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Complaints & Reviews

Costs remain higher than they should

I have called prior with cost of electric bills in winter. My costs should drop significantly with no central heat or ac used due to use exclusively of natural gas heat. My costs still remain higher than they should including my storage building which has recently doubled in price even with nothing to be using more electricity. Prior calls resulted in them telling me my water heater may have a leak causing it to run more which was not the case. I am finding when the temps drop and others power bills increase they increase mine also. Mine should be lower than ever during the winter months. I need to know what I need to do to seek action.

Terrible customer service

At the Anniston, AL locate customer service is terrible. Personally after talking to a Ms.Blackwell and her...


My name is erica spivey I called on november 6 about my dryer the 3rd party appliance direct finally came out by the end of november to fix it the dryer worked for 3 weeks and went out again december 16 someone at alabama power dropped the ball because my work order wasn't even put in until that friday the 3rd party finally came out that tuesday upon my demands the tech is stating that my timer keeps going out so i'm still without a dryer and they want be back until january 6th this is totally unacceptable and I have been patient long enough I have talked to 2 supervisors and they haven't helped any either could someone please help me with this on going matter. [protected], [protected]

customer service

Received disconnect notice from APCO on 16DE19 advising I have a payment due by 13DEC19 as my funds have been returned. I contacted APCO number listed on paper [protected]) at 1512. When answered I followed prompts to speak with a representative to express my concerns and dispute this NSF or returned funds letter. I spoke with two representatives which were cordial but gave me the same news of there was nothing they could do. I then spoke with Angela's (2cnd reps) supervisor, Dillon. I again cordially pleaded my case with Mrs. Angela she informed me that I can go in office today and show the receipt showing payment but outside of that there is nothing further she can do. I then requested they allow me until tomorrow at lunch to go by the office in person to resolve this issue as I cannot leave work. She then began to tell me that I have plenty of time to go and take care of this today. This upset me, but I responded in kindness that I did not appreciate her telling me what I am able to do, as I am the sole provider for my family and am a contract employee that works 12 hour days. I requested again she allow me until 12 tomorrow when I can go on my lunch to resolve. After she re-iterated "no" again, I requested to speak with her supervisor. She advised there are no other supervisors to speak to and I must go in the office in order to speak with a "district" manager. I confirmed with her again, that she will not forward my call to another supervisor.

I found my conversation with her to be demeaning and embarrassing as I was attempting everything within my power to resolve this issue within a timely manner. She is a terrible representative of customer service for Alabama Power.
Everyone else I spoke with were kind and helpful.


For some unknown reason I haven't received my monthly bill, as though it was never sent. My neighbor gets one, but not I. And so my bill is huge this month which is understandable. But because of there carelessness I most likely will have late fees to add to the bill. I 've never been late or had a problem in the 10 or more years I've had there power. I'm am 80 years old and I have to have power and I need to be reminded of my payments. So I can only think that this company doesn't gives a damn about its customers.

James Rice


Light bill due on 11/18/19 disconnected 11/27/19 day before Thanksgiving. Birthday was 11/25/2019. Needless to say my kids couldn't celebrate Thanksgiving at home this year which would have been our first holiday in our new place. I pray the CEO never experience a company so selfish and inconsiderate. I know its just business but this is sickening. Im still blessed either way. Good day.


Statements have been arriving closer and closer to the due date for years; I have kept records and discussed this with "customer service" reps who seem to believe in instantaneous transmission of statements to USPS when the fact is it obviously takes days between printing and actual delivery to the hands of USPS, longer than Alabama Power will admit to, in some cases it has to be three to five days. Alabama Power, of course, blames USPS. Come on, the average mail transit time from BHM to MGM isn't five to seven days days.

  • Updated by petersow · Dec 01, 2019

    I have lost count how many brief to extended period outages have occurred today. The first was 2am to 3:40am. There were on-and-off outages all day, from seconds to minutes long. Just now we had another outage that lasted 20 minutes or so. To add insult to injury the automated system stated severe weather as the cause but there hasn't been any, just some wind and rain. Now I understand why Alabama Power stopped using the tag line "always on.". My appliances are taking a beating with all the on and off, on and off...

customer service is terrible!!!

I spoke to customer service today after I discovered my power was off, I was told that I had a returned payment that came back on 11/5 and it's not their duty to notify customers of returned payments. I spoke to several different "managers" as they advised me the account number provided for the payment was one number off (an honest mistake). I asked why wasn't it in the policy to automatically notify customers when there is an issue to allow them to correct it. I was told that they send out letters and if we don't get it we need to check with the post office. Ma'am how am I to check for a letter I had no idea you were sending??? I've been so busy with a recent death in the family, health issues, starting a new job it would be nice if my utility company notified me of an issue!!! I was told I need to check my checking account more, I was asked "didn't you say you worked for a bank?", I was told if wasn't their fault if I didn't keep up with my bill pay. No accountability on the company to make sure the customers are aware of what's going on! If there was another company, I wouldn't care if they were 10% higher, I would choose them!!! I hate alabama power!!! They have a monopoly so they treat their customers like [censored]!!!

high utility bills

Well i have been having high utility bill that are 500 dollars a month since i have been living in my...

power bill

I was suppose to be on budget billing my bill, I'm on a fixed income and my bill was higher than my check. My lights were disconnected i had 5 days to pay the bill. I had no way to pay the 383.00 bill, my check comes once a month. they disconnected my lights and in order to get my lights restored, I have to pay 1862.41. So I have to be in my house without lights. You have to pay twice your monthly bill and double your deposit. I don't understand, if I couldn't pay 383, I most certainly can't pay 1800, on a light bill. Get help? From who everyone I called said they had no funds available. I moved to Alabama after we went through hurricane Michael, I am 73 years old and the little savings I had I used to move out of Bay County Florida. Florida is a lot more willing to work with you than Alabama

wet floor

I went in to pay my bill [protected]). It has been raining all night. Well as im walking in, I fell because the floors were wet.. Well I fell and twisted my knee. There were no wet floor signs. And there were also no rugs down to help catch the water thats tracked in. The lady that wached me fall and get back up did not even acknowledge that I had fallen.. She then proceeded to get the wet floor signs. Please give me a call to address my concerns.. [protected] Bethany Mitchell

limb removal from one entire side to the trunk decades old ok tree approx 100' tall

My home at 300 Bromley Place has recently been renovated and is listed for sale by Robert Bros. Realty. I was not at the premises when the Alabama Power Co. tree crew came to my home on October 4, 2019. My painter was at the premises and they informed him they were going to trim the trees. My painter called me and informed me they were going to trim limbs from the side by the wires that runalong my property line. This is a yearly occurance and it did not occur to me that every limb from one side of my beautiful Magnolia tree and a very tall Oak tree would be removed all the way to the trunk. When I arrived at the property the painter had left and the crew had almost completed this unthinkable and dispicable damage to my property. The man in charge who spoke broken english said he was told to remove limbs 15 feet from the power pole which he said would be all the way to the trunk.

I have spent almost all of my money on the renovation of this home which would, when and if, sold provide a meager retirement. The trees are no longer viable and are a danger to the residnce. Oak trees have shallow root systems and if a windstorm or hurricane were to occur in Mobile this huge tree would fall on my home and cause extensive damage not to mention that now, the sale of my home could be thwarted because of the danger that these trees now threat to the home. It would be impossible to make the trees look any better or be any safer.

I do not have the resources to remove the trees that are now not only unsightly but dangerous. The oak tree is in very close proximity to Airport Blvd and if it fell could cause not only property damage to oncoming vehicles but also loss of life.

It is customary in other states, Ive been told, that a letter would be sent out to residences that would be affected by such drastic measures in order for the homeowner and the utility company to come to an agreement as to how the problem could be solved. No consideration was given, not even a telephone call from the foreman to me to discuss this event on the day.

I request an investigation of the damage and determination as to what your company is willing to do to help me solve this immediate problem. The photo does not show just how tall the tree is.

Linda Jones Moore

limb removal from one entire side to the trunk decades old ok tree approx 100' tall

disconnected service, exorbitant fees, rude cs reps

8/12, our power bill arrived via paperless billing for $147.67. On 8/27, we paid the bill. It appears on our...

blatantly lied to

Due to wave after wave of hospital Bill's stemming from my fathers stroke, I was late paying the service bill for my garage, my place of business, resulting in interruption of service.
I was able to pay my bill via phone, and after waiting 2 days for service to be restored, I called to ask when it could be reconnected.
I was told a service person was unable to locate the building.
This is absolutely impossible.
I was there, at my place of business at 6:30 am, and did not leave . I was awaiting a customer to approve a repair...
The spokesperson I had on the phone stated that the driver was "in the area" at 10:15, the time of the conversion was 10:25 .
She told me the driver was at a residence beside my garage . I was standing outside, looking directly where he said he was .
There was absolutely nobody there .
I was then told they were only working a half day, and monday would be a holiday, so I now have to wait until Tuesday before service is restored .

I do not understand why I was told such an elaborate lie .
My shop is directly beside the street the driver would have been on had the driver actually been there .
I can not wait until Tuesday to be reconnected.


Customer service representatives must have to prove they are atheist or Satan worshippers to be so heartless to not turn power back on for someone struggling to breathe on the phone when they have a snapshot proving they had an arrangement set up to pay the bill 2 days later. 2 days over $300 of which $75: was was a fee from the month before because this isn't how you help the poor in your community, this is how you kill them off

  • Updated by Debbie Franklin · Aug 14, 2019

    This is the most Godless company I have ever known and murderers also. Theres a difference in getting the money a few days late and not getting it at all and they are predgudice with who they extend courtesies to. By refusing to accept a medical order for oxygen because the power was in the daughter's name ultimately caused death. I had numerous people on Facebook say they had them and their power was in other people's names as long as that was the person's legal residence so I appealed it and was sent an application... 2 weeks after it was too late so now I don't qualify if I only sufferred a puntctured lung and it affects me laying down and only half the income now and it doesn't matter that I proved I made arrangements or bill matrix sent me a confirmation for payment but I didn't see they sent something later asking me to resend it until my power was cut off and another. reconnect fee. This is outrageous to punish the poor like this especially when it is a matter of life and death and since my proof of payment arrangement was not accepted again I was so embarrassed to call someone that said it's against the law to shut off power when the temperature is supposed to reach over 95 degrees . This wouldn't be happening if the state government implemented rules like they do with title loan companies but life saving needs don't warrant it

  • Ko
    Koree Aug 20, 2019

    My power bill in in the current month. This morning, they were turned off because I didnot call and make arrangements. Power company say they sent postcard reminder, but, needless to say, I didnot get it. Fridge full off food, no air in home, and no one cares at power company. Bill have to be paid to restore power, Not to mention, we are in the worst heat spell we have ever experienced here in Alabama. We are talking heat strokes and heat exhaustion for many. where is the compassion for those in need of time to pay?

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alabama power company

This message is to ALABAMA POWER company, to file a claim for power outage, On or about July 04 while...

power surge and intermittent loss of power damaging appliances 2019

At 4:22pm on 6 Aug 2019 we had the power drop and then come back on again at out our house. This has become a...

extended warranty

After receiving the "ourtesy letter" from your employee, Vicki Creary (attached), I went to your website (on July 29th) to make the final payment on my Extended Warranty (Merchandise Order: # 597814/Account #: [protected], Whereupon I was informed that the account number no longer existed.

After several calls Alabama Power Customer Service and Warranty Services, I learned that my Warranty had been cancelled for "Non-payment" and could not be reinstated or re-written.

Unless there is some "time-sensitive" reason to do so, I pay most of my bills at the end of the month (as I am a Alabama State employee, paid once a month, on the last day of the month).

Once again referencing Ms. Creary's "letter", there was no deadline or possibility of cancellation expressed.

Due to this unwitting, unintentional customer service failure, I no longer have warranty coverage on my Maytag Refrigerator.

I ask that my Extended Warranty be reinstated or, rewritten.


H.C. Cecil

extended warranty

  • An
    AnnoyedinAL Aug 14, 2019

    The Worst power company around the South. Where in other states they have upgraded power distribution systems around hurricane prone coastal areas, Alabama Power does nothing! It's the same crappy old system which was here when I left for the military in the 70s. Power is goes off in these areas because of old equipment. In other states power companies will replace transformers on a schedule, not in Alabama, they replace when they fail. These people are still using wood poles right on the water, and half of them are already leaning over from previous storms.
    I guess what I am trying to say is Alabama Power sucks!

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discrimination against disabled

My mother is blind, she has a broken foot and does not leave the house! I was moving her and I submitted the...

customer service employee james

I went in on Friday to pay my bill. I did not have the full amount. The other workers always work with me a...