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I took Air asia flight from amritsar towards Sydney along with my wife on 16th july 2019 at 11.45 pm. We had 1 hour 20 mints stopover to catch the connected plane at kaula lumpur. We were rushing for our plane, when there was long queue in security checks, I keep on saying to representatives at security to hurry up but they were keep on doing their stuff on their normal pace. As soon as they finished the security we rushed towards our desalinated gate. We were literally running along with 7 more passengers and then the person on gate stopped us and said gate is closed now. We all explained that we are not at any fault, this happened only because of slow security and poor customer service, But they ignored us.
After all this happened, I was extremely embarrassed and frustrated due to ill treatment of customer service. We keep on requesting for resolution from Air Asia counter and immigration service but they were just treating us as unwanted and silly people. I was totally devastated as this was my First experience with Air asia, which i felt extremely poor.
After begging for resolution for 4 hours, I got nothing but only insult and disrespect from Air asia counter. They said they can't do anything and they even can't able to see next available flight for me. This ill treatment made my wife felt sick, she started vomiting due to all this depressed situation. At one point i felt stuck in middle of nothing, where there was no one to help me. I keep on asking staff at air asia counter for tickets and help about what needs to be done in this situation, As this was new for me. They said "We don't know" and book another ticket.
Then my family booked Singapore Airline tickets for me on the spot and after confirmation of tickets when i went back to immigration counter then they said you can't take this flight because it is from terminal 1.
So my first question is:
1. Why no one did't informed me about terminal 1 and 2 before . I was keep on asking air asia counter about resolution and they were just saying book another ticket and after asking about the details they said any ticket.
While cancellation of those tickets our amount got deducted for cancellation. Which was not at all my fault.
I was literally helpless.
Then my relatives from India again paid Rs. 1, 78000 to book new tickets for us.
2. My second question is why customer have to suffer because of ill treatment and poor services of Air asia

I will never recommend this flight to any of my friend and relative. But i decided I am not going to leave this matter here, I will definitely take this matter to your service head or court if needed.


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    Harry057 Aug 01, 2019

    delays at security is beyond airline control. but you should have at least received guidance from the staffs. AA customer service is just another xerox of MAS.

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