationally, get to gate no way/ So we can not accept this offer.
After all American Airlines canceled all round trip flights for both of us.
Yes they supposedly refund all money for tickets but American Airlines thwarted my all dream trip to Italy
My whole vacation.
Now I still losing money on bullet train in Italy with is in american dollars around $140 I'm losing money for protection $ 196 and money on euro to dollar exchange buy price is 0, 1 higher then selling price so I'm losing another $ 120 dollar.
It's not only my vacation it's mess up I also have to lose almost $ 500
It's very unbelievable how airlines treat customers. No apologies nothing. Just kiss my...
I think we deserve not only a apology from American Airlines. We deserve at least re-pay my losses
$ 500 for old people is a lot of money.
We should get some compensation for all that lost and nerve breakdowns.
Thank you
Jadwiga Lancberg
American Airlines reservation number YXNWMI
Email : [protected]

spent $2,349.00 on international flights for three and had no light!

First, please make sure that my mileage is credited to my account American Adv Gold member for decades # 8610DK2: August 2-8 Boston to Lisbon Iberia/American # 6166/3108, return 9085 toPhilly and 1856 to Boston. I paid for myself, daughter Shelly Laveroni Dell and grand daughter, Lauren Grace Dell. First, we had pre selected seats together for the international portion as well as the domestic flights before travel as this was an important "three generation" trip. NONE of the flights had us sitting together and in fact we noted many families even with small children had been divided up in different sections of the aircraft causing distress and confusion and delays. By trading with others and on one occasion working with a agent at the airport, we were able to get some resolution. My biggest disappointment was boarding the return flight from Lisbon to Philly, NOT A SHORT FLIGHT, and being seated in a middle section that had NO LIGHT overhead to read! This flight was a daytime flight so sleep wasnt an option, the little TV's still on this aircraft offered little distraction as I was far away from them and without my glasses (had my reading glasses however and my book). Everyone on board closed up their windows and I tried to read in the dark for as long as I could. Asking in flight attendant Tina what she could do and she offered 1, 000 milage points but my information did not show up on her screen! Lastly, the headrest was so old that bending the sides forward to hold your head for a possible nap, didn't work either...they just collapsed back. Seven plus hours to pass was torture and I am requesting a little more than a possible 1, 000 mileage points be considered. I flew American extensively as a Hotel Executive until 2012 and now have the ability to do so again on leisure travel as a retired hospitality professional but I was very surprised at the condition of the plane and the service provided by American.

flight cancellation

My 83 year old mother and I were scheduled on a flight from Minneapolis, MN to Rochester, NY with a stop in Philadelphia, PA on July 24, 2018. When we got to Philadelphia, we were notified that our flight to Rochester had been canceled. I clicked on the choose flight button that I received on my phone and booked a later flight to Rochester; however, when I tried to book my mother on the same flight, the request was denied. We proceeded to the customer service desk, which of course had a long line, and the agent we eventually got to talk with was rude and not helpful. I wanted to put my mother on the flight I had been able to book - in my place - but the agent said she could not do that. She said that my mother could go stand by on that flight, but I said that if she wasn't able to get on that flight, I was not leaving her there overnight. The next flight to Rochester wasn't until 8:36 a.m. the next day, and went to Boston, and then to Rochester, and would not get in to Rochester until 11 p.m. So apparently, we were expected to spend the night in the Philadelphia airport, sitting in a chair, and spend all day the next day trying to get to Rochester, since there was not an offer of putting us up in a hotel. This was not acceptable. My mother and I then looked on the departure board and found a flight that evening to Buffalo, NY, so we went back to the long customer service line, and booked that flight. Upon arrival in Buffalo, I had to rent a car in Buffalo to drive to Rochester. Then, we received notification that our checked bags (which we paid to check) were delayed to Buffalo - we were told by the agent that they would be sent to Rochester. My bag arrived in Buffalo, and they delivered the bag the next day to the location where I was staying, but they could not find my mother's bag. My mother's bag was located in Rochester, and was delivered 2 days after we arrived in Rochester. I realize from talking with others that this is typical; however, I find this unacceptable. I did not have any issues with Southwest Airlines or Delta Airlines on this same trip, nor have I had issues with other airlines in the past. I am appalled that the agent expected my 83 year old mother to sit in a chair all night long and spend all day the next day trying to get to her destination. I suppose the fee for checking a bag is so when they lose your bag, they can pay someone to deliver it you when they do find it?? I think we should get those fees back, for the inconvenience - - my mother had to borrow clothes to wear until she received her bag. At the very least, they should pay for the rental car I had to rent to drive to Rochester after our flight got cancelled.

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paying over 800.00 for two airline tickets to milwaukee wisconsin only to be bussed

Too whom it may concern we bought 2 airline tickets 1 year ago to MKE only to be delayed 4 different times due to flight crew problems in Phile on our return. Also airplane mechanical difficulty.This was very time consuming to us especially when we ended up on a bus bound for O'hare and we paid for airline tickets. As a result I missed my late evening shift at work. Also my frozen cheese I had purchased and carried with a frozen pack had thawed as the terminal was so hot in F2 terminal 2. I even lost my cheese products due to the extra delays. A high price to pay for hard working people . July 26 2018 was longest day for us we arrived 2hrs early just as instructed.
American( HKQLSA) AA4970 then to UNITED AIRLINES (B5EB7C)UA3822 We respectfully request an adjustment be made in the form of a flight voucher to my husband and myself for 200.00 each.Thank you Michael J AND Lauri A McAndrew
842 Grandview Road Altoona Pa 16601 ([protected]

flight attendant

American Airlines, Inc.

4333 Amon Carter Blvd
Fort Worth
United States - 76155

I would like to express my disappointment in the quality of service that I received on July 15, 2018.

I'm writing in regards to a very distasteful experience I had with your Airline.

I arrived early for my scheduled flight to Cancun . Upon checking the electronic display in the terminal, I saw that the flight was listed as Delayed. I immediately asked the agent if she had any additional information. Despite my polite demeanor, she responded rudely, stating, "You can read. You know as much as I do."

Finally I rechecked the schedule, and it was moved to another location within the airport.

As soon as the plane had gained altitude, on boarding the aircraft, I encounter a rude flight attendant on airline name Brian, was passing out air plugs to listen to the movies, had my arm sticking out. After that the attendants were passing down the aisle taking orders for water and soft drinks, I was approached by the crew member who apparently was supposed to deal with the row I was sitting in.did not give me one at all did not acknowledge me at all, did not offer me anything to drink or snack on. I had money to pay if needed to.

The couple next to me got air plugs and free drinks at the end of flight and snacks. I was not offered anything and felt discriminate, treated unfairly felt crush worst feeling ever, not being acknowledge as an individual.

So I am writing to you about it now to let you know that I expect you will reprimand that

young man, whose name is Brian and let him know he ruined the

flight for me.

I request that you look into this mattter immediately and take suitable action, regarding Brian on flight 1417- 738 to Ohare to Cancun Mexico 8:30am to 12:05 pm

Hope to hear from you regarding tis matter.

Yours sincerely,

Rosemary Raymundo



  • Wh
    WhatAWorld63 Jul 24, 2018

    You couldn't open up your mouth and ask for ear buds (I'm guessing this is what you meant by air plugs) or food or a beverage?

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  • Ro
    Rosemary Raymundo Jul 24, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @WhatAWorld63 he walked away, was to busy being a jokester

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cancellation of flights

I have spent 9 hours at Fort. Wayne Indiana airport today. My flight was cancelled and other flights rescheduled Four times. I was flying to Charlotte for a connecting flight. After a problem with a military plan the airport was shut down for over a hour. I finally got routed to Chicago to connect in Lexington Ky 25 minutes later I get a PHONE call for American Air telling me my flight to Lexington has been rescheduled for 8 :30 in the morning. After I get spending 8 hours in a airport spending the night was not accceptable. I have now gone back to the Hyatt because it was not American Airs responsibility to find me a place to stay because hotels were booked up. $150 later I am now in a hotel room. This policy is neither accceptable or negotiable after 9 hours in a hour port. It had given me a migraine and which I had to vomit in the bathroom. This is the first TIME I have used Expedia and American Air and it will be the last.
Rema Martin

  • Complainant20091 Jun 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "This is the first TIME I have used Expedia and American Air and it will be the last. "

    yes, everybody believes that you will use a bicycle in order to reach Charlotte from Wayne Indiana.

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flight departing time

flight# 2534, may 19, departing from dallas/ft worth going to el paso at 2:50pm, did not depart until after 7:25pm. When seated on plane realized it was alittle warm. Plane took off, after 3 to 5 minutes it had to derail back to airport to change planes. While waiting departing times changed 4 times, due to one thing after another. This cause me and my spouse to be mentally stress and sick. I'm a diabetic and have high blood pressure and arthritis. this trip cause me to pay extra boarding fees for my pet, I was unable to pick pet up before closing time. I'm looking to be compensated some kind of way for me and my spouse. I will be traveling4 or more times a year, I would like to continue to use American Airlines. My email address [protected] my record locater#TOJLYJ my Juanita Wilson, flight 2534 on may 19th.

  • Wh
    What The Heck 85 May 22, 2018

    Delays happen, it's part of travel. Would you have rather flown on an unsafe plane? If you don't know who to handle travel delays, that is not the fault of the airline.

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  • Complainant20091 May 23, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Despite of the above comments, Mrs Juanita Wilson is entitled to get the small compensation 150-200 USD + additinal charges/expences + additinal harm, if over the lawsuit. Such simple case can last 6-12 months.
    It is not difficult in U.S.

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  • Complainant20091 May 23, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    American Airlines: "We are unable to retrieve your reservation". Keep boarding passes & e-tickets, if any!

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complaint about food making me sick.

Hi my name is Betty Arcee on May 16, 2018 was on Flight 922 Santa Cruz to Miami I was sitting in the business class. On the menu decided to have the flat bread with cheese, dried tomatoes, mushrooms and arugula. This was not what I expected it was very greasy due to so much cheese being on it and less of of the arugula and dried tomatoes after eating a few small bites I became very sick at the stomach. I eventually vomit in the bag before leaving the plane. The flight attendant saw me as I was leaving the plane with the bag and asked if I was okay told her that the cheese and greasiness had made me sick and she agreed that there was to much cheese. On my connecting flight out of Miami I drank nothing but ginger ale. Before landing into EWR I felt as if I was going to vomit again I ran again next thing I know i had passed out on the floor. The attendants responded right. I will be flying with you again in Sept. and wondered what to do about having a better food selection. Since I was so disappointed this time and was made sick.

broken seat/ridiculous delay

On 1/24/18, I took an emergency flight home because my 7 yr old grandson became seriously ill. The flight (#5405) was to leave Charlotte for Ft Wayne, IN at 7:54 PM. At the time of boarding, passengers were informed that there was a problem but that it would be fixed within 10-15 minutes. However, that same announcement was repeated at least 4 times (for over 90 minutes!)

The plane was only half full and we were not able to board due to a "broken seat; a screw that needed to be replaced." The irony is that the seat was not able to be fixed, and the plane was going to remain in Ft. Wayne until the next morning. After a 90 minute delay, we were able to board the plane with the broken seat STILL not repaired. At the time we were supposed to be landing in Ft. Wayne, we were just boarding the plane in Charlotte---all due to a broken seat.

Needless to say, all of us were greatly agitated. Some passengers even remarked that this was typical of American Airlines.

I could understand if it was a mechanical issue. I was especially agitated because of my emergency.

tickets bought with points

I bought tickets that should have been 7500 miles each way. I noticed several months later ( before using the tickets ) I was charged 20, 000 points each way. I called multiple times to receive difference in credit, but was told many different stories as to why they could not do. Finally, an agent told me it was my problem, user error. After the trip, I received a survey and again complained about lack of ability to receive credit, even though all the agents admitted they could see I purchased 6 months in advance and the lower point charge was available.
The last response from customer service told me they would have been able to give me credit if I HAD NOT used the tickets!!!
Now, this makes no sense. The points were hard won, having spent a lot of money to have the credits. Still trying to get 25, 000 points back, the difference i the 2 charges.

time change

On June 18, I purchased 4 first class tickets, record locator's YYWVHW, flight 2192 leaving LAX at 9:55am, arriving in MIA at 6:10 pm. I arrive from Melbourne, AU that morning on United Airlines flight UA99 which arrives at 6:40 am. I purchased a first class ticket to be more comfortable from such a long flight and to not have issues with baggage allowances. You changed my flight into the 8:30 am flight # 2600. This doesn't work for me since I need to go thou customs, pick up my luggage and then walk to your terminal, it just puts it very tight. I normally always fly on American, and used United this time because price was a large difference and have been an Advantage customer for many years. I'm upset because there is another flight at same time I had booked mine, and don't understand why they changed me to an earlier one instead of leaving me on flight with same time and additionally, the fact that I was purchasing first class seats!! Today I spoke to a representative and then a supervisor, Michael, to see what they could do, but basically nothing but putting me in coach seats at the 9:55am flight or the following flight at 12:30. I understand there's no first class tickets available now and was told to be checking daily to see if anything opens up. I really don't have time to be doing this nor do I agree that it's the right way to handle this problem. I want to hear from you to see what can be offered? Could you arrange they pick me up at customs/baggage pick up and transport me quickly to the 8:30 flight and have my bags guaranteed checked in to board on plane? Please a hold of first class seats that become available on 9:55 flight, instead of me checking daily? I know my bags will weight more than what is allowed in economy? Please let me know, see what can be worked out and hopefully make me happy enough that Ill be glad I'm an advantage customer. I appreciate your help in finding a solution.


Carla Benchlouch

flight downgrade without compensation

I booked a direct flight from BDL to LAX last week. When I booked my flight I paid around $60 extra per ticket for a direct flight compared to an indirect flight. I did this specifically because I wanted a direct flight. Had I wanted an indirect flight I could have paid significantly less. Several days after booking my flight I received an email stating that my flight had changed, and I would no longer be direct. I contemplated purchasing tickets for the flight that I have been switched to prior to purchasing my original ticket; it was much cheaper than the direct flight. However, I wanted the direct flight, so I paid more. I called Expedia asking for compensation for this situation, and they gave me a phone number for American Airlines. I then called American Airlines, and they said they could do nothing over the phone and recommended that I email customer relations. I am extremely upset about this bait and switch; AA charged me more for a direct flight and then switched me to an indirect flight without any compensation.

[Resolved] itinerary change but it isn't work more for me

I bought airline tickets from American airlines almost 3 months before my trip. I purchased tickets for myself and my boyfriend from dca ( airport) to fll- Fort Lauderdale (airport) on december 30, 2017, leaving from dca airport with a short stopover of approximately 44min at Charlotte (ctl airport) and with final destination Fort Lauderdale, arriving at 9:29 am.
My boyfriend and I have a program on December 29th in washington dc., rented car at dca airport, ticket to a skating rink and hotel booked near the airport due to that flight and the hotel is not refundable. On day 30 in miami, we will only have that day to stay in the city and we have a tour guide waiting for us at the airport, we have booked the hotel in miami on December 30 and that also is not refundable.
American airlines does not want to make a flight that works for me. I need to be in Fort Lauderdale or in the last case in Miami, December 30th in the morning, as I had bought my ticket and scheduled it.
The airline has made other flights available either on the day before (December 29th) or the day after (December 31st), but as said earlier it does not work for me, since I already have everything scheduled and reserved.
The company wants to propose the reimbursement of the ticket but I would have to pay for the new tickets, which give more than 100 $ of value difference to another passage of America airlines that works for me, leaving dca airport at 6am and arriving at 8 : 55am in miami or out of dca airport at 6:44 am and arriving at 9:39am in miami.
I do not think it fair with the client who has been scheduling months before to be responsible for the expenses of a flight altered months before the day, and that the ticket change affects my entire itinerary and is totally unfeasible for me.
I want a solution that I do not lose money for something that was not my fault and that I do not waste hours of my single day in Miami because of a campanhia fault that does not want to help and satisfy the client.


America airlines changed my tickets for a schedule that is workable for me! Customer satisfied with this airline company.

reward points

We booked hotels in Japan using Aadvantage rewards points for The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo and the Kyoto Brighton Hotel. Before going to Japan, I checked with the Aadvantage Department about reinstating my points if I needed to make any cancellations for the hotels. I was told I could even do this on the day of arrival. The Brighton Hotel Kyoto advertised that it had a swimming pool. Upon arriving at the hotel we were told that the pool is not at the hotel but at a university down the road. We left that hotel and called the rewards department with the number I was given by the representative in the Aadvantage department when making this booking. I could not get through. I was given the wrong number! I also tried calling about cancelling one night at the Peninsula Tokyo. When I called the US 800 number, I was told that the department that handles hotel reservations is closed on the weekends and Labor Day!!! How can a customer service department be closed? I was transferred to so many different departments and finally got to the right one. Over 3 consecutive days I spoke with Myra, Will and Lorraine. Each told me that they would check on it and get back to me. I had to reach out to them because no one called me back. In fact, when I spoke with Lorraine, she hung up on me!
I actually called the hotels about cancelling these reservations. I was told that they couldn't handle this and needed to contact the Aadvantage department. And now the Aadvantage department tells me that it is the hotels responsibility.
This run around is ubsurd!
I have spent hours on dealing with this, which has taken a tremendous amount of time from what should have been an enjoyable and relaxing anniversary vacation. I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years. This didn't mean anything to these representatives.

not happy with them

Our plane was delayed 20 minutes, then 50 minutes, then 80 min, because as they said there was no air space. Ok. Fine.
Then we couldn't board because of some unknown technical issues they had.
After this w were said to leave the plane and forgot to mention that we should take something with us because we won't be able to return.
I'm happy I found another flight of a different airline without problems.

irritating customer service

For an unknown reason, they changed my flight and found a really uncomfortable one that would make me wait for almost 12 till my next flight, though initially, I booked a nonstop flight and they had lots of alternatives to offer. I contacted them and my travel agency via phone and both of them send me to each other. So professional and not really misleading.
I had to cancel the flight they offered and booked another one through a different website and different airlines.

never fly aa

I don't know if AA ever reads complaints, looks like they don't.
But their service is a mix of two words: terrible and inappropriate. If you can never buy through them.
If you want to pick seats you'll have to pay for it, especially if the whole family travels with you. Because if you don't do it, your family will get separate seats all over the plane, and no one will care.
If you reach their customer service, please write here something about it then, because usually, it's impossible to do. I mean if you want to refund, the last thing they'll do is to actually refund.
Terrible terrible and terrible.

very unprofessional!!!

My flight out of DCA was delayed for 2 hours so unfortunately I missed my connecting flight out of DFW, SFO was my final destination.
That wasn’t my fault so I decided to just find another flight and approached a corporate to help me. This person was rude and probably didn’t know how to do her job. Another manager tried to help me, but he found a flight to IAD, even though I was going to SFO. Useless. I had to search for tickets through other sources.
BUT! My bags did not make the flight and I had to wait for about 12 HOURS to get them! That’s the main issue. So I cancelled my flight to SFO because of that and lost money.

What was the problem to give me my luggage hours earlier? Why you can’t work a little faster??

I will never travel with your airlines. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • Sa
    SaraLeonC Aug 26, 2019

    On June 10, 2019 (reservation AEHRNN) on my way back from Lima, Peru where I had taken my family for a vacation, with scale at Dallas, Texas. When we got to Dallas, we were notified that our connecting flight to our home in Las Vegas had been cancelled due to bad weather.
    I would expect that your Company would make the arrangements to put us in another flight, but no: the counter at the gate where we were supposed to leave from was CHAOS. I tried to keep my cool. I am a sick person with cancer and I had with me my mother and my husband, both elders, and my son.
    The people at the counter were rude and not very helpful. They just told us where the next flight to Vegas was leaving from (on a gate on the opposite side of the airport). When we got there, they told us the same thing (this happened 5 times). You can imagine the troublesome that is to move four tired people with bags 5 times all over the airport from gate to gate.
    After all this ups and down, a lady at the counter told us that there were no more flights to Vegas today and that we had to wait until the following day. No I was facing additional hotel and meal expenses I had not budget for and you refused to facilitate any vouchers.. We had been in Dallas since 7:00am. Now it was 5:00pm and we were very tired, hungry and frustrated.
    Finally, exhausted and upset, I went to your Customer Service at gate 24. There I found a lady behind the counter with some common sense and excellent customer service (I do not remember her name but she was nice, tall, black and slim. She tried to accommodate us in a flight and SHE DID. Her right attitude almost made me forget all the bad service. You should have more employees like her.
    Base on this experience, I am going to think twice before booking another flight with your Airline.

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