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Allstate Insurance Company Customer Service


Allstate Insurance Company

P.O. Box 660598
United States - 75266-0598

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 2557 8283(USA and Canada) 21 8
+1 877 810 2920(USA, Customer Service) 15 6
+1 800 661 1577(Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan) 2 0
+1 800 387 0462(Ontario, Canada) 2 1
+1 800 463 2813(Quebec, Canada) 0 0
+1 800 561 7222(Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward, Newfoundland) 2 0
+1 905 477 6900(Head Office, Canada) 1 0
+1 847 310 1722(United States) 0 0
Allstate Payments
2012 Corporate Lane Suite 108, PO Box 4310, Naperville, Illinois 60563

27 Allstate Parkway, Suite 100, Markham, Ontario, L3R 5P8

Allstate Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews

Allstate Insurance Company / improper insurance information lies

Charlene Benjamin on Feb 14, 2019

On july 2018 I purchased car insurance with community trust agc. All cars were on policy the 2005 honda accord was fully covered the only thing I was asked who was the lienholder? I gave the agent the lienholder. Everything is fine im paying my insurance. November 2018 keys to the car were...

Allstate Insurance Company / claim as victim in pedestrian accident with an allstate insured driver

Nancy Chromik on Jan 23, 2019

I am the victim in an accident which has a Claim No. of 0447975384 which occurred on March 7, 2017. The claim was being handled through an office in Hudson, Ohio. The agents on the claim have now disappeared twice during the period of time that has elapsed. The first one was moved to...

Allstate Insurance Company / homeowners claim

Linda M Clark on Dec 10, 2018

Had water adjuster nickel and dimed every portion of the damage upon inspection but said "this is just a starting point". They ripped out my floor/ceiling in a huge kitchen and expected me to have everything repaired with $2800. The least expensive estimates I received...

Allstate Insurance Company / agent kevin smith

Rod Branch on Dec 10, 2018

On 11/13/18 I got an e-mail that our house had a piece of vinyl siding that needed to be put back on. (1-piece about 12" long. So I contacted my siding guy and he put me on his list. Then on 12-7-18, I received a cancellation notice of my policy. The notice said that we hadn't put the...

Allstate / insurance

Cadon Lacy on Nov 25, 2018

Allstate Customer 0508828142 To Whom It May Concern: Chief Complaint The below outline will show great patience and understanding of X as an Allstate customer. The documentation will also show neglect, failure to clearly follow internal processes, and lastly truly a demoralizing...

Allstate Insurance Company / auto ins policy

Patrick Lebrun on Nov 11, 2018

After buying a car I purchased ins full coverage policy w/ Allstate, days after I get a call to provide additional info on my driving record so I did, DMV had responded to that question as well explaining an error with their system was preventing access to my records.Anyhow this problem...

Allstate Insurance Company / car insurance

menomonee on Nov 6, 2018

I paid Allstate for car insurance ($817.72) for an entire year by check, hand delivered on July 3, 2018. Stacey (at Allstate) used my bank account number to access my account, without my permission or knowledge, to take $600. I complained to BMO Harris (my bank) who advised they would not...

Allstate Insurance Company / auto insurance

Jeffrey Fisher on Oct 13, 2018

My name is Jeffrey Fisher of 115 Byers Ave Portsmouth VA 23701.I am complaining about a recent accident on 08/11/2018 that I was involved in. I have been with Allstate for over 30 years without any issues whatsoever. The accident was not my fault and the person that hit me was ticketed for...

Allstate Insurance Company / runaround on damage to auto by allstate client and adjuster

cary1 on Oct 11, 2018

1998 chevy van 1500 and Allstate Insurance Claim.#0517274262 Description of complaint: I was side swiped by an Allstate client which was "cut and dry accident " when they backed out of their drive. I had one estimate on this lower rear panel that is 19x9 inches located just aft of the...

Allstate Insurance Company / claims rep

Veemccc123 on Oct 9, 2018

Hello, i called in to check on a supplement payment. An while i never had any trouble before. Everyone is always real helpful i spoke with a rep by the name of Cindy Maldonado in the claim department. Who made it harder for me. Making smart remarks back when I would ask a question just...

Allstate Insurance Company / claim no. 0512622218 rental car extension denied

Antonio Hornsby on Oct 8, 2018

On August 9 my car was involved in a 3 car collision caused by an insured Allstate driver. For two weeks I was without a vehicle while Allstate conducted their investigation. Finally, they accepted full liability and approved of a rental car while my vehicle was being prepared. Throughout the repair...

Allstate Insurance Company / insurance claim # 0516005816. water damage in kitchen

Lennon Maye on Oct 5, 2018

We were informed that Allstate has denied coverage to damages done by a water leak from our dishwasher. On labor day we noticed this problem and notified our agent immediately. I cannot use my kitchen area, we have young kids not able to prepare meals is a big inconvenience. In addition my...

Allstate Insurance Company / customer service / claim resoltuion

Jasmin P. on Oct 3, 2018

Allstate Claim:0504492539 An Allstate Policy holder totaled my car end of May. Due to texting and driving. My son was in the car with me, and the young lady just rammed into my back of my car. The care was totaled. I did everything I had to do. Contact Gap, Contact the Dealer, Contact the Car...

Allstate Insurance Company / service received on a claim filed 24 august 2018

Jphnson, Sr. on Oct 1, 2018

I have been lied to, sent from person=to=person, received 2 checks made out to policy holder AND lien holders, promised but didn't receive returned calls, had 1 check reissued requiring policy holders signature AND repair shops, had 2 check reissued for less that promised amount and...

Allstate Insurance Company / autoshop repairment issues

Pamela Chín on Sep 28, 2018

This is concerning claim #0510463391, which was completed through on of your members. I took it to Autoshow collision and repair on Reed Street in Philadelphia, PA. Initially they were very helpful, took my car in right away and then fixed it. However the day I received the car there were...

Allstate Insurance Company / auto insurance

sandra tilotta on Sep 28, 2018

I drive a 2003 Camry and am actually paying almost double than what I was when I bought the car over 10 years ago. Any accident I have been involved in Allstate catered to the other person and has paid claims that were less than $1000 then put an at fault accident on my record, raised my...

Allstate Insurance Company / car insurance

Katherine Fields on Sep 27, 2018

2010-2016 a premium was collected for my sons car which was bundled with mine. The policy was opened by an Allstate agent in Dallas owned by Sean Howey I phoned to cancel my sons car when he sold it and they informed me it wasn't insured Because it was registered in CA (the car was bought...

Allstate Insurance / auto claims processing

Dominick59 on Sep 12, 2018

willis avenue collision inc. 933 willis avenue albertson, ny 11507 tel. 516-746-4466 fax 516-747-4863 e-mail [email protected] 3/22/2018 allstate corporate office mr. thomas wilson 2775 sanders rd northbrook, il 60062 re: directive reppresantative acknolegement claim # 0514756212 claimant...

Allstate Insurance Company, Agent Herb Brinskelle 0B1625 / poor service and bad advise

Skegee1 on Sep 5, 2018

To Whom it may concern: I am writing this complaint against Allstate Agent Herb Brinskelle 0B1625, 1030 N. Rogers Ln., Raleigh, NC 27610. On August 6, 2018, I went in the office to make two payments. The first an Allstate Account 000000035623996 and the other a third party account with The...

Allstate Insurance Company / allstate claims investigator

Brandy G. on Sep 5, 2018

Good morning. My name is Brandy Guidry and my claim # is 0511715625. I have been a customer of Allstate for quite sometime and loved the company. I pay my account as I am suppose to and had no idea when In my time of need and despair I would be treated so unfairly by Allstate. I have 4...