Almond Butter Snickers / almond butter snickers

1 Kroger, United States

Why did you get rid of the new almond butter snickers it was so good and healthier than the peanut butter snickers. You go and have us try it and now I'm wanting it and it's no longer for purchase! I can't even find it anywhere! It was smoother than the original snickers and it was also much more tastier than the peanut butter snickers! You change the one that is delicious and keep the one that's just mediocre! I can't stand the other ones I want the almond butter snickers back! You also go and make a big bag of peanut butter snickers and do away with the almond butter snickers! I'm so mad it never fails I start liking something and it goes away! They keep the okay kind and get rid of the amazing ones!

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