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A Aug 15, 2018 Review updated:

On october 16 2017 store policy was violated and punishement was not given to the employees involved. No i wasnt stealing even though it may have seemed that way. I did not leave from inside of the store. When i was approached and first accousted by these employees i was in the pharmacy area. Hell i even put one item in the guys hand and the other on a table or merchandise. But you can belive what you want dont care. Store policy was broken by several employees that day and your vedeo feed and the confessions of these employees in the police report ststing they hit my husband in the face and he never touched or threatened them and was never anywhere near any merchandise. No we didnt split up we still together now. Im not going to jail but a civl case against albertsons is filed showing this policy of "no touch" policy being violated and no pinishement handed down. Albertsons have several suits won against them due to this policy that was put into affect with an employee being terminated after 30 years in 1995. So you can try to say this a lie but you cant cuz your store policy is well known and public info plus your videofeed will show


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    Omeomya Aug 16, 2018

    Lady, you are so full of crap. I read your original letter. You put items in your purse, then wandered around the store and started "rummaging" through your purse for your phone and your credit card ... right. You do NOT put unpurchased items in your purse. Then you claim since you didn't leave the store it isn't shoplifting. You attempted to conceal unpurchased merchandise in your personal bag. You come up with a different excuse every time something sounds suspicious. You have a bad back, so you can't carry a basket, but it's ok to put the same weight into your purse? Or hey, use a cart. This isn't your first time shoplifting, you are just upset you got caught and are trying to get out of it.

    ** this woman already wrote a letter about this last year. Click on her profile to read her more "in depth" article where I found out all about her hiding sour cream and sausages in her purse while hunting for chips.

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