Albertsonsjust 4 u


I have been using the Just 4 U app with the same phone number for 22 years since being a Safeway shopper. Albertson's has finally come on board with Just 4 U and it was complete disaster. I had over 30 items that weren't further discounted. After standing in line at customer service for 45 minutes and then going item by item with my receipt and the app on my phone, my refund was $20.00 and I still got screwed paying full price for Gain laundry detergent. MaryAnn and Darryl in customer service are completely incompetent. He walked away and didn't want to deal with the issue, but it was okay to waste an hour of my time. I quit shopping at Von's for this reason and I hate Smith's. Albertson's needs to get it together and stop treating people like idiots over a phone app. Don't ask me if I put the correct phone number in. I have been using it since your courtesy clerks were in diapers.

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