AirIndiaregarding online booking and unethical behaviour

A Aug 17, 2018

I would like to complain about the service provided by AirIndia Flight and the inconvenience I had.

I had a flight booked from 'Cochi to Mumbai' and then 'Mumbai to Newark' (Flight No. "191" (~19hr travel)) on August 8th, 2018. For your information, it was way before the flood or any of that happened. So, please don't confuse this complain with that hazzle.

The problem occured in the connect flight from 'Mumbai to Newark'(Aug 9, 1:30 am). I had the basinet for my 5 month old as confirmed and we booked the tickets months before. I am attaching a screen shot of the confirmation. The screen shot has details of both up and down flight I took. I have highlighted about the one I am talking about (AI 0191, BOM -> EWR). However, on the day I boarded the plane, to my surprise my seat no. was different and obviously no basinet was provided as well. According to me, this is height of negligency and a matter of risk for a 5 month old considering the fact that it is a long journey. So, I had to call the manager in the flight to ask why has this happened and showed him the online confirmation I had. His name was "Jeevan". And he was smart enough to say -"Go to the counter and ask, it is not my problem". I have boarded the plane which is about to take off in 2 min and he wants me to get off the plane and ask in the counter. I asked him the same, to which his response was when you reach, go and complain online. Your employee "Mr. Jeevan" have been wonderfully trained to not behave with customers. First of all, the mistake is at your end and he had no courtsey to resolve or serve the customer. Based on his attitude, he is not approachable at all.

I can understand, if all the seats at front were booked with people who have kids and needs basinet. But no, all were adults. There were 2 rows with no basinets used at all. There were 1 basinet used somewhere at back for a 9 or 10 month old. In short, my daughter was the youngest in that plane. So for what valid reasons were the seats changed? Why was it given to others? And also, since all the fronts were booked by adults with no kids - why would your staff not make any effort to work this out. I am surprised that employees try to solve the problem. Whereas, they encourage to just put complains online instead of being accountable for passengers safety.

This is a complete harassement to me and my 5 month old. Can you imagine the torcher besides the risk for ~15 hr flight? How do you handle 5 month old for so long in your arms? How will the baby sleep? How do I have my meal? How do I use the restroom if need be? What happens if the plane is not stable due to inclement weather?

Hereby, this is not a mere complain. I want a response back in 2 weeks with regards to what action was taken. Also, I want to know what action was taken against Jeevan? If not, then I would be approaching consumers court and escalating this issue until there is a solution/action taken . Because I do not want this to happen to any other customer and also want to make sure that this is not one more online complain that no one takes action on which you guys encourage so much to write. I will be keeping a copy of this letter. Please let me know if you need any more details.

My contact details:
Alexy Thomas
60N, Diamond Street
Clifton Heights
PA, 19018

regarding online booking and unethical behaviour

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