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For the past ten years I have been both a devoted, as well as, a very satisfied Aldo customer. However, I am compelled to forward this letter of complaint to your attention.

I have purchased shoes and accessories from Aldo on a regular basis in stores all across the globe; and not only for myself, but for my entire family. I have multiple homes and upon my return to our beach house in FL this year, I discovered a forgotten pair of brand new, gorgeous black patent platform sandals in my closet which I purchased just about a year ago. I was very eager to finally wear them.

Last Wednesday evening, June 10, 2009, was the idea occasion. However, as I stepped out of our house and walked on to our car, I mentioned to my husband how painful these shoes were. Determined to enjoy their trendy style and beauty, I decided to ignore the pain for the fashion sake. However, after another 30 minutes of agony, it became apparent, that ignoring the pain was no longer possible.

After wearing them no longer than 45 minutes, I called the Aldo store at International Mall, ( Store 2117) in Tampa, FL. where I had the privilege to speak to Josh, the store manager, and upon my explanation of the situation, he quickly responded, that this was not a problem, and even though the shoes were worn once, I could bring them in for a simple return.

I was very grateful to Josh, and was amazed at how professional he was in trying to handle this situation. After all, I have never had to call a store to return a "used" pair of shoes.
I mentioned to Josh, that I will be able to bring the shoes, with the original box and the receipt, on Sunday, June 14, 2009. Josh advised me that since it was his day off, he will forward this information along with instructions, to Jessie (2303), the assistant manager who would be managing the store that day.

My husband and I arrived to the store on Sunday morning, and asked for Jessie. Jessie replied to us that he knew nothing of my conversation with Josh, nor did he have any instructions. He stated that he would call Josh for clarifications. We patiently awaited, while Jessie went into the back room to call Josh. Upon his return, Jessie's reaction was rather rude, stating that the shoes have been worn more than once and he will not be able to accept them, but only for an exchange. (I was rather astonished by his attitude, let alone the "expertise" that he had shown as to the condition of the wear of the shoes!).

After 15 minutes of very vehement argument, Jessie insisted on not accepting the return. I requested him to provide me with an opportunity to speak to Josh, since that original conversation was between myself and him, but he adamantly refused to redial his number and let me talk to him.

I asked for a contact information for the Corporate Headquarter, but he continued to refuse my requests. Furthermore, the hourly employee that was standing next to him, just "barked" at us that they were simply not going to do the return and that I was welcome to come back when Josh was around.

Since I knew I wasn't going to be coming back to this area soon, I picked up another pair of shoes, which I did not care for of equal value, exchanged them, and stormed out of the store. On our long drive home, of over an hour, we stopped by another Aldo store, and successfully returned the new pair of shoes!

On the way back, I also had the chance to reflect on this ironic situation, and the poor handling of what should have been a rather simple return and a very satisfied, long time customer, but instead cost the company, hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue!

This shouldn't take a rocket scientist to understand the simple arithmetic and the consequences. However, neither Jessie, nor Josh, cared to pay attention, think, or better, simply provide exemplary customer service.

So on my long way back, I picked up my phone and called a couple of my good shopping friends. Each one of them has been an Aldo devotee shopper for years, since I was the one that usually brought them with me to our mutual shopping sprees.

After relating this story to them, they quickly got on their multiple blogging sites and the social media groups, and emailed this story to over one thousand friends. Yes, girls talk. When they happy you know it, and when they feel wronged, you'll know it faster!

Within minutes, about 50 of their friends replied that they will never shop in Aldo again. This was just the emails and bloggs of disgruntled customers have a life of their own.

As an attorney, and a CEO of a company, who is married to a successful physician, a $100 pair of shoes, wouldn't have broken my bank. However, the rudeness of the store's management drove me out of that store, quicker than a wild fire!

Over the years, I have invested and spent tens of thousand of dollars in all the different Aldo stores. If all our blogging friends who swore to never shop there again have spent just a fraction of what I used to spend per year, this will amount to a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Aldo.

One of my friends later called the store to inform Jessie of his grave mistake, and poor judgement. She told him that his poor decision is going to cost the company far more than $100.00. His reply was simple and rather astonishing: He simply didn't care and stated that the loss was not of the company but of the customers.

At that moment, it became clearer than ever, that if he had applied for a job in my company, I wouldn't hire him to wash our floors!

Customer service is everything and in this economic environment I do not know of any company which can afford this kind of negative publicity and loss of revenues.
The loss is not of the customers, because we, the ones who have the disposable income to splurge on fashions, will continue shopping at the better stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman, and Sacks, where customer service is taken to the highest levels, and not only our dollars are the one who are being appreciated, but it is the long term relationship that is being valued!

Is there a moral to this story ...well, I guess more than just one ...
But in a gist, don't shop where you are not appreciated, where the company does not stand behind it's products, or where the company cannot afford to train their management!

Was it all worth it for $100.00 ???

Well, if Aldo continues the same way, these $100.00 incidents will destroy the company, and as for the valuable assistant manager - Jessie 2303 he stated, he simply did not care!




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    reaper1 Dec 11, 2009

    You're an idiot.

    You think you're going to bankrupt Aldo? They're a 1.5 billion dollar company. Miss Sixty is outsourcing their stores to Aldo to manage because Aldo is a leader in the retail market. Traffic sales and price points are all up at Aldo, even during this recession.

    You're just too self absorbed to think that you could even make a dent in Aldo's revenue. You're just mad because you didn't get your way. Those shoes were a YEAR OLD. They were worn, yeah, not a problem, but come on! You describe yourself as wealthy enough to cast off a $100 pair of shoes for a year, why not donate them? Or just take the damn exchange?

    People like you make me sick.

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    UpsetCst Dec 23, 2009

    I agree with the writer of this complaint. The customer service is awful, seems like each employee of Aldo is ungrateful and dont try at all to please the customer.

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  • Rh
    Rhett7337 Dec 27, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I really don't think it matters who you are or what you do for a living. Big Corporation doesn't care, as you should know, since you're a CEO. Two rude sales associates won't change a thing. If it was me, I'd never visit that particular store again, but ALDO is everywhere. I'd just go online, or somewhere else. I'm a Private Investigator by day, and I make far less than you do for a living, but I will still gladly pay $100 for a good pair of shoes.One of my future sister in law's makes less than $8 an hour, and just paid $70 for a pair of shoes from ALDO. Reaper1 pointed out the punch line: your shoes were a YEAR OLD. You're lucky you got an exchange at all. Just because you're a "big shot" in your world doesn't make you a big shot to everyone else. You get the same treatment as everyone else does in this world. Another good point Reaper1 made: donate them. Could you image the joy it would bring someone to find a pair of ALDO shoes at Goodwill, or any thrift store? Your pain could be someone else's pleasure.

    And I just have to add, that if I was in that ALDO store and saw you giving that kind of treatment to their employee's, whether they were being rude to you or not, I would have stepped in and said a few words. You can't expect anyone, including sales associates, to respect you if you disrespect them, which is what I think probably happened.

    Reaper1, I've read a few of your repsonses now. Way to tell it like it is. Go you! The world needs more people like you. From one outspoken, hardworking American to another, you rock!

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  • Ic
    Iconic1789 Jan 16, 2010

    Guess what...that woman is hard working too and that is why she can dispose of a $100 pair of shoes. As a former assistant manager of Aldo's I can tell you that it is our policy, for EVERYONE, to accept reeturns up to ONE YEAR after the purchase date. Get a grip, both of you are probably poor low class people who are just angry that the comp;laint is coming from someone with more financial means than yourself. I will say that the employees responses to this customer would have never happend in my district, our DM nor our Regional Manger would have allowed it. Instead, I would have tried my best to accomodate the customer because regardless of how much money is being made, the bottom line in business is that there is alwaysan opportunity to MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY! How do youthink Aldo became so successful? It is through word-of-mouth, not advertising because the company doesn't spend money on advertising campaigns (which I know is a fact from working with the company). There are companies with longer histories that were also retiail leaders that no longer exist. If this type of customer service was the norm, trust that Aldo wouldn't be an industry leader. I am sorry that the associates at that location do not take pride in the company they work for or the fact that they are the "face" of the company. Clearly they are there for the paycheck and not to do their job. I hope that you will not abandon Aldo, I love them and only left for a career in the field for which I have a degree. COme to the East Coast where the managers know how to treat their customers.

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  • Do
    docmp78 Mar 22, 2010

    CS is horrible!! I ordered 7-8 pairs online, and 1 of the pair was cancelled, so i again went online to see what the matter is..i saw tht it's still available. So i wrote to the CS, and got a reply from Elvira, saying tht she was sorry for it, and if i could agian place the order by phone.So i called them to re-place my order.It's not easy to get thr', it took me half an hr...anyway, so placed my order, and paid the shipping agian, even though my 1st order was free shipping, coz my bill was abv $ just paid $6 shipping. Got an email confirming my order, n shipping while i m waiting for it, I get another email saying this order has been cancelled again!!! so i write to Ms. elvira again, attaching all our previous emails, so tht she knows wht i am talking about..
    this is wht i get a reply(after 10 days):

    Thank you for writing to
    As discussed, this e-mail is a confirmation of your order cancellation (order#***)
    Please let us know if we can assist you further.
    Thank you for choosing ALDO.



    I am wondering how dumb can these people be!! I am writing to ask why my orders are being cancelled ??that is where YOU need to ASSIST me !!!
    They should spend some money to train their CS.

    So i am all confused at her reply and now i am going to find their corporate and write to them..that is if they care!!

    I m surely not buying frm there.

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  • Du
    dudu2010 Nov 08, 2010

    Even District Managers of Aldo are full of BS. Recently, I purchased a new pair of shoes. (that was the last pair) Unfortunately, I did not check the bottom of the shoes that had a damage. And when I came home my friend noticed scratches on the bottom of the left shoe(every shoe stores use a left shoe to display) And at the next day I went to the same Aldo store for return or to get a discount. And I was shocked when the same manager (as he claimed) who sold me those shoes said that the shoes were new and accusing me wearing them and trying to return them. He was so rude. And if the manager of the store could behave the way he did I could not imagine what to expect from employees. My conclusion is that either one of the unacknowledged employees took them as a return or since they were on display they got damaged and non of us noticed it. However, I made my complaint to the District Manager his name is Orlando Palmer . And he promised me that if in 6 months I would decide to purchase any shoes from Aldo store I would have to contact him trough his email [protected] and provide the information such as address and phone of the Aldo store I would be going, and he would be able to call that store telling them to give me a free pair of soil grip and a discount for any shoes I would choose. And guess what, the email he provided is incorrect (although I asked him to spell it for me 2 times, just wanted to make sure that I got it right) I'm so shocked. Aldo is so low and cheap. I would never shop there again. So disgusting.

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  • Im
    Imaging Nov 20, 2010

    I am launching a fashion & advertising agency sometime in 2011 and before I do I am coordinating a fashion show. I have been calling around to shoe boutiques so that I can borrow shoes for the show and Aldo happened to be on my list. I call the corporate office and with a very pleasant tone I asked for the department that would be responsible for handling my type of request. The "receptionist" had a tone like I was inconveniencing her and advised me "if you don't have the ext. I can't help you". She acted as if she didn't want to give me the information and she wanted me to just go away. So I keep asking probing questions to finally get the email address of the marketing department. I asked for her name and she says "I'm the receptionist" and she continued to say it the three times I asked her. She talked to me like I was a women off the street and then hung up on me. I called around and finally got in touch with her "manager" (it sounded like her) and she didn't sound like she really cared. I am long time customer with Aldo and after this I will never step foot in there again. (The shoes hurt anyway).

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  • Je
    jennyb Nov 29, 2010

    I have a complaint of my own for Aldo. Earlier today I was at an Aldo Accessories and after about a minute I started to feel as though I was being watched. One of the young female employees working there was eyeing me and following me around as if she thought I was going to steal something. I was holding a pair of earings in my hand while I continued to browse and the employee strutted over and in a very condesending way asked if she could hold the earings at the counter until I was ready to pay. I felt it was extremely rude. However I did want the earings so I just told her I was going to pay now and leave. When I handed her a ten dollar bill for the eight dollar earings she held it up to the light to make sure it wasn't counterfit... I was in shocked! I wonder does she check five dollar bills aswell? I felt completely insulted and I am absolutly livid. I understand that part of one's job while working retail is to do what you can to prevent shop lifting but this was uncalled for and just plain rude and obnoxious. Is it because I am a young girl in my twenties? Is it because I was wearing a baseball hat ? I wasn't aware those were reasons for being treated like a potential criminal. I mean really, is that standard practice at Aldo to make their customers feel so uncomfortable and insulted? The last time I went shopping in that same Aldo Accessories I must have bought about fifteen things and spent over two hundred dollars. I dont look like someone who is going to shoplift by any means. I honestly do not understand why I was treated that way. Needless to say i wont be visiting that Aldo Accesories location again and after reading these other complaints I'm not so sure I want to shop in any other Aldo store either.

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  • Un
    Unsatisfied123 Mar 30, 2011

    I shopped at the cumberland mall location for Aldo and I am completely repulsed by their customer service. I was honestly wanting to buy a shoe and it took them 15 minutes to finally ask me if I needed a shoe. I told them yes and when the girl went to go in the back to get the shoes her phone rang and she answered it! So I wait a good 5 minutes for the one pair of shoes she brought me out and she just hands them to me and walks away and goes in the back. Then she comes back and asks me if I want to buy the shoes and I said no they were not
    What I was looking for. Now is the part I really could not stand...SHE ROLLED HER EYES AT ME AND WALKED AWAY WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING!!!' I will never shop at the Aldo Again. Horrible customer service by the woman Tracy !

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  • Em
    EmanSh Apr 06, 2012

    I had a horrible experience in Aldo Egypt today the rudeness and arrogance of the sales personal chocked me while trying to return a shoe that I have bought 4 days ago

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  • Ho
    holding out hope Dec 01, 2015

    I also had an order cancelled without an offer of a rain check, delayed shipment, etc. I sent an email to their Customer Service contact, asking for help understanding why the order was processed with so little attempt to honor the order. The response included a misrepresentation of their policies, though it was very polite. It quoted a notice of 1-3 days to process an order. The word process was used multiple times. In fact, the site does not reserve 1-3 for processing an order. There is no reference to this on the ordering page under customer service. The 1-3 day mention is on the shipping page, and is referred to as a "handling" time, and makes no mention of cancellation. This is immediately preceding a table demonstrating lead time on your order depending on selected shipping method. Clearly this handling time is intended to inform the customer that the time associated with the selected shipping method is in addition to this handling time. There were two other references, neither of them in my confirmation email, relating to processing. The first was on the actual confirmation web page, which I captured for my records. It stated that if billing concerns arose, and they were unable to reach me by phone or email my order could be cancelled. This was not the case, the item was described as out of stock. Similar to another complainant, my item was available on the web site for at least a day or two after I placed my order, so at the very least, their inventory management was severely lacking in this case. The second notice was in relation to an order status of in process for greater than 72 hours (not 1-3 days...this was a distinctly different phrasing, and not what was referenced in the customer service response). In this case, a follow up email with further instruction would be sent. First, my order never had a status of in process. It was always in shipping. Second, I would not call a cancellation notice further instruction.

    So, I opened a live chat, because I had the free time, and worked through it in real time with a representative. The representative was polite, and toed the company line while trying to be as helpful as possible, but insisted on quoting the 1-3 day policy, even pointing me to the link to the shipping section. I explained that was not processing, but handling, what it was intended to show given the context, and that there was no mention of cancellation there. Again, that the only cancellation language was provided in relation to a billing error they were unable to resolve by reaching me. As the representative was unable to authorize either a rain check, or reinstated order with a note explaining I would accept delayed delivery, a case was opened, and I am expecting contact from a supervisor.

    In the end, there is an umbrella in the legalese terms and conditions that allows cancellation of anything for any reason. I found this later, as I knew it had to exist. Had they pointed to that, I'd have had little to argue, but my dissatisfaction, and the lack of good faith in the transaction. But they didn't, so I hope to have a reasonable conversation with a supervisor in the next 48 hours. If Aldo wants to uphold the image of customer service the present on their site, and develop a long standing customer, they will, as most retailers would, find a way to honor the purchase I made. It's a simple thing. These are all simple things.

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