Pepco Holdings, Inc Complaints & Reviews

Atlantic City Electric / Delivery charges

Oct 17, 2016

Looking at my latest bill from this company. Energy used by my home was 293 dollars and some change, delivery charges were 310 dollars and some change. How is this even legal . charging me to "deliver" something to my home on wires that are pre-existing and telling me it is standard...

Atlantic City Electric / Shut my electric off

Oct 09, 2014

I got a notice from Atlantic City Electric that I needed to raise my meter because it was hard to read.. I thought they did that, but when I called them they said I needed to contact an electrician and have them do it. There was no deadline on the letter, and this was a fairly expensive...

Atlantic City Electric / Tried to rip me off

Oct 06, 2013

I was moving into new house and have already signed the contract but next month after moving in I received a bill from Atlantic City Electric who asked me to pay $600. This bill was complete rubbish because owner of the house showed me all the paperwork proving that house didn't have...