J Nov 21, 2017

I am so dissapointed in service that I received at one of your Aldo stores. I visited the store at green acres mall on November 17, 2017. I had a return that I had on a pair of shoes and jewelry I bought at another location. I had all intentions to make an exchange but went to the register first to make return so I didn't have to worry about the merchandise in my hand. The cashier was friendly we had great conversation. He asked why I was returning and I told him I had to because everything in my closet is starting to look the same, I have so many shoes from Aldo's. I love the brand and I have addiction to shoes. During conversation with associate I told him that instead of returning my shoes to my debit could I get cash back. I had identity theft on my card and I had literally just left the bank from being there for hours trying to resolve my account. The manager then walked over this is where my experience went bad. She came over and said she was unable to do return and give me cash back that I would need to return merchandise back onto my debit. I explained to her that I has identity theft and she said there was nothing she can do. Now I know that was untrue. Like I said I have shopped at many Aldo's and some I have had to return and when using my debit they ask me if I want it back to my card or cash. I knew at that moment she was trying to give me a hard time. I am a store manager for Victoria's Secret I know how a register works. I also know that I will do anything to make sure my customers have the best experience when shopping at my store. I was so livid. I then had to call customer service to get assistance with my transaction there was nothing else I could do. I just left from the bank where I was told someone took thousands of dollars out of my account and now visiting this store the manager is giving me a hard time. The customer service representative was very helpful she did tell me that it is the Stores decision on how they wanted to handle the situation. I guess the manager decided she didn't want to help me. The representative via phone gave another option which was to put it on my temporary card. I told the manager what representative said and she didn't even believe me she asked to speak to the representative because she said she don't believe she could process that transaction either.. after about 40 min the manager finally processed transaction with me having to have the representative on the phone talking to me the entire Time. I have never once felt so humiliated before. I can't believe that this is how Aldo managers represent your brand. I will never shop at this location again. However I did just order two pairs of shoes online. This is how loyal I am to the brand. This experience did teach me a lesson. I will listen to my customers more and ensure they always have a great experience because the last thing I would want is for my customers to stop visiting my store and resort to shopping on line.
Here is my transaction # 575150
Store 2031
Cashier [protected]
Session 10019
Register 1
Time 12:08
Thank you for allowing me to share my experience. I am sharing so that you can ensure the next customer does not get the same treatment I did.
Jennifer Smith

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