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I have just bought a new prepaid Airtel chip (No. 99031-7607X). I wanted to know the GPRS settings. First of all navigating through the IVR of Airtel is painful because you have to wait till the voice stops parroting. Then, if by chance you enter a number (option) twice, you get disconnected. When you do choose, for example, English Language, you don't get an option to connect to Customer Care. Only after I learned that you must dial the secret number "9" at the secret point in the IVR do you get connected to Customer Care.

The Customer Care really don't care about the customer. Perfect parrot in practiced English dictions, a little off-beat question confuses them thoroughly. They put you on hold and ask their supervisor. In my case, I was told to dial 7070 for technical assistance. I asked whether the number was toll-free and "yes" came the reply.

I called 7070. They had no idea regarding GPRS settings (AND THEY CALL THEMSELVES TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE?) and asked weird and vague questions and finally said they had no idea regarding my question. Ah well! I always knew they were dumb. After hanging up, I was shocked to see my balance depleted for Rs 26.xx for a less than 10 min call.

Moral of the story: Don't trust Airtel. Don't buy Airtel. If you can't afford Hutch, go without a phone. Hire a messenger to send your messages. Above all, don't call customer care and waste your time. Buy some other card. Even an out-of-state on roam SIM.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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Oct 06, 2009 3:00 am

I am holding Airtel mobile ph No [protected]. Recently I am receiving lot of SMS from service message section.I never opt for nay service however from Airtel SMS service they send cricket sms and other sms and charging form my balance . When I am trying to send sms to customer care no, they always sending SMS as invalid option . I am tired of such SMS .Please stop the unfair trade practice. I am fed up with Airtel unfair practice . If it continues definetly I will switch over from Airtel to some other company (not only myself I am heving three connection in my family).
Hence please do the needful
With expectation

Jun 19, 2007 12:00 am

I have applied for new airtel connection. I have applied on 15/6/07 it has been around 5 days but has not been activated yet. When ever i call to the executive for the status he always reply that in an hour it will get activated. The same story occur again and again.


Sep 25, 2009 5:41 am

Customer care of the airtel is not good and satisfactory.
Airtel prepaid connection service is not good.
I am planning to change airtel connection to other service provider in december when other service provider will be there.
We are having 10-15 airtel number in our family and friends and we all are facing activation of hello tunes and other service problem frequently. We all planning to switch for other service provider if same mobile number will be there or we are planning to switch TATA DOCOMO or tata mobile.

Oct 11, 2010 2:59 am

My mobile number +91 [protected]

My outgoing calls have been de-activated without any information to me.

The voice message asks me to submti the proof of residence each time I make a call.

I have submitted proof of residence and a photograph at RT Nagar Bangalore office of Airtel a month ago.

I have a feeling that Airtel wants me to convert my pre-paid to post paid and this is one way of arm twisting.

Let Airtel know that there are other service providers who could offer a better service and customer care.

Surendran Velath
Mob: [protected]

Aug 16, 2008 7:42 am

My mobile number is +[protected]. I am not able to make calls to international calls to a particular country called Djibouti. Whenever I try call to this particular country I get a message stating 'Number Not in Use', whereas I am able to call from my alternate 'VODAFONE' Number. I have made several complaints regarding this since a year, but have not received any response from the Customer Care Executive nor the Higher Officials to whom the call was redirected after many calls made to them. The latest complaint number regarding this complaint to Airtel is '[protected]' dated 12-Aug-2008. I am extremely disheartened with the way Airtel has reacted to the complaint and really feel as other company service providers are far far better in Customer Care than Airtel.

Aug 07, 2008 2:54 am

SUB -Ridiculous Service
[email protected]
This is to bring Your kind attention on the following matter,
As soon as I came in Delhi, I was most attracted by the offers of Air Tel, for a life time pre paid connection, I took the conncetion by submitting the essential proofs of my identity . Enrolled as a customer -- After one month I got a message again to submit the identity poofs, with photo and enrollment form in any of the AirTel offices -- This was in cooncetion to the failure in tele verification .My Incomming and out going services has been cancelled on the same date (31/07/2008) when I received the above said message so that I could not take up with any actions to solve the probelm
On 1st of august 2008, I went to Kamala Nagar Air Tel office and submitted three categories of my identity proofs
1. Copies of the Passport pages
2.Copy of the Electrol identity card
3. Copy of the Driving licence
5.Filled up Enrollment form with seperate Anexure Form for Non Native Delhi residents
I received the Acknowledgement cum Counterfoil customer copy ( [protected]) from the office with a commitment that my service will be reinstated/reconnceted with in 72 hrs
From that day onwards I was keep on calling in the Air Tel customer service for reinstating my service --- and it was told that Due to a Saturday and Sunday holidays in between -it might take extra time to do the facility for me
I have patiently awaited till the 72hrs to pass out, But even after that also it has not been sorted out . Today 7th of august 2008 I am still facing the same probelm but as a consolation to me, The Incomming calls are allowed ---which in trun generated a dobut in my mind that if they can avail incomming why not outgoing facility ?--- so it is understood that some gross negligence and ignorance in terms of service had occured
With great disppointment and frustration I am writing this complaint.
The AirTel customer service is demanding the same procedure to be followed again with any of the Air Tel office ---but I aniticipate the same consequneces would be going to repeat
Now I am thinking to approach any other conncetion providers other than Air Tel
I view of the above I would humbly request to the concerned authorities to take appropriate actions in this case at the earliest . I hope this will not happen to any more customer of Air Tel
Thanking you
With Regards
Jose Prasobh
Mobile No .[protected]
Sim No [protected]
Serial no on customer copy ---[protected]

Apr 09, 2008 7:49 am

I had purchased fresh simcards of airtel from our area distributor-alpha agency, vadodara in 2004. After that the cards should be expired in six months. At that time i complained to t. M. Of airtel and distri. Also. But they passed time and time by time t. M. Of airtel & distributors are changed. Then day after day time passed and problems are as and were pending

Jun 25, 2007 12:00 am

I know its hard to believe but this has happened with me. I called up airtel customer care on 121 late night at 1 am. The ill mannered customer care executives didn't even put my call on hold and were playing tabla on there tables. Inspite of my saying "Hello! Hello!" several times no one bothered to reply my call.

Sep 01, 2007 12:00 am

On August 31 2007, I recharged my number [protected] for Rs 200 with a talk time of Rs. 49.81 Transaction ID [protected] at 6:58 pm. Today, on September 2 2007, I have been deducted Rs. 30 even without accessing the Airtel Live Services with an SMS from [protected] sending me a message , "Thank you for using Airtel Live Services!" when I haven't accessed Airtel Live Services when on earlier two occasions I found that the money was being deducted. On previous occasions when I had inquired regarding GPRS services, I was informed by the customer care executive that the service is absolutely free and that nothing would be charged from my account and the only requirement was to have a balance greater than or equal to Rs. 50.

Today on calling up the customer care executive, he was absolutely clueless as to how to handle case and asked me whether I had any other problem. This is an absolute mockery of customer care service ever encountered in my life. I had subscribed to Airtel because I felt that their services were much better than other companies, but sadly I m completely mistaken and my impression regarding this company is down to zero. Whenever I call up the customer care executives I find that they are not at all competent in handling the customer queries and on various occasions contradict each other when giving out information to the customers. I feel that this is the responsibility of the Bharti Telecom who are playing with the customer's money , time, and patience when they call up for information regarding the services offered by the company.

As for me I m just going to unsubscribe my account from this mobile company as it is found to be absolutely useless communicating to them as I don't get the correct information whenever I have an inquiries regarding their services.


Jul 12, 2010 12:31 am
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My Phone No :- [protected] is Lost before 2 months And When i apply for duplicate SIM They Rejected Due to Owner name Other Data is not matched.
After Wen i got the Data of my phone i went to apply for Duplicate SIM
I got the Sim and used for more than 2 week
One day i got no network available message wen i call after 2 days
I took to the Executive
The Executive has told that u r no is Recycled, u r no is not used for more than 45 days
They Recycled my no. with out Any intimation i used around just 3 days before i made calls and activated Internet and lot more
how can they Deactivate. Then i call to Customer care They said is Recycled and we Cannot Provide this no
in further is this Customer service is poor and No proper response has made till now

air tel is one of the worst customer care & support in world that i ever seen
now i am using other service

Jan 11, 2010 8:28 am
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to whom ever s concern
Respected sir /madam
my name is mohd.abdul.samad.
mobile no 91 [protected] address hno .16-3-810 chanchalguda hyderabad a.p. india .i had not use the air tel sim seven months but it is life time sim till 215 after seven months not used i has using this sim from 06-01-2010 ( mobile no [protected] ). i had recharged my mobile rs 55 and 32 also for .50paisa local call in morring today itself . 11/01/01but in after noon the air tel had blocked by sim for no reson MY SIM IS LIFE TIME VALUED TILL 2015.AND U DEACTIVATED IT.i had visted malakpet air tel office in after noon and talk the officer said i had to purchase a duplicate sim costing rs i had purchased it but till now my new sim of same no ie [protected] is not activated .plz activated my sim with my no [protected] urgently NOTE IAM USING THIS MOBILE NO [protected] NEARALY FROM SIX YEARS .SO I HAD VERY IMPORTANT CONTACT .IF I PURCHASE NEW SIM WITH NEW NO ITS GREAT LOSS TO ME SO I REQUIEST THE AIR TEL MOBILE COMPANY RE ACTIVATE MY MOBILE NO [protected] URGENTLY THANKING U

Feb 16, 2010 3:58 am

Its with great pain and anguish I'm writing this, I really regret to say that one of the worst decision in my life was to go for an Airtel Prepaid connection. In last two week's time, Airtel has blocked my connection twice apparently without any reason neither giving any intimation. Is this the way to handle a customer, is this the Airtel's much proclaimed customer service?

My problem started by second week of February, when all of a sudden my outgoing calls was barred without any prior intimation. After making repeated calls to customer care unit, one of the executive responded by saying that the connection was blocked due to some problem with address verification. On further request on how to re-activate the sim, executives themselves had conflicting answers to my queries which was really disgusting for me as a customer who turned out for help and support. I thought I would have a solution if I go and meet an authorized person in aCustomer Care Center, atleast I thought they would show the patience to hear my complaint and help me out with a solution. Expectations was sky high when I walked into Airtel Customer Care Center in Koramangala 7th Block, Bangalore; for a customer who was already in a state of flux believed this was the last fall back. My expectation was thoroughly shaken up by the response I got from Shwetha (Prepaid Connection - Customer Support Executive), she showed sheer arrogance and attitude in responding to my queries. Finally after half an hour she saidthe connection was barred due to the fact that address verification process was negative. Further, after a lengthy discussion she said to give the local residing address and told me that the connection would be re-activated withing 24 hours. The long wait continued for 24 hours and finally I got my SIM re-activated. Later on 13 February 2010 my SIM has been again barred, when I checked with customer care executive they have informed me to take a duplicate SIM as they said Airtel has scrapped off my SIM (WOW !).

I've send a detailed email to the following address on Feb 14, 2010 and till now I haven't got any response. If Airtel's senior managers are so irresponsible phew! how can I expect support from Customer Support Executives. Hence, I would like to take this up legally and sue Airtel. Kindly advice how to proceed.

Dec 14, 2007 12:00 am

Dear Sir,

I had purchased one connection of AIRTEL preipaid mobile number is [protected] in the name of my father SHRI SHUBH NARAYAN PANDEY, VILL AND POST CHAUBEY AMBARA, DIST. MUZAFFARPUR, BIHAR. Number activated by M/s NANDNI TELECOM one of franchise of AIRTEL at Sairya, Muzaffarpur, Bihar on the time of activation i have deposited all document on 13/11/07 but after 15 days my connection was disconnect by AIR TEL on 5/12/07 due to documents. My father agains deposited all the document with franchise on 05/12/07 but till date my number is not activated. Due to this we have facing a lot of problem. I already mailed to [email protected] be 3 days back but there is no reply from their end. I can't understand what is the problem with AIRTEL and its franchise. Please help me.

Bipin Kumar

Jun 24, 2007 12:00 am

I had an Airtel mobile connection & everything was working fine. I purchased a service (friends plan) and I was suppose to get 3 of my numbers absolutely free.

I paid for that service for almost 8 months (thinking that Airtel is a great company and never bothered checking my billing statement as billing statement itself is very complex if you are using Airtel connections - as compared to other vendors) and suddenly one day, when I thoroughly checked my bill, came to know that they are charging me for the service but guess what, Vie also been charged for the supposed to be free numbers.

I immediately filed a complaint and initially, the cuts service was good, they listened to my complaint but unfortunately, they just listened and never did anything.

Then, because of frustration and considering that Imp out of my lots of money, I didn't paid that months bill and stopped using Airtel.

I received many calls as reminder to pay my bill but their customer service then refused to listen to my problems and almost threatened me to pay the bill.

When I said that Imp going to file a complaint against them, they turned the turtle and a supervisor (Rachel) called and said that he can waive off the charges from last four months bill and will apply it as a discount, but I was charged wrongly for 8 months and he had no response to this request and said that they cannot view the bills older than 4 months hence cannot help me.

Then I requested to give me an average adjustment for the remaining four months and they denied of doing that as well.

I cannot imagine how irritating it can be, dealing with their customer service... Every 10-15 days a guy calls me up, first in threatening tone, asks me to pay the bill, then when I explain everything, assures me that he will take care of everything and then call back.

I never receive a call back but guess what, I receive another call from another sales person and again the story begins.

No one is taking the owner ship of resolving this issue and it has been a mental harassment for me from the last 6 months.

Frankly, Imp fed-up off and tired of this stupid service I opted for and will never use any Airtel service.

I work in service industry (as a supervisor) and hires 80 associates for my company every year. Feedback as such matters a lot. Now a days, I make sure that everyone I know buys either Idea or Hutch but no Airtel...

Good bye airtel, you lost almost 55 customers as of now and I will make sure that you loose more customers in future, courtesy me... numbers are increasing.

Dec 21, 2006 12:00 am

For all out there, there is a good reason for someone to switch from Reliance to Airtel call home:
- Half the cost
- Reliable company

- you will get an account number
- you will get a user id and password

But when you place a call
- you will notice that your account is invalid
- if you try to check your account from their website, you will notice that the userid is invalid

The only piece that works in their website is contacting the payment gateway and taking your money.

If you plan to call their customer care center at [protected] then please be prepared to wait for at least an hour.

Stay away, dont be fooled by the cost and the reputation of the company.

Jul 03, 2011 5:45 am
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I called customer service (198) at 9:55AM on 3rd July, but there is no proper response... they cut the call intentionally without providing and not listening anything.

Also, I called at 10:00AM, on 3rd July, they put my call on HOLD, but never came back... this is happening multiple times.

I send a request for portability, they reverted back with reason and an offer, but now they again saying that they don't have any offer after I cancel my PORT... this is cheating...

This is the worst service I am ever facing...


Mar 09, 2010 5:35 am

I had Airtel Prepaid Line no.with life time recharge ([protected]). It was working fine with validity showing upto year 2032. When we purchased lifetime SIM, they told you dont need to recharge. After using six months without recharge. they terminated the service without any notice or any message for the same.
After i called customer care they told me that if you dont recharge for Rs.220 in six months it will close the service..
Why do Airtel not disclosing the fact and keep this hidden if they have this rules. they are just selling and making people fool.
they think that everything hides in * (conditions Apply).
But this is not at all acceptable.
I will never use Airtel Again, and will not suggest anybody to use it.
I had balanace of some 400 Rs. who will pay? will loose lot of customers.. by doin this to me.
I will migrate all my close people and others in touch to some other service provider.

Sep 29, 2010 7:36 am
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I have been with Airtel Since I got my first mobile in year 2000.At pathankot, I took a postpaid connection no [protected] and kept it from 2008 to 2010.Suddenly I had to move out of town to delhi for op purposes and in the process, could not clear off the bill and get the no. disconnected.
Now the concern is that for a small amountof Rs 2000, the collection agents have been calling my relatives and friends to which I had made calls and threatening them of taking them to the Court if the amt is not paid.They have been calling my father, my wife and several other friends of mine.I have been thoroughly harassed including my relatives.I will be paying the bill only after the collection agents give a call to the same numbers on which they called earlier and admit thier fault of harassing me and my known ones.
The last call recieved was that of Neha from Chandigarh centre from the mobile no. [protected] on Tuesday.

Nov 27, 2007 12:00 am

I have been using Airtel prepaid for the past 4 years now i got another sim for making that as addon to my number i had send request message more that 20 times but no response for that also i registered complaint in airtel customer care but they are not at all rectifying this problem for that my request reference number is [protected] whether can i make this new number as addon or else i have to switch to aircel or bsnl. reply soon.

Jan 02, 2014 1:02 am

My name is anurag mathur my post paid connection two year old with airtel company [protected] i payment pay will be any month airtel outlet cash payment but last week one person tell me i am collection exucative 2 more comemy home without information Mr. Shokit from okhla [protected] that is disturb me very much i call customer care 121 so tell me giving complaint on line so inform u on otherwise no reply my complaint i go to customer coart thanx anurag mathur

Aug 27, 2011 3:07 pm
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i am complaining from 23.08.11 that my airtel connection is not working .they launched my complain on 24th. After giving 8 to 10 reminders they attended my complain on 26-08-2011 evening by changing the setup box against which i paid Rs-350. Now the problem again arised on 27th morning. Again I called 2 to 3 times at Airtel Customer Care No and again they told me to wait for next 24 Hours. I called at my city's Airtel office also 6 to 7 times and I talk to the related person name Rahul, Umesh. without giving me any proper answer they are disconnecting my Phone Again & Again. My complain numbers are [protected] at happy code 647 at Airtel Customer Care, My next complain no is [protected] for delay in resolution happy code 941. Kindly look forword to it. My Ph No is [protected], [protected] (Atul Khandelwal) E Mail:[email protected]

Oct 31, 2011 2:27 pm

Hi. I stay in malad west, mumbai. One month back I had contacted Mr Ajay for new airtel connection and witnessed worst service ever. First of all they did not collect important documents required for almost two weeks. And secondly its been almost a month and they haven't installed new connection. everytime i call up, Mr Ajay(his number - [protected]) says that the connection will be installed within a week. After 2-3 calls he told us that it would take time due to some technical problem. After that when i told them that i was planning to take data card connection, he promised that the connection would be installed within 2 days. However till now they haven't come and installed any connection. he still has our papers, photoes, ids etc.

Either Airtel should return our documents/ money and take back the modem or install connection as soon as possible.
This behaviour is certainly now expected from a brand like "airtel". people prefer this brand because of its good service whenreas in reality the service is atrocious. people delay response to unbelievable limit and avoid taking phone calls. This has been the worst service experience ever, i wish i could take up some other connection but i have already bought airtel.

My Contact Number - [protected]

Apr 14, 2011 9:13 am

i have purchace one airtel demo in our area distributor.many days after my number has been closed without information . ihave very time talk with sunnil dall who is the executive head of airtel in amritsar. many days he said ur number is go on process . but today he use abuse me and who asked u do any thing i have no run ur number. my demo numbei is [protected]. my number have 500rs.. alerady save in my account pls...u take action ...
sarbjeet singh

Feb 20, 2011 2:47 pm

my mobile number is [protected], and i recharge this numer on dated 19/02/2011, of amount which i got sum of Rs12.51 balance on same day, but next day i completely lost all my balance without doing any call of massage.Twice i registered my complaint on 198 but there is no responce in this matter .thererfore i requested to you please resolve this problem.

Oct 27, 2010 10:28 am

Dear airtel,
I Purchase the prepaid sim to the shoprix mall noida sector 52, up. but u say u can not conferm the address so i submitted the second id & address proof
but u diconect in comming & outgoing call
plz conect my number.

Lalit kumar s/o Kashi prasad
D-40.Vijay Nagar Ghaziabad UP

Jul 03, 2010 11:23 am

My SIM No. [protected] was converted into the life time use but so strange to notice a day before that this No. has been discontinued so my all circle network crecked if airtel will not provide me continiuty in prepaid service so defenatly i'll take legal action aggainst airtel company becoz its extremly required sim for me.

Phone Number-[protected]
Sim number-[protected] 7

If you want to contact with me so my number is [protected]/[protected]

Vijay Kamal Shrivastava

Aug 18, 2010 7:17 am
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Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been writing to your office continously for the past three weeks and now after dragging on the matter for so longg i am getting a reply that a connection cannot be made available to me due to due to network choked(ASB-11-07) sub pillar full.
My case is such that i had applied for an airtel connection from you relationship centre situated at :
Vijay Associates167/18
Vijay Rattan Chownk
Nr. Ambala Club
Ambala Cantt - 133001


Sir we are running a project of Haryana State Aids Control Organisation in District Ambala working with drug addicts towards the prevention of spread of HIV and AIDS. We had approached you said office on the 14th of July 2010 for getting a landline and broadband connection. We were asked to pay a sum of Rs. 1000/ towards security for the same and fill in the necessary documents. We did so and we were assured that the connection would be installed inn 2-3 days. With this assurance we left the centre.
After 3 days we approaced your office your office and were told that due to the floods in Ambala a technical snag had occured and it would take another 2-3 days to rectify. We then visited you office again on the 21st of July 2010 and we told that still the problem would take a couple of days. We the requested Ms. Ruchika ([protected]) that we were waiting to get our Information material printed and required the landline number to be printed before for the conveinience of all the clients/patients. We were given the number as [protected] and assured that the connection would be made available to us in a couple of days and so we should go ahead with the printing of the pamphlets with the following number.
Only after the assurance of Ms. Ruchika, we then went ahead and got our information material printed and displayed the above mentioned number in all our pamphlets which are more that 16, 000 in number and cost Rs. 10, 000/. As of now we have 16, 000/ pamphlets which we cannot distribute due to the wrong number and also the phone number is not being made available to us.

Now after one and a half months i am being told that the connection will not be made available due to technical reasons, i understand that this technical condition is beyond your control hence i request you to kindly refund the amount that we spent on the pamphlets and also the security deposit that we had submitted to your office. We are doing social work and the budget provided by the Haryana State AIDS control Society (Government of Haryana) does not provide more money for the printing of Information material on HIV and AIDS. Our program will be hampered if this is not done. (Please consider our request very urgently.

It is highly unfortunate that your customers are made to go through such harassment and the company does not ensure that its employees are made responsible for misdirecting customers and giving incorrect information. They are extremely rude and are not at all helpful.

Please take appropriate measures
Thank you
Neil Roberts
Don Bosco Navjeevan IDU Project
114, Lawrence Road, Ambala Cantt. Ambala

Ph: - [protected]

Aug 04, 2010 6:04 am

Airtel Customer Data base highly missued by customer care division in Airtel network
I have an inquire to Airtel Customer care dated 03-Aug-2010 Time 11:00 a.m 03Aug2010 and conveyed regarding the talk time vouchers they have.

But they are not an aware about the product details, through my call transfered to Customer care supervisor Kalpana madam. Since I have prosperousness, I got embarrassed with their improperly ended in a drastic and confessional argument.

Without my permission she cutoff my line. But called from her personal mobile no [protected] threatened me as she is having my personal adress details so will spoil your image.

Thus I compliant about this issue to AirTel Team Leader Subasini madam the team leader heard all my recorded arguments with the customer care and confirmed, she apologized to me for the misbehavior inconvenience and by the Kalapana Customer Care staff, further assured me that they will take necessary action against the issue but since till date the Team Leader never resisted my compliant, protect the staff unofficially. But I again enquired and cross verification about my complaint to another team leader Gowri Madam Reg. my compliant no [protected] after repeating cross checking only i got the answer from the airtel.

I come into conclusion that why the Airtel customer care behavior like this... they are not properly paid up by the management thats why the not at all worry and aware that the customer complaints.

A premium branded networking company performance is like this?!
What can we blame about our social behavior or political loop holes?

[email protected]

Apr 13, 2010 10:03 am
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I am a customer of your company from last 4-5 years. I have a mobile connection no [protected]. I am facing a very huge problem to contacting your customer care from last week. i want to activate mobile office in my mobile. your executives already has provide this service to me but i am not accessing for this. i called many times at your customer care they has not given proper guideline for this. I am now really fully un-satisfied with your services.
Now i want to disconect my connection and i was go to M/s Komal Traders Sri Ganganagar(Your Distributor) for this. This connection is on the name of my firm M/s Guraya Ram Kishori lal and they ask me for Letter Pad of above firm, Balance Bill Amount and my ID proof. when i provide the same then they asked for certificate of propritorship of above firm which i dont have. I want to clear that i have not given any certificate on the time of issuing of connection. So please tell me the procedure to disconnect my connection as soon as possible. I feel very free mind after your reply...

Oct 31, 2009 3:04 am

Dear Customer Care,

I am getting a message from [protected] as

"Thanks for using (Subscriptions, Text Based Services) Subscription service on Airtel WAP. You've been charged Rs.20. Enjoy"

I want to UNSUBSCRIBE this service. Please do this as quickly as possible.

My cell no. is [protected]

Thanks & Regards,

Oct 14, 2009 5:40 am


Our school is located in the udupi district karnataka. Our school is boarding school more than 800 students & 150 staffs from diffrent part of the country.Every day 40 to 50 parnets oters visting our schoo most of the parents are NRI. Every week calls come to our hostel from saudi dubai & other country to talk their children. but inside the campus we are not getting proper signal. We kindly request you visit our school & setright technical problem from the nearest mobile tower or any other way is there to make it proper.
Green Valley National School & PU College
Neerugadde, Shiroor-576228
Tq: Kundapura, Udupi Dist,
Kaarnatakaa. Ph-[protected]
Mobile: Principal [protected]

Thanking you,

Mr. Ramesh
In -Charge Maintance
Email: [email protected]
school Id : [email protected]

Aug 16, 2009 11:44 am

Complaint : Dear sir, t I nforim to airtel from REGISTERED letter thaTHREE times airtel transferred money from my bank account number [protected] state bank of India Vepery branch Chennai without my knowledge by ECS service but I do not have any Ecs for Airtel account number11297713. This Airtel account numbers not my account. In this account there is no my name and not my phone numbers. Airtel transferred AS PER MY BANK STATEMENT [for reference I sent bank statement copy, asserted by bank manager] on 8th December2008 Rs-649, 17th January 2009 Rs-1329-00 and again on 10th of feb2009 Rs 2504 -00. I ALREADY SENT ONE BANK STATEMENT COPY BUT NO RESPONSE. Several times I complaints on airtel costumers service and sent e mail but there is no any response. I Thanking you JAYANTILAL M-[protected]

Mar 31, 2008 9:13 pm

I'm using Airtel prepaid for past 1year. I'm using my mobile, not only to make calls but also for using Instant GPRS, by paying required amount. On 31st March 2008, i made top up for Rs 121/- and later checked my balance. Rs 150 and above was available in my account (including my old balance). Same day evening when i checked my balance it was only 0.19 paise. Thought i didnt utilise my phone for any purpuse expect my weekly GPRS activation. When i enquired from Airtel Customer care Centre, there was no response nor they were not able to trace out. My request reference no. is [protected]. Kindly look into this matter. Thanking you

Jan 09, 2012 7:30 am

Hello All,
Since last 2 months, I am following with AIRTEL to close the subscription which I have not taken. My first complaint # [protected] for my mobile # [protected] where I informed them immediately that I have taken any subscription and they promised to reverse the charges. They have closed this complaint..I am surprised to see the bill with 90 rupees charged extra just because of that. I have lodged one more complaint today with airtel customer care - complaint # [protected].
I hope someone addresses this asap.

Thanks and regards,

Aug 03, 2011 6:30 pm

I reside in rohini, delhi...i had been getting hundreds of calls regarding the acquisition of airtel broadband connection through "Omni communications" in Rani Bagh (near rohini). I agreed for the connection (mind u after they just kept on calling and calling). I paid a cheque of 500 rupees along with my documents. After a few days i got a call that my area is a choke area and the connection cannot be provided. I canceled the cheque and that was the end of story.

After about 8 months I agreed for the connection again as I was ensured that there is connectivity in my area and the broadband connection will surely be provided. The call was again from "Omni communications" in Rani Bagh. I paid a cheque of 500 rupees again and this time after i ran after the executives for about 10 days (constantly calling them) I was again informed that the connection is still unavailable but the cheque had already been cashed. After 15 more days the amount was refunded through a cheque of 500 rupees by airtel. I had invested a lot of time and calls which was never accounted for.

Another 4 months later on 15th of july 2011 I was approached by "Omni communications" in Rani Bagh again and this time I was told that if I book IP TV then my connection will surely be provided as only broadband is not available. As I needed the connection I agreed again and then paid a cheque of 1750 rupees to MR. Vineet Gupta (an employee of "Omni communications" - a representative of airtel) I had a chat with Mr Sonu, Mr. Rahul, Miss Komal. All employees of "Omni communications" - a representative of airtel. All of them gave me one or the other excuse saying that the airtel server is down and will be reactivated on 18th july, 23rd july, 28th july and the most recent being 5th August. I waited till 3rd Aug (today) and I got a call from of "Omni communications" again saying that the connection that i have booked has been put on hold and i need to give my documents again along with 1750 rupees again and then later I will be refunded with the original amount of 1750 that I had paid. I asked them to send their executive. The executive called me and as soon as I confirmed my address he told me that my area is choke area and connection cannot be provided.

I cannot take this horror any more. I am willing to take this complaint to the consumer court and if I am not provided with the connection I will surely lodge complaint against "Omni communications". I expect strict and most importantly swift action as a solution.

Jun 24, 2011 6:46 am
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Airtel has been demanding money from me on Mob [protected] but they made my sim inactive long back thus I could not make any calls or recieve calls in any way, They have now been sending me emails on my mail demanding Approx 3000/-, when i reply to them they do not respond or send me any statement explaining the charges .

I wrote to them, called on customer services but to no relief, Why should I pay for something without knowing What I am paying for, When I had last made a cash payment to them I had cleared the bills, but they have been adding 200 & 300/- bucks now with every mail they write

I NEED Help of people with this .

May 20, 2011 5:40 pm
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Dear Concerned, This is to highlight that I have called the AIRTEL representative to include my wifes name on the bills for reimbursement purpose as we both are working in HCL but to my utter disappointment they have disconnected both my connections today 20 may 2011. Reason stated is due to financial problem Incorrect reason documented. If this is the way AIRTEL being such a reputed Telecom company handle the query of their customer then it is really SAD that we choose AIRTEL as our service provider. I logged in on the online AIRTEL site on my account and tried n number of times to log complaint on May I help you but again no success as it gives an error all the time. I want someone from AIRTEL to get back to me at [protected] or else I will look forward to approach other Telecom companies for both the corporate connections. No place to log a complaint.

Mar 13, 2011 8:04 pm
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i was above to activate my 3g account but as it was late at evening at 1130 pm so i have sent the sms according to help desk but the 3g was still not activated but i though it will work on the day ...

there was also several complain about the airtel customer care that the call centre employee were never answer in a proper way as one of old number also got deactvated by your airtel customer care service ...

i m the user of airtel last 7 years but just coz of your careless mistakes i will stop using the airtel service as soon as possible ... please do the needfull or i will stop using the airtel service...

Aug 04, 2010 7:29 am

I Y Murali, facing a problem from past four months because of weak signal and call drop in Thatichetlapalem area near railway new colony. I have given a complaint to 121(Customer care) several times, even at customer care at siripuram in Visakhapatnam and they promised to rectify the problem with in 90days (bw Aug. to Nov.). But the problem is solved or not yet to be identified and no technical team or a person as approached and asked for, is the problem rectified or still exists. I wanted to claim refund for this period (90days/Till the problem solved) due to weak signal and call drop as we suffered lot because of these. Since being a customer with Airtel from long time, this is what they show.

Nov 06, 2009 1:34 am

Dear sir,
I am regular airtel customer mob. [protected]. it has been observed that the prepaid balance is automatically get reduced without any call & SMS etc. This reduction in balance is observed on 17 & 23 Sept. 2009, 16, 17, 18 Oct 2009 and 2, 3 November.
I am very much disturbed due to this as I am a very poor person. It is requested to stop this automatic reduction and reimburse the payment. Otherwise I will have to go to consumer forum.
This is for your information and necessary action.


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