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I have 2 issues:

1. I have a internet connection which was not usable for almost three months on the fourth month I have called up airtel and told them to transfer it to safe custody so that i can retrieve it later and i particularly mentioned that the concerned person have no access to mail and so they have to contact only me and have also provided them with the required information. At the end of the month i found out that my request has not been taken properly when called and checked with them they told me that I they cannot help me as they have sent the details to the person mail id and that’s how they work , when I said I have already mentioned that this person cannot access emails and it has to be sent only to me they said they don’t know anything about that and this is how they work.

2. I have another airtel broad band connection with phone. I have paid my bill and my line is active and when I tried reaching my house for some reason it said the “The airtel number you have tried is temporarily out of service”. When I asked him why this happened inspite of me paying the bill they said it how we deal and we have a process and according to that they will attend only when we request and they don’t bother.

They finally told me that I cannot do anything or they will not answer me and hanged up the line.

Someone advice, what can be done to these people and where is it possible for me to register complaints.


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    archana khatri Jan 27, 2007
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    I had applied for a post paid number on the 25th of January, and I was told that my number would be activated by evening. Till today, i.e 27th of January my number has not been activated. When I called up the post-paid helpline number, I was told the number alloted to me( [protected]) and the SIM [protected]) already exists with some other customer. I bought the number from the Airtel showroom in New Friends Colony, and had furnished my id proof and residential proof as required. It was shocking to know that such an incident happened, and I would not be surprised If nobody from Airtel corrects the error.

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    Mastufa Feb 21, 2008
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    I am shocked twice. Because a likewise incident is awaiting to happen to me. I applied to convert my prepaid to postpaid on 17th Feb, It's over five days i haven't got the service activated yet. I am not getting time to reach all over again there. Who knows same might happen to me.

    What a ###ing service. Worthless airtel.

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  • La
    latha Feb 18, 2009


    we have registered new Airtel Internet connection.For registering they took 1000 RS. after that no response from them .I called to customer care service to give complaint, they told complaint should be taken after 7 processing days.After 7 days they are telling we are unableto give connection in that region(kandhan chavadi), then again i called from another mobile and asking abt internet connection, they are saying with in 0ne day they will provide connection to that region but u should pay 100o rs. The customer care people saying that ur application is not updated properly .they had not even given connection nor even money, no response.

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  • De
    Devendra Mar 07, 2009


    this is devendra singh kunjwal

    i have airtel's unlimited braodband services.

    my internet was not working from last few days.

    i complaint to the nearer airtel showroom about it.

    but they did not respond.

    when i called up the person who set the internet at my home, he spoke very rowdly with me.

    when i told him that i was going to complain against him. he asked me to do so as fast as possible.

    he aslo said that i could not do anything against him..

    this is ###ing dusgusting...

    i am a airtel customer from more than one year...

    and when i am getting this kind of response, how can anyone be so cool about airtel's service.

    my internet was not working from March 4. and i complained on the 5th.

    from then i was just calling again and again...
    they are not even responding properly..

    i live in sector-12, noida

    and the person who connected the internet at my home and talked rowdly is Umesh.

    actually he has given his name and number, when i took wi-fi service.

    i know the service can be interupted sometimes, but you should know how to talk to your customers.

    the way that guy talk to me was rubbish..

    i am just feeling like ...

    i am not gona take airtel's service anymore..

    and i would never suggest any of my friend to do this...

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    Ram-C Jun 24, 2009

    Worst customer service I come across with Airtel and particulary regarding internet connection.
    I was requesting to upgrade my plan since one week and the customer service reps's suck... If you can avoid AIRTEL please's a hell to get help from service...pathetic...

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  • Vj
    vjsharma25 Sep 29, 2010
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    I have received the bill for the month of Sep which is 2116 Rs. My plan is 749
    unlimited download. Since last 3 months my connection was treated as safe custody
    connection as i was not using internet. When i came back then i requested to
    activate my old plan but i think that has not been done, and the bill has been
    sent to me as per the tariff charges of the secured plan. Please change my plan
    as already requested as i wont be able to pay the current bill which is wrongly
    generated on the secured connection. Please resend my bill so that i can pay it
    My account number is [protected] and my telephone number is [protected].

    In response to the above mail i have received a mail which says that "no adjustment is given as checked in the bill all the charges are correctly charged.We kindly request you to switch of the modem whenever it is not in use. "

    I think you people haven't understood the problem well. I didn't said that bill has been charged incorrectly. I said that because my plan was 749 unlimited, and i have put it into secured connection for 3 months. When i asked the customer service representative to resume my services i EXPLICITLY told him/her that please change my plan as per the old 749 plan.And he/her informed that I just have to switch on my modem and my plan will be activated as per my old 749 plan. So i started using my Internet according to that plan.
    Now if somebody in your team hasn't done his/her duty properly then it is not my fault.
    If i would have been aware that my plan is still under change i wouldn't have used it that way. You can check my billing record and the bills also which are all paid in time and bills are also consistent.

    This is harassment of the customer which I won't accept at any cost and will do anything required to resolve it.And I won't be able to pay my bill till this issue is resolved.

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  • De
    Deepti Mishra May 17, 2011

    weak internet signals and telephone connection(o7662-403014) is dead from about 15 days, no local help is available, so plz take actions imediatly

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