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I did meet aliexpress on internet maybe two years ago and was closely following its behavior for a while before making a trade with them since I have always heard about the risk of making business with China. After I see they qualify their merchants with certifications, they have a feedback content and they launched their scrow system, I thought wow! this place has became a safe and wonderful tool for retail so, I made my first order from a merchant who appeared to be a certified gold member with more than a hundred trades, 95% positive feedback, all perfect to fit my needs.

I bought a case of Kingston flash drives for retail. After I received them everything looked perfect and I tried one but not all, as I got them for retail and needed them in their original package. Since everything looked fine, I release the payment but for my surprise, after I have sold 5, I had 3 devolutions. The problem with those flash drives is that beside are defective product, they format them to make them appear as they were high capacity when the true is that just have less than 1gb so, when you intend to use all the fake capacity, the flash drive get blocked and you can not access your information once again.

At that time and following the aliexpress advice, I contacted the seller just to received an email with an apologize. Then I sent more than four emails without response so, I told them I will start a Paypal dispute. The day after, the merchant disappeared from aliexpress webpage and nobody respond for my money. Paypal said I had to complain with my credit card, my credit card made me send the merchandise back to china, gave me a temporary refund while they investigate, after 2 months the money was debited from my account again because alibaba declined to make a refund and I even lost the shipping and a fee I had to pay my credit card for a foreign transaction. jajaja! thanks God I learned a lesson and it could be expensiver.


  • Gr
    Groman Mar 05, 2011

    This supplier is a fraud. Any items purchased from this supplier will not be real and you'll be lucky to have what you ordered delivered. Don't rely on the main site to protect your money it will just be held up for weeks until the scammers answer the messages for a reply for a refund.

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  • St
    SteveJobs Mar 15, 2011

    There are people selling fake flash drives on eBay, so don't tell me Aliexpress sucks because of 1 seller... I mean, you're free to say what you want, but it sounds as stupid as saying all Craigslist ads are scams because of some Nigerian guy claiming to sell you the country for $500.

    Ever since I discovered aliexpress, it has been an absolute blessing. 10 years ago, I would have killed for a site like this. They didn't HAVE English speaking wholesale websites- you HAD TO LEARN Chinese.

    Aliexpress is no more dangerous than eBay. You got your money back right? Aliexpress has PayPal protection, so what's the big deal that you'd go out of your way to publicly slander the entire site?

    I have made STRONG business relationships on Aliexpress and know my sellers on a name to name basis. We joke around with each other, they teach me a few Chinese words here and there, I'm even talking about visiting one of my distributors in Shenzhen next year... Then I come across this BS that you just posted and I can't belive it. It almost sound like, "Hey, I'm having a party. No Chinese people".

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  • Pd
    P'doffcustomer May 06, 2018

    @SteveJobs You have all your facts wrong and clearly did not read the post correctly. While I accept that many of the transactions I personally have conducted have gone without any issue, some have required the use of the now dreaded dispute system. It is terrible. They begin by fobbing you off with platitudes and promises that your claim has been escalated and they value you as a customer and they will be in touch. As time progresses this gets old very fast. They will lie, patronise and even insult you. Any site is only as good as it's weakest link. What happens when something goes wrong? How are you treated. In Europe you cannot use Pay Pal on Ali Express as they run their own payment system in direct competition to Pay Pal. Ali Customer service/dispute resolution is crap.

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  • Re
    Redhead Commando Jun 08, 2018

    @P'doffcustomer I contacted my credit card company (CITI) and put in a dispute through them. They have given me a full refund without having to return the item. So my advice is: always put it on a credit card and the credit card company will usually stand behind you. Keep screen captures &/or any emails you get or send, plus the item and packaging to back up your dispute. (fyi: In order to post this, I was required to allow this app to see my twitter account...which has nothing to do with this posting.)

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  • Us
    user1925382 Oct 09, 2018

    @SteveJobs ali express sucks! They want you to upload video to dispute a purchase? What the hell is that? I'm still waiting for the item I purchased, A REALLY LONG TIME AGO! These are typical Chinese, stealing what ever they want. So glad that their market is sucking! You [censored] steal everything because you can't come up with your own stuff!

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  • An
    anusija Mar 15, 2011

    Well i agree, i have not received my refunds for my goods in aliexpress. From then on i moved with They are online gadget store from china. I have so far safe delivery, good customer care and no problems with quality.

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  • In
    Inlovewithhair Apr 02, 2011

    Mate I'm not being funny but just because you got lucky does not give you the right to moan about people complaints! I have been scammed on aliexpress in various ways and whether you get your money back or not you will always lose whether it's return shipping costs, inconvenience or losing customers. I wouldn't order from an unknown on aliexpress it just might happen to you!

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  • Ti
    TimZ Jun 26, 2011

    I was looking to make a purchase on aliexpress and was wondering what I should look for to identify whether or not they are scammers. I have been burned in the past and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Na
    Natalie Smith Jan 11, 2012

    Agree completely. seller sent me a wrong item and refused to replace or refund. after I opened a complaint with aliexpress, they simply sent me a message saying they don't have sufficient evidences (even though I even had to send them photos of what I ordered and the wrong item that was received) and released money to seller.
    Also, the system is extremely clunky, you can't see all of your feedbacks, and they give you very little time to respond to them if you open a claim - I was given literally less than one day.
    Bad business, avoid at all cost!

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  • Na
    Natalie Smith Jan 11, 2012

    Steve Jobs: The difference is - eBay will return you your money and then deal with an unfair seller. AliExpress won't do neither forst nor second.

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  • Ka
    Karen7176 Apr 30, 2018

    @Natalie Smith Exactly so their promise of buyers protection is crap

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  • Tu
    Tubrake Apr 10, 2012

    Buyers beware of ali express if you do not want to waste your time and money.

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  • He
    Hemouze Apr 18, 2012

    This company has some nice products, but you're taking your chances on getting the right order and trying to return it. If you don't mind loosing the money, go for it. Their phones have been disconnected

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  • Gu
    Gummaz Sep 11, 2012

    DON´T BUY ANYTHING!!! I received a fake watch, totally different the watch I bought and Aliexpress didn't do nothing to protect me.

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  • Ri
    Ripilo Oct 27, 2012

    Cheap incorrectly sized products from china.

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  • Ai
    Aigiber Nov 21, 2012

    Aliexpress refused to refund even though clear that seller did not shipped as alleged.

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  • Tr
    Trione Nov 30, 2012

    I shop shoes how much time ago cant remember and im still waiting, my tracking number dont work nobody help nobody answer i had never seen so $#*!in bed service and liar online magazine.

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  • Gu
    Gudreine Jan 04, 2013

    The sent me an object for another one. And it was even used. Lost money, mind and time. They forced me, after 10 days, to keep this useless $#*!piece. STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Cj
    c j littlejohn Mar 22, 2013

    I order a custon light ash brown #14 super wave with part on side Brazilian virgin hair lace ront wig on 2-14-13 with littleor nr reponse from the supplier, QINGDAO SUNNYMAY WIGS CO., LTD i recieved supposely a "CUSTOM WIG" on 3-4/13!!! I was in tears when I opened package. This looks like something someoe would wear for halloween !!! With no consideration from the QINGDAO SUNNYMAY WIGS CO., LTD. I AM OUT OF $114.74 + $29.47 shipping. WHAT A SCAM!!! THIS IS FAUD!!! SIMPLY AND CLEARLY FAUD!!! PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO THIS WEB OF FAUD!!! PRODUCT IS NOT WHAT WAS PICTURED!!!

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  • Ji
    jim 8888 Aug 12, 2013

    I order a satellite receiver & first thing i notice when i open the box it smell burned & of course it did not work at all, after so many email the sellers ask me to send back the receiver but the price of shipping back is too high so lesson learn, they are SCAM dishonest company selling defective fake product & those people who defence them I hope they pay them good .last word STAY AWAY FROM ALIBABA

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  • Ga
    Gato Negro Sep 14, 2013

    Stevejobs is an idiot for defending Ali "get screwed" express. Perhaps because he had not been cheated yet, he thinks no one else is either. That kind of single dimentional thinking defends a fart because he thinks his own arn't all that bad. I got cheated by using Aliexpress because the seller somehow did not see fit to send the electric Guitar "pictured" on the site. Not only that but the wrong guitar that was sent to me was of such poor quality craftmanship, and cheapest you could find materials, that Its best use would be as a spare paddle for a small boat. I'm now stuck with it because the seller does not pay shipping to send it back, which would cost more that half of what I already spent. I'll take my loss and count it as a very expensive lesson well learned. E-bay stands head and shoulders above Aliexpress, and I expect that once PayPal has experienced enough problems with Aliexpress complaints, they will end their relationship there.

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  • Pd
    P'doffcustomer Jun 01, 2018

    @Gato Negro I had exactly the same issue with a Ukelele. They sent me a different one to the one I oredered. Cheaper, Badly made, pick up didn't work and parts were missing. When I tried to complain, the seller wouldn't do anything. Ali Express offered me less than 50% of what I paid or I pay to send the item back at my own expense and they would refund. I just took the refund offered and closed my Ali account. This was the 3rd strike. Their customer service agents are useless and do not do what they say.

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  • Ma
    Mark Story Oct 02, 2013

    I am sorry that several of you you have had problems with suppliers on AliExpress. Please understand that AliExpress is a platform that connects buyers and sellers; we are not the supplier of the goods you purchased.

    With that said, I’d still like to help. has a customer service team to assist you. The best way to get in touch with them is to send an email with the particulars of your situation to [email protected]

    We can’t resolve 100% of customer issues, but I promise that we will try.


    Mark Story
    Director, International Corporate Affairs
    Alibaba Group

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  • Hd
    Hddmofp Jun 14, 2017

    @Mark Story Here's me experience with Aliexpress. I had my account suspended then terminated 7 days ago. I contacted customer support 6 times to no avail. The first reason they gave me was: account temporarily suspended due to security reasons. After contacting the infamous customer support and promising to do their best, I got the second email with a new reason this time: My account is terminated due to violations of the order protection program. This happened and I'm an A4 buyer with 50 ongoing orders! Now I cannot dispute or leave feedback for any of them!! Simply theft!! Moreover, the fact that I returned the money to some of the sellers after a dispute/refund did not seem to matter at all. I did this voluntarily after receiving some of the disputed orders after some 3-4 months!! I still had respect and returned the money through another purchase and none of that mattered! I'm beginning to think that some of the highly rated/recommended sellers have close connections to AE management and are untouchable! I doubt their rating system so much after noticing that some of the most decent sellers are not highly rated at all.

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  • Ka
    Karen7176 Apr 30, 2018

    @Mark Story Oh please all nice words, I tried everything, even twice on live chat, all lovely promises just like yours... but no response... just cheaters and lies. I will continue to share my horrible experience with aliexpress across all social media.

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  • Pd
    P'doffcustomer Jun 01, 2018

    @Mark Story What a load of horse crap! Your customer service is without doubt the worst I have ever experienced on the internet. It is atrocious. It is firstly difficult to contact someone and not very clear how you can do this from the get go. It takes a long time to figure out how to speak to someone. Your agents are condescending, patronising and basically liars. They tell you they will do something and do not do it. I have closed my account and will not reopen. I thankfully have persuaded thus far at least 8 people from using your site. I am making it my mission to prevent any one else from making the mistake of dealing or trading on your site. Without buyers you do not have a business, remember this!

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  • Gr
    graziella schembri Dec 27, 2013

    hi, i have bought from aliexpress Christmas decorations last month in November and they send me the wrong item, i made the dispute and i contacted the seller and he agreed to refund after I remove the dispute, when I did remove the dispute, the seller refund me only 14.19 usd which is not the payment I made, i have paid 62.00 usd and I did not get the refund for a mistake which I did not made, what can I do to have my money back?

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  • Ba
    Bareness45 Dec 30, 2013

    I would like to thank all of you for your feedback. I was debating on whether I should purchase some gym shoes on this site and whether the items were authentic but after reading these comments I spend my money elsewhere. Again Thanks!

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  • Fd
    fdepp Feb 21, 2014

    Be very careful using this site, today I was informed my credit card information is being used in Europe and I had to cancel my card. I don't make many purchases with my card and this is the first for buying products from overseas. I made the purchase a month ago, have never seen my products, and now am dealing with fraud. The buyer protection is a scam do not use this service.

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  • Te
    Terin Mar 05, 2014

    Oh I agree, this company's "buyer protection" is a joke and a scam.

    I ordered 200 lobster claw clasps for lanyards from seller linchun lin. The URL for the item I ordered has conveniently disappeared, but the snapshot ( you should see that the dimensions for the item were listed as 42mm x 25mm. I received 200 clasps of size 38mm x 13mm. I cannot use these. I ordered the specific size I did for a reason and that is because that is the only size that will work for the straps I make. When I contacted the seller, I received gibberish in reply. I opened a dispute on Feb 2, 2014.

    I have received nothing but a run-around from Martin on your customer service team. He admitted that the evidence I submitted showed that I did not receive what I ordered. However, his email was unacceptable about the resolution. He said "Generally, we follow the return policy (set on every order) to mediate the dispute.For this order, the return policy is “Returns accepted if product not as described, buyer pays return shipping; or keep the product & agree refund with seller.” (This policy was displayed in the product page.) "

    Well, OF COURSE the seller isn't going to state what the policy is if the seller sends the incorrect item, if they know this is how your people resolve the situation! There is no provision for a seller's mistake in the return policy--therefore, the policy should not apply to my situation. You cannot apply a policy that does not logically apply.

    I informed Martin that for me to ship the order back, it would cost me half the price of the order, and that this is unacceptable. I offered two solutions both in a message to the seller (which NEVER got a response) and in my disupte: the seller can paypal me the cost of shipping the items back, or can simply refund my money with no return shipment. These are the only options I will accept, because as I reiterate, the situation was the SELLER'S mistake. It's not like I changed my mind--I DID NOT RECEIVE WHAT I ORDERED.

    I received an email today (EIGHTEEN days later--this is also unacceptable) giving me two unacceptable options: to send the items back at my expense, or to accept 20% of the cost of my order. Then I spoke with one of your associates, Phoebe, via chat. I had to go through three different defunct email addresses and processes on your page just to be able to talk to a human being and not be told that that complaint system isn't being used anymore. It's like you people make it deliberately difficult to talk to a real person. I even emailed the address I was told to when I called your SanFran corporate office and got an automated message giving me a customer service email. The email was bogus. Anyway, Phoebe assured me she was escalating the issue to a customer service rep. Two days later, I got an email that closed my ticket, no refund, saying that it was my fault for not picking one of the two unacceptable options.

    I also find it interesting that even though I was supposedly given 5 days to resolve the situation, it took Martin eighteen days to get back to me on this. How I am supposed to resolve a situation when the seller won't respond to anything I send, and committed fraud in the first place, I have no idea. But this should not rest on my shoulders--it should be your problem as the facilitator of this seller's fraud. And it should have been resolved within the time window given to me--not whenever Martin felt like getting back to me with no help whatsoever. And then closing the dispute with no recourse to me, despite my repeated and vocal protests that this situation was patently unfair.

    Needless to say, I've contacted my credit card company and have filed a dispute.

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  • Sh
    shuey Mar 13, 2014

    I recently made a purchase of "Fleece like" Photographic backdrops. The items were not as described. I submitted a dispute with the Chinese manufacturer and of course the dispute was settled in favor of the manufacturer. I wish I had read this site before placing an order...

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  • Kk
    kkiran May 06, 2014

    I made a purchase for 2 TB Seagate harddisk from Shenzhen brilliant Industrial Co., Ltd Store No.229188 on Feb 11 2014 and The order no. is 61084715537581. I received the harddisk on 5th April which is not working. I tried to call the seller but he is not replyin hence I took it with an authorised Seagate service centre and it was returned stating it is a fake product. I paid $65.08 + $21 as customs duty. I tried to contact the seller for 1000 times but the seller is not replying.

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  • El
    elenealina Jun 22, 2014

    AliExpress lost PayPal, only because the sellers from there are scammers . As well if you will open a dispute on AliExpress, surprise !!! you will realise that the Customer Support is only for show, doesn't exists . It will pass more that one month without answers, actually you will never ever receive your money back and no justice. That's why the sellers from AlieExpress are cheaters because they know that no one will receive support from there.
    Ebay is different, you open a dispute there, in less than 48 hours you will receive an answer, someone there is playing fair with both parts .

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  • El
    elfi Aug 08, 2014

    I never bought high value products such as electronics or phones on because I was little suspicious about the site. and I was right. i started to buy the most reasonable good to buy from china: TEA . I did transactions with 10 sellers, all above 99% in positive ratings, but 3 out of 10 times I received less than ordered (it seems they are not able to count up to three, in one case I received even one sixth of goods ordered, 5 instead of 30!), and had to request several times for a partial refund, which they didn't want to give me despite evidences. of course I lost transaction fees. if only 70% of 'so called' good sellers may be reliable for such small quantities and simple deals of tea packets, image what could happen if you buy valuable tech items! big amounts of fees and shipping costs will never be recoverable! Quality may be good and shipping may be free as in my experience with tea, but I see too many buyers want to make money sending less quantity than you ordered, no matter if deal is big or not. so my advice is to stay away from, no matter if their sellers are math dummies or just scammers.

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  • Do
    dolamite Sep 05, 2014

    Hate the fact I'm here writing about my ordeal, but I was doing myself an injustice by using aliexpress and buying from private buyers in CHINA from all places. They first gave me a non working tracking number and after I messaged that it wasn't working they gave me another and said that China air mail had "changed the tracking number"...yeah right. Should've listened to myself the to be in with after they drive their cars over babies without remorse.

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  • Yo
    Youp Sep 30, 2014

    Another thing is that if you win a dispute (not delivered) there is no way to give feedback anymore. No wonder the reviews of all Ali-stores are good (96% positive or more).

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  • Pe
    Peter554433 Nov 01, 2014

    Their rating system sucks. My negative reviews do not show. No wonder all merchants have a 95% or better rating. Once you have confirmed reception (of bad products) there is no way to start a dispute. I will not use ali-express ever again!

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  • Pb


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  • Al
    AliexpressThieves Nov 29, 2014

    Guangzhou Qstar Hair Products: Stole $225 US dollars from me.

    SHE: The Owner of Guangzhou Qstar Hair Products

    I came on to make a purchase. I saw an item I wanted, I paid for it and Guangzhou Qstar shipped it. When i received it, I realized it looked completely diffrent from the product I purchased. I told them I wanted and exchange or return. She said I had to click on that I received the item then they will give me a refund or exchange for which i did click on I received the order. Then she said for me to lie and give her excellent feedback rating, i refused. This is when she started to call my house nonstop and threatening me both over the phone and in writing stating that If I did not change the feedback rating she will not give me a refund and it is up to me if I want my money because she will not give me my money unless i change the rating.

    They just stole $225 dollars from me

    Someone contacted me and stated this company did the same thing to them. She decided to give them good feedback when they decided not to give her money back. So, even if I lie and change the feedback, they will still steal my money-- it's a lose lose situation.

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  • De
    DeborahLewis1 Dec 10, 2014

    I ordered three coats from Barbara Yry and my merchandise was shipped to an address in Louisana. I called my USPS in Jersey which in the Aliexpress said it was delivered on 12/8/14 by USPS, when I called them he took the tracking number and told me that the item was never shipped to Jersey it was shipped to Louisana. Of course I got on line to open a dispute and awaiting her info.
    However, I did order some shoes from Ali Express from a different seller and they were shipped to me. I've learned m lesson. I will never ever order from them. Just lost a good buyer

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  • Da
    David Barneby Dec 30, 2014

    I am not a member of AliExpress, but its advertising page keeps appearing as a SPAM when I click on certain sites .
    I am trying all I know how to delete it . I find I cannot communicate with Alibaba or AliExpress without becoming a member, something I don't want to do, they do not offer any mode of closing an account or getting rid of them . I may have to go to my technician to have it cleaned out of my system, it doesn't show up as a virus, which in fact it is .

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  • Do
    donmck Mar 28, 2015

    Be careful if you have to return faulty goods.
    Some sellers will not cover costs, or offer a replacement.
    To process a return of the funds held, Aliexpress require a tracking number as proof of return posting.
    This shipping option can be expensive. Perhaps more than value of goods received?
    So you could face a double loss?.

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  • Mo
    Morgan Tan Apr 07, 2015

    7th April 2015

    AliExpress will do whatever it takes to ensure your claim will never be paid. I had a few experiences with them. They work very closely with their suppliers to stack the odds against you. I bought electronic products that do not work (and I mean do NOT work). AliExpress said my explanation is not enough, they want video. Firstly not everybody has a video camera. And what do you show (on video) if the product do not work, except for a blank screen. That is not good evidence for them, they said. And my claim is dismissed. I asked them "how to show on video something that will not work?" - no reply from AliExpress. And if you try to write a dispute complaint, they restrict you to maximum 512 alphabets.

    Presently I have a dispute over a CCTV Camera. I received it first week February 2015, today is first week April 2015. It is a WiFi CCTV Camera but the wifi and the LAN connection cannot work. The seller refuses to admit liability even though they admitted "we just buy goods from manufacturer, and then our sales, we are a sales company, there is no Quality Control". After a lengthy nine A4 pages explanation with photos (uploaded to MediaFire), AliExpress wrote today saying my explanation (evidence) is not good enough, they want video, the ample photos I sent is not good enough. Well, WiFi and LAN are not working, what am I going to video, how to video ????

    Since AliBaba (including AliExpress) is now listed in New York, if AliExpress rejects my dispute, I am going to write to the SEC.

    I think you guys should all write to the SEC. New York to voice your complaints.

    And if you guys want to buy seeds (flowers, fruits or vegetable). DON'T. They send you seeds that will not grow. And you do not have the time to make disputes. Some seeds take months before gemination (well, nothing grew); and by which time the time has passed for disputes.

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  • Sc
    scameralie Apr 24, 2015

    aliexpess seller 90% are sell fake junk and only 10% don't, I have been buying from aliexpress for 3 years now what i have notice aliexpress do not like to give refunds, am been wait almost one year for a refund to appear on my card. aliexpress does not like to answer consumer complaints, aliexpress is like deal with street vendor you will get rip off at any point only buy if you live in china

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  • Bi
    Billy A Apr 27, 2015

    serves you all right for using aliexpress, or alibaba. Well you can find supplier on Chinese B2B platforms, but you still need to check via an agent or trading company. but no! you trust a few chinks and what they write on a website. I m a business agent for chinese trading and I smile when some people find my commission high and tell me about prices on alibaba and ali express. Let me tell you some thing, china is never about quality or honesty. buy from your local manufacturer or if you desperately need to buy from china use an agent which is not chinese.

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  • Px
    pxl Jun 02, 2015

    AVOID them at all cost. Things may be cheap but this is where it ends. One should apply following rule of thumb "I am not that rich to buy cheap things". Most of the sellers on AliExpress are no more than street peddlers looking to make a buck in any way possible, even if means cheating and lying. They know full well that once they send you things they will get your money regardless. You will end up getting crap that does not work or breaks next day. Good luck getting a refund on anything.

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  • Cr
    C Ramos Jun 25, 2015

    I have traded with on several occasions. Some of them turned out, I received the product and like it. Sometimes I received the product and it was junk but the price was so low it was easy to write off. On one occasion I ordered a radio which cost me about $60.00 and would have cost about $100.00 anywhere else. That radio arrived in good shape and is functional, a good buy. Some believe there are incidents where for some products copy-write violations may exist. (I am not sure how one would know this for certain in order to avoid such an instance.) In a recent incident I ordered a Fishing Rod and Reel combination at a good low price of about $17.99 shipping always seems to take an eternity and it is easy to lose patience with waiting. In this last instance the Fishing reel arrived without the Fishing Rod. The reel is of good quality and I am happy with it. As for the Rod, they simply say they shipped it and I should file with the USPS. USPS was unhelpful. So I guess if you can afford the risk of loss, go for it. If not avoid the stress and pay the higher prices locally.

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  • Ed
    Edzmedz Jul 07, 2015

    Totally love Aliexpress! It's like China moved in next door, what can be better, everything you want for way cheaper!

    Those facing problems on that site are the new buyers that have no experience of what it is and how it works. Been shopping for well over 3 years now, with little problems.

    First you have to understand that aliexpress is not one seller, but its a platform for thousands of Chinese sellers. So you are bound to fall on a bad guy that means you no good, but in general most of them are honest.

    -First find a product you like and use the search to find the cheapest offer for that same item. Most of the time it's the same product, even when the images displayed are different. Most of the sellers are just individuals who go out to buy that item you ordered from the larger companies and then ship it to you. Make sure your country/location is set properly on your page to get accurate pricing, because sometimes the difference in prices is due to some sellers making you pay shipping separately while others add that extra cost into the price itself and then display free shipping. Then check reviews by previous buyers for the product itself, and for the seller. The more sales that seller has done before (the more symbols next to their name) the better. I sometimes take a chance on people just starting out with barely a few sales before mine, and it also goes well. So you never know. Anyway, sometimes the images shown on the description page are that of the original product which was copied and not the one that will be sent to you. Sometimes both are displayed, and you should expect the less attractive one of course lol, and sometimes the copy only is displayed which is good since you will know what to expect.

    -When you place your order, and pay with ur credit card. keep an eye on the expiry time of purchase protection. If it's nearing 5 or 6 days and you still haven't received your product, send the buyer immediately a request to extend the time. ask for at least 14 days every time. For cheaper stuff you won't get a tracking number as the buyer wants to keep it cheap for you, but for the more expensive stuff there will always be a code you can use to figure out where your shipment is at. I am used to deliveries being made between 1 to 2 months, sometimes even 3 (I live in Lebanon)! Keep sending a request to extend the protection service, coz once it expires the seller automatically gets paid and you can no longer open a claim.

    -If you get a defective product, or don't get anything, or for whatever reason you are not happy you can file a claim. (If its a minor thing, you can just leave a negative review and be done.) You open a claim, which is sort of an official debate between you and the seller. You tell him what you want, and you see what he replies, and vice versa. If you agree for like a partial refund or whatever then you are done, otherwise you need to click the escalate button to get Aliexpress involved. Here too, you have to pay attention to the time, because everytime the seller rejects your offer or gives a counter offer you have a maximum of 3 days before it automatically gets accepted for you. So if you are not happy with their offer, you need to counter offer right after. So you need to keep monitoring, and if you are not happy with the outcome and it is getting nowhere, click the escalate button. Make sure to upload images, to support your claim when possible.

    -So far when such things have happened to me in the past, most of the time aliexpress was fair and I got what I wanted. If the item is not delivered to you, or if there is no tracking info for example after the time has elapsed, you will always get your money back 100% of the time. For other things, it depends on how right you are.

    I think I covered most things :) In my country for some reason, when we order from Aliexpress, we don't have to pay any taxes or customs, so no additional costs. Items I buy from China are always wayyyyy cheaper than on the local market! But it does take forever to get here!

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