Albertsonscustomer service false advertising


I've been a faithful Albertson's customer for the last five years until more recent months. When they started the gas reward program and moved over to the Von's cashiering system that seems to be when the decline in customer service and false advertising started. The cashiering system is so backwards that it does not show you the correct sales price on the screen until AFTER the cashier hits the total button. Only at that point does it show your discounts but even then you can't tell if you got discounts correct line item by line item until you take a look at your printed receipt. AND if the cashier hits total before you enter your phone number well the entire transaction will have to be cancelled and rerung again in order for you to enter your phone number for your discount to apply, what [censor] created this system?! Additionally, the gas rewards as so fraudulent I am surprised there has not been a lawsuit for the misrepresentation of the supposed discount you get. Even at thirty cents off a gallon the gas stations you get to go to are anywhere from thirty to fifty cents higher a gallon than the other competitor gas stations so you honestly you are not getting a break in the dollar amount you pay for gas no matter what kind of pretend discount Albertson's is claiming to offer you. Finally, have you noticed that now Albertson's has discontinued their buy 5 specials? This was one of the biggest reasons why I shopped at the store on a regular basis and now with the buy 5 phased out and this new pretend "lower" prices phased in, I have no choice but to shop at Stater Brothers or Wal-Mart. Alberton's you have disappointed me!

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