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Have you ever call up to AirAsia customer service hotline? What do you think about the customer service hotline? For me, it's totally a pain to call them up. Why is it so? I recently made a call to the customer service hotline to change my flight to a later date. First when I was connected, I get a recorded message that last 30 seconds which is not able to skip by pressing any number. After making the right way into speaking to a customer service representative, I was put on the line for more than 20 minutes for listening to their annoying music and machine recorded voice:

"Thank you for wating. All our customer service representatives are currently busy. Please continues to hold or feels free to call back us later."

Oh! That's great. I was paying expensive call charges to listen to that annoying music and machine recorded answer and in the end I get nothing. I didn't even had a chance to speak to any of their customer representative(s). Representative(s)? I don't think there are many of them. Else I won't end up waiting for more than 20 minutes for a chance to speak to them.

I've tried another 3 times of calling the customer service hotline after the first call. I wasn't able to speak to anyone again this time. That's more than 30 minutes of waiting in total. Now, I'm trying to call them everyday see if anyone answer my call. Suprisingly, no one is actually answering. This time I'm wondering whether they have any customer representative in the call center. I even tried to call them just now in the early morning 8am so that I can be served faster. But, still, the same waiting. I think it's around 1 hour of waiting in total and I didn't even has a chance to speak to a real human. It's dissapointing me.

In my opinion, customer service hotline should always be provided for free. Even it is charged, customer enquiry should be processed in a faster manner. I don't think we deserve the wait for more than 20 minutes and paying the freaking expensive call charges. Providing a free of calling charges customer service hotline should be the right way to do. Company paying for the call charges will always ensure customer enquiries being processed fast. I was thinking whether AirAsia is earning from the call charges to pay for their representatives. Else why do they want to keep us on the line for such a long time? Give me a good reason.

Is this a joke, Tony?


From: Tony Fernandes <[protected]>
Date: Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 7:33 PM
Subject: Staying True to Our Promises

Dear AirAsia Guests,


When I wrote to you a few months back, I shared your frustrations over our Call Centre service. I couldn't agree more - as the World's Best Low Cost Airline, AirAsia's Call Centre too should be world class.

Now I am pleased to present to you Asian Contact Centres Sdn Bhd, our integrated Call Centre for all our country operations - Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and the UK. Operations will soon expand to serve guests in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, the Middle East and India. I am sure you have experienced significant improvements in our Call Centre service since it started operations on 16 February 2009.

Asian Call Centres Sdn Bhd is a landmark collaboration between AirAsia and Scicom (MSC) Berhad, a regional industry leader in customer contact management services. With Scicom's multiple contact centres in Asia, serving customers and clients from over 40 countries and in over 40 languages, Asian Contact Centres Sdn Bhd is able to meet your expectations and ensure your booking needs, and enquiries are efficiently attended to.

We are very glad that with Asian Contact Centres Sdn Bhd we are now able to handle 5 million transactions a year in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Indonesia.

Malaysia +[protected] (Booking)
+[protected] (Inquiry)
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)
Thailand +[protected]
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+7)
Indonesia +[protected]
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+7)
Singapore +[protected]
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)
China +[protected]
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)
United Kingdom +[protected]
Operates 24 Hours, Daily
Australia [protected]
Operating Hours : 10am – 11pm (GMT+10)
Others +[protected] (Booking)
+[protected] (Inquiry)
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)

On another note, we would like to encourage you to continue visiting our website where you not only enjoy our low fares but also manage your bookings on your own and obtain vast information on our routes and destinations.

Thank you for flying AirAsia and for making us the 2009 World's Best Low Cost Airline*.

Best regards,
Tony Fernandes



  • Su
    Sum Soo Han Feb 24, 2009

    My flight was delay for 8 hours...

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  • Ph
    Phase Nonapp Jan 09, 2017

    @Sum Soo Han Air Asia are useless c###s. They care about your money and nothing else. They will take your money and give you nothing but a dirty old seat.

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  • Su
    sun tze Jan 16, 2017

    @Phase Nonapp Very true, all those contact is a big fat joke, nobody pick it up,
    What kind of service are these joker providing, we are taking a flight, not a cab.
    0 customer service

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  • Se
    serene Feb 24, 2009

    You are right, i was on the flight itself on 22/2/09 kuching to jb which suppose to fly back to jb at 9.45pm. Then was delay till to un-known time and only at 2.00am the crew member mentioned it was cancelled.

    Why must it took so long hours to cancelled the flight and let us all waiting at the most coldest place till i got my asthma attack. Whereby the mas airlines at 12.30am can infm the passenger and the best part they even got their hotel accomodations and free transport to the hotel and back to the aport.

    I check in at 7.45pm on 22/2/09 ak5707 kch-jb. But once we board in to the plane, 9.45pm still yet to take off. Then at 10.00pm the crew member annouce that the place could not take off due to the another aircraft was at the runaways waiting for the taking off clearance, must wait maybe another 15-20 minutes. By 10.30pm another annoucement was made and infm that all the passenger must disembark from the aircraft and wait at the boarding gate. Annoucement was made at 10.45pm mentioned that the flight will be delay till furthur notice.

    But then, after we all keep on waiting and waiting and there no air asia gound staff come and approach us telling us what is the real scenario. Until, i went to the counter at the boarding gate and ask them, only then they said it a tyre punctured and was left at the runaways. Without any informations given to each and everyone of us. Some even get mad and wondering whether we all able to catch the flight or not.

    Mas airlines made an annoucement that at 12.30am all their flight cancelled and will be provided accomodations to stay and free transportations. Where as for air asia, we all keep on waiting till to un-known time. Once again i went to the boarding gate counter and ask the ground staff, they all still did not come and approach us or tell us what to do. Without any drops of water are given to us. All of us are dying cos the aport are too cold and babies are crying that no confortable place to sleep and also too cold.

    I ask for the kuching aport manager, but was inform that he at kl for meeting, and i ask does he aware of the flight delay ?? He answer me, i think he should know. What kind of an answer is that? So, i ask is our flight will be cancelled too? He said still waiting for the information. Some air asia staff even enjoy the delays as i can see, that is the only time for those male and female air asia staff to spend more time together till morning. I see them laughing and teasing one another. As if they love the delays. As for us, we are all suffer waiting to be back home wt family. My husband has reach senai aport at 10.45pm and i told him flight was delay till further informations.

    I spoke to the team leader alfiza - she was un-happy that day cos most of the passenger were asking a lot of questions. I ask her and instructed her to change my flight to the earliest flight (Morning 1st flight) and i ask her dont give me any excuses and get it done fast !!.

    Later on, i found out and heard she said the most ugliest words behind me "cibai". Hello air asia - tony fernandes, is this how u trained ur staff ??? Cheap staff for cheap services is it???

    But, i just keep quiet and told her just wait for my love letter to fly to her. Flight was confirmed cancelled at 2.00am, was wondering why it took so long to informed???

    Was ir air asia does not keep any spare tyre??? Or a towing machine to pull the aircraft to the loading bay??? Or do they dont bother at all about the probs?? Which is which ?? Well, they can always rent the equipment for towing wt mas airlines to help them to solve the probs, i think. Or air asia cant afford to pay the rental???

    Then at the check in counter, we all need to change our intinery and change to the new one. Then i ask the female ground staff whether is there any transportations or accomodations or food given, she only said for local passenger, must show the taxi receipt to claim in the morning but not for foreigner. Then no accomodations given and no drink too !!!

    Once clear the luggage again, i took the taxi back to my house at batu kawa, to take rest and sleep. I dont have enough sleep, my bag was broken, but who to claim ???

    Then, in the morning flight ak 5703 - the male ground staff said i cant claim the taxi fees, and said i must be at the hotel only then i can claim. Then, i got so angry, and told him - pls dont fool me ard here, im already sick and tired of the mis-communications break down wt all the staff and now i cant claim the taxi fees rm64.00 ???

    Hotel and house, what is the different ?? The female staff did not mentioned i must comes out from the house or the hotel, how come??? I ask him to check to the person that change my itinery and ask her. Then he said he just come in for morning shift and did not know what the afternoon shift doing, wowww... So good co-operations between air asia staff to another staff - no talking i think or maybe he did not read any reports on that day or could be he is so stupid !!!

    I instructed him to settle it fast and or i will make more havoc at the aport. Finnally, he said i can get the claim once the sales counter open at 7.00am and if got money from the customer to buy the ticket... Another stupid reason to be said, how come no money to pay, why must wait got sales only can pay ?? Rm64.00 is not much, still cant afford to do a simple job.

    Air asia... Everyone can fly, but where... Are they when flight delay...

    Tony fernandes, if u happen to read this, pls trained ur staff in a good manner or get them a moral study more...

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  • Su
    sun tze Jan 16, 2017

    @serene I think we should boycott airasia,
    Money, money, money, on they mind. F####(* MF### SERVICE

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  • Mi
    Ming Mar 08, 2009

    I really feel sorry for you. I too have experienced tremendous stress with Air Asia and it is just not worth it to save a few ringgits for miserable treatments. My flight was delayed for more than 3 hours from Sibu to KL and caused me to miss the last flight to Bali on 28 Feb 09. (My precious leave and vacation). I had to sleep on the bench outside the airport because the inside was so cold and the next available flight was in the morning so to avoid the delay of transport in the morning, I decided to just sleep there while at the same time I already paid for a hotel in Bali for that night. Now 3 hours delay is really ridiculous. I went to the counter to ask the girl if they could do anything or anything at all for me, she said we are piont to point basis and looked away from me, meaning, they take us from one point to one point and the rest is none of their business either delay or the plane crash. Anyway, I forgave them since this was really cheap ticket, cheap service sort of thing.
    Anyway, to make the story short, on the way home everything went ok except that on board the flight AK901 from Bali to KL, I was very shocked of a behaviour of a senior flight attendant named Fauzirah. Suddenly she shouted at one of the Beijing girls who was in a group, in English, "What is your problem? What is your problem?" blah blah blah, and threaten her that "you be careful ah!! you be careful I call the security in the airport later!!" in front of every body. She went on and on...I think the whole plane heard it! It so happened that there was a miscommunication of changing seat between the flight attendant and the girl because one spoke in English and the other couldn't understand the English. After that, she was talking to colleagues in Bahasa Malaysia very rude words like "Bising aja..." "Can you come over here _____, I don't want to serve them anymore..." She rolled her eyes uncharecteristically.
    I was very awed by her because I am from a service line, in hospitality, tourism, and retail business and have travelled all over the world and I know what it means by serving customers. The customers are not always right but she definitely had NO right to shout at any customer especially she herself was the one who shouted, not the customer. I thought may be a senior flight attendants are probably more rude because they are tired of this job. She could bring the customer to another place and talk to her in simple English to get the message across or get a Chinese speaking person to talk to her but she chose to shout and threaten and embarrass the customer in front of the whole cabin. The customer was only a Beijing woman ( a tourist moreover), not a terrorist with guns pointing at her. She totally lost her character and seriously misrepresented the AirAsia's image, unfortunately. Who do they think they are? They are but salaried servants to an organisation.
    I was thinking of a way to report about this, but since I found what you wrote here, I added to you complaints. I am a professional and I really think Air Asia staff (not all of them to be fair) are not trained properly, very arrogant and rude especially the females, the males are quite ok. It is like they carry very cheap attitude like the cheap tickets.

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  • Fr
    Fredi Jun 15, 2009

    Our experiences with Air Asia flights have been good, no complaints at all. In fact we find their flight attendants to be much more friendlier than the other budget airlines'.

    Keep it up Air Asia's girls and boys.

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  • 1m
    1malaysia Jul 01, 2009

    Malaysia +603 2171 9333 (Booking)
    +603 2171 9222 (Inquiry)

    I was put on the line for more than 15 minutes for listening to their annoying music and machine recorded voice:

    "Thank you for wating. All our customer service representatives are currently busy. Please continues to hold or feels free to call back us later."

    agree, with this statement ...
    website where you not only enjoy our low fares but also manage your bookings on your own and obtain vast information on our routes and destinations.

    but... some customers problem cant b resolve from the website only.

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  • We
    westnback Aug 06, 2009

    Totally agree, horrible customer service line. I've been trying to get hold of their representative for days. Must have been like an hour of waiting for their "currently busy representative". And all I need is just a simple thing, I wanted them to resend my itinerary. I wonder if the customer service number is just for show, doubt it really exist.

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  • Ve
    Venugopanl Oct 23, 2009

    Customer Service is hoorible...
    I am from India, I am going to attend mega event in KL in Jun. I totally agree Air Asia if you try to contact Customer Service there are low chances u will get a chance to speak customer executive, I tried 4 times, and wait more than 10min...but no reply only one reply "Thank you for wating. All our customer service representatives are currently busy. Please continues to hold or feels free to call back us later."

    Such Pathetic...We booked the ticket becz its low fair, but we are spending more than 2000Rs for International call and no resposne...what is a use.
    I told my network not to book ticket by Air I am tired and decided not to travel by world third class service provider AirAsia. I just book the ticket from Mumbai.

    Guys who were want to book your ticket first Try AirAsia customer care number...
    I bet you, you will not get customer care executive on line...dont know how many call u want to do and how many minutes you have to wait...
    Mr Tony God Bless you for such Pathetic Service.

    Mr tony If you want to provide Low cost best Ar service, why dont u put seperate customer service for India..

    Your Sincere Frd...

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  • Ba
    Bahwani Nov 06, 2009

    Hey people, I experienced the same thing but FYI, Airasia now can manage booking online ... How great is that.:) Loving it...

    Bahwani Subramaniam

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  • Pi
    piesya Nov 06, 2009

    Some things can't be solved online... that's why there's customer care...

    I completely agree. Air Asia's customer care line sucks. Tony really needs to have a heart to heart with this Scicom Berhad his company is collaborating with.. a "regional industry leader in customer contact management services"... What a joke! I've called them for a very urgent matter regarding my flight booking no less then 15 times in two days, hoping to speak to someone. On one of the calls, I waited 20 minutes frantically trying to find someone I could talk to about my problem.

    What's even more frustrating is that aside from this 'customer care' line, there are no other avenues in which to contact Air Asia and alert them of your problems. No emails, or alternative numbers..

    The worst customer care ever! :(

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  • Ed
    ediktor Nov 12, 2009

    Mr Tony Fernandez wrote:
    > United Kingdom +44 845 605 3333
    > Operates 24 Hours, Daily
    Have been calling there for 2 hours. No answer at all - just long beeps.
    Two times I heard a message in two langauages:
    one language I do not understand and identify;
    another - more or less english: "The number that you call is not in use"...
    World class contact centre really.

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  • On
    one malaysia Nov 14, 2009

    I totally agree. Air Asia's customer care line horrible . i called few time unable to get tru, and they line not clear at all.

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  • Sa
    sapphireblue Nov 30, 2009

    As I'm typing this, I'm listening to the music on the phone (I've been put on hold for the last 20 mins!!!). It's a wonder I'm still hanging on if not becoz of this urgent issue which I need to settle with their rep!! I'm fuming!!

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  • Sa
    sapphireblue Nov 30, 2009

    If there is an award for the 'Worst Airline Customer Service of the Year', Airasia wins hands down!!
    FYI, I'm still holding on to the line!!

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  • Yo
    yousufain Dec 16, 2009

    I never thought AirAsia customer care service this much worst everytime iam being on hold for morethan 20 mins and loosing the money just to listen annoying music

    "Thank you for wating. All our customer service representatives are currently busy. Please continues to hold or feels free to call back us later."

    I made the payment by online from the credit card after a alot of attempts, finally it gave an error with case No. AK017723010795 and i need to fly on 20 December 2009 but still no ticket is issued and the amount was debited from my account. I sent alot of messages in the form but no reply or no call. Atleast they should sent the status of my ticket. I hope i can get the ticket on my email [email protected] or cll me on 00919849197786, 00919347887886.

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  • Al
    Alex ChewP Jan 18, 2010

    On hold for 20mins is consider good... I have been on old for 2 hours now and have been calling for 2 days each with 1hour plus of waiting. What the f*&k. I wonder how they operate the airline with such lousy call center not mentioning how they service their aeroplane. Imagine you book a ticket today and flying two days letter, if something goes wrong... trust me you can never fly on time. Air Asia... hmm think again before you book. Yes you can argue that's the service you get for paying cheap but it does not even worth the dirt. Maybe they should put in an option to purchase the service as well. Good Luck flying with them.

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  • Lu
    LuanaPaki May 10, 2010

    this is [email protected]*king ridiculous!! I have been on hold 4 times for 20 minutes or more each time!!! I need to change my booking urgently but NO-ONE will answer the frickin phone!!! Anyone got any ideas i live in Australia...?

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  • Ki
    kitstar Jun 04, 2010

    I've been on hold for 90 minutes on one line with no answer and 30 minutes on another line with no answer. And how convenient, their feedback form has 'taken flight'. I'm not impressed. 'Customer service' - do they even know what that is?

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  • Co
    COMPLAINTSSSSS Jun 08, 2010

    I'm super agree!!! I call many timessss but no one answer!!! I'm even tried to call the hotlime in MALAYSIA, INDONESIA and SINGAPORE!!! BUT STILL NO ONE ANSWER THE PHONE!! WHAT HAPPEN WITH AIR ASIA HOTLINE???!!!
    On hold for 10 min, 30 min, 45 min, 20 min, and many times!! I think the customer service is sucks!

    I never write any complaints letter, but appearantly this is special case for airasia!!!

    Please give us a proper reason! I need urgent changes on my flights and I'm unable to do it via online!

    So teriible and I don't think air asia is the best... sorry to say..

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  • Pa
    Patiently enough Jun 08, 2010


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  • Hu
    huskydogs Jun 09, 2010

    Have same experiences as everyone above. Website crashes every time i try to pay, so cant use that. Rang the 0845 number now on hold for 3rd time, 1st two was up to 45mins each. Do Air Asia not want the business does anyone ever answer or are they just making £££ from the expensive 0845 numbers here in the UK ??? Seems like Air Asia must have been trained by Ryanair. Either way they just lost close to £1000 worth of business i'll give it to soomeone who wants to answer the phone !

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  • Rh
    rhawls Jul 16, 2010

    I fully agree..I need to make a change to my booking which is not showing up on the website, I've been on hold for over two hours & no one answers. Is anyone aware if consumer protection can get involved in such a case?

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  • Re
    regularcustomer KL-Tawau-KL Jul 19, 2010

    So am I, today 19/07/2010 7.33pm..i have make 5 times call to the given numbers as hotline but always make me frustrated with their online service..very bad, very poor, very unusefull and make us angry with their online services.. I think better Tony Fernandes make a call by himself and feel what he got then declare is it their on-line customer services fully usefull or ully basketfull..So TONY please make upgrade your online customer service more courtesy, convineince and guest-friendly..dont think profit and make us suffer with your online customer services..dont make us angry and frust with your service.

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  • Kr
    krumchy Jul 26, 2010

    31 minutes and counting on hold. Last time I waited for 45 mins before hanging up. Calling Australian hotline in Australia. Need to check some stuff with flight changes that I cannot seem to do on the website. Very disappointed.

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  • Kr
    krumchy Jul 26, 2010

    Ended up on 64 minutes before having to go out and meet a client. I guess I will need to spare around three hours to get through to them.

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  • Ai Aug 03, 2010

    This is actually driving me insane. I booked an Airasia flight a month ago, they took the money out of my account but didnt send me any confirmation details. I have emailed them 5 times now and called EVERYDAY but all I get it that annoying message saying 'all our customer service representatives are busy'

    Today I was on hold for an hour then I gave up - no matter what time of day or night, no one answers!!!

    Does anyone have any contact details other than those on the website?

    I will NEVER book with Airasia again!!

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  • Pr
    proflyerz Aug 25, 2010

    wel you can call the Hong KONG number, many VOIP providers like rynga, give free call to HOng Kong // try

    You can call any number UK AUS, Singapore India, all calls go to Kuala Lumpur. So you can cal any number. Any questions?
    email [email protected]

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  • Er
    erinlhs Oct 18, 2010

    customer service line damn horrible! i not even get through the people or the representatives who entertain my calls. i called for so many times and no one is picking up my calls! i'm wondering what the customer service line are? call for so many hotlines, but there is no one picking up the calls. the customer service damn sucks!

    airasia is the 2009 World's Best Low Cost Airline. i dont think is the best low cost airlines. and they should be awarded as Air Asia always have the Malaysia International time for ALWAYS delaying their flight.

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  • Tr
    TravelingMan Nov 01, 2010

    AirAsia is getting worse. I guess the market tolerates their I don't give a damn attitude and continues booking through them. They do have competitive prices most of the time but I am rethinking whether the discount is worth the bare bones recognition of a small amount of recognition as valued customer. They are cattle movers and be prepared to treated like cattle in the service department. Their website has many bugs in it where it is impossible to successfully book. You now have to call Malaysia and pay 1.95 a minute to get 'premium' service. Basic questions should be part of basic service not premium. You see what was basic service is now premium and basic has now ceased to exits.

    I call several of their office in various parts of the world. An attendant answers the phone and in perfect Queen's English she indicates that they don't have anyone to serve English-speaking customers. 'But you speak English' I said to her. You need to call our premium service office in Malaysia. I hung up to hear so blatant and unashamed attempt at ripping off and milking what probably has been identified as a lucrative market segment -- English speaking customers that can't speak the local language.

    Finally after calling 3 other numbers I finally call their 'Premium Service' 45 minutes!!! to repeat and repeat and re-repeat to someone who has a beginner's level of English! 45 minutes x 1.95 RM You do the math.

    But I am sure they have an all too willing market that will tolerate such 'the customer is always wrong' attitude.

    Anyone who reads this will merely have to weigh if tolerating such attitude is worth the aggravation.

    My complaint is summary:
    1- User-unfriendly website
    2- Lack of customer service
    3- Condescending attitude by their employees.
    4- Hidden Charges for Seating, Insurance, luggage etc are extremely
    difficult and sometimes impossible to correct.
    5- Oh yeah, now they charge you for using a credit card.

    Decide for yourself.

    Insulted Traveler

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  • Qw
    qw12 Nov 10, 2010

    On top of this, their web site presently won't process bookings. At least its been this way for the past two weeks. Redefines budget airlines.

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  • Si
    sibu-gal Nov 12, 2010

    the customer service hotline is terrible... charging rm1.95 per minutes but keep on replaying the anoying music and machine talk... should not be this way tony... not all problems can be solve through self manage online... just for example for my problem here.., i have purchase ticket for my mum from sibu to kuching on 6th jan 2010, time 1140depart return on 9th jan depart 1030. but now when i check the tic in my account today i found out that the time has been automatically change to 0730 depart on 6th jan and 0620 depart back to sibu without any notice to me. how can it be? changes without any notice?? the time is totally doesn't suit her as it is too early... how can i request for a change of time? is it possible to change to a late evening flight on 5th to kuc and evening flight on 9th back sibu? it s really not reasonable for changing the flight time without giving the customer an option to choose their suitable time...just simply fix a time for time, does it sound reasonable? please follow up! TQ

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  • Pr
    proflyerz Nov 13, 2010

    well you can call the retime department, Have you reveived any message from Airasia ? the phone number is there.
    Or go to any sales counter.

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  • Ac
    achoo25 Nov 24, 2010

    I wanted to make a compliant to air asia. I called the line and its engages all the time while a fee of Rm1.80per min (about USD0.6) is being charged. By the time it gets through, that is if it gets through, AirAsia would have make more money from your complaint. I tried the online "contact us'", when i hit the "submit" button, nothing happens. They simply refuse to listen!

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  • Me
    mei ting Dec 04, 2010

    Dato Tony,
    The latest call center did not improve but it is getting worst. I do not mind to pay as I understand that we are paying very little for the flight services. But I do mind to pay for waiting for nobody to answer my calls! We can only change traveler's name via phone calls or visiting the sales center. But the call center does not pick up my call at all! I am paying the calls for listening to your advertisement. Do you mean to earn extra through this way or it is just not enough operators to pick up our call... I've spent 30 min, waited till the call hang up by itself. It is frustrating. I hope you can look into this. At least, allow us to change the travelers' name conveniently. We are willing to pay the moment we've decided to change the name, Air Asia can just earn the easy money by making things more convenient to us.

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  • Ba
    baby ell Feb 06, 2011

    6 feb 2011, i supposed to fly miri - kuching at 1:30pm... before 1pm im already at the waiting room... its full of passengers... the label showed passengers to kk for boarding... as i only know only 1 gate for air asia... so im waiting right at the front seat... i saw some passenger use other gate... but i noticed MAS staff... so i thought those passengers are using MAS flight... when the passengers to kk was clear... i asked the counter about my flight... i was told the air asia flight was left!!! huh!!! i was so regret!!! if air asia care for their passegers... they should made a last called by the passengers name... so that they wont make a lost!!! when i asked air asia staff why dont they make a last calling... they told me air asia NEVER call passengers by name as it gonna make their flight delay... & they told me its their prosedure... WHAT THE HELL???!!! they should consider their customers from having a lost not only thinking about their profit... as a student 400 plus is so much to lost!!! and now i need to buy a new ticket for 200 plus!!! i wont use air asia anymore!!! without passengers... WHO ARE U???!!!

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  • Ht
    htsow Mar 15, 2011

    I share another experience...

    I book flight ticket from Penang to Macau years ago, and today just get to know through a friend that "AirAsia suspense Penang-Macau flight ". As I saw on the AA website that my BOOKING CONFIRMED until today, i didn't see the AIRASIA small notice at bottom! !

    31th March have to fly but nobody from AA told us. No phone, no e-mail until today! ! use PREMIER LINE to phone AA and get charge RM150-160, get a stupid answer!! ask me refer website, link, notice, we can't do anything!!! Do you still believe AA? ? Disappointed! !!

    Solution given by AA is not going to solution our problems but AA problems. They just refund and we need to wait for up to 60days and my friends get the refund after 120days. Another solution is reschedule and need to top up RM600 per person which is about RM3000 for 5 person of us. Do u think this is fair for us???

    Kindly advice by everyone...

    Let change the airasia slogan... NOW EVERYONE CAN LIES

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  • Pa
    Pady Apr 18, 2011

    Just wanted to express extreme disappointment at this day, on April 16, 2011 (Saturday) at street job fair in Mid Valley. I has been visited the AIR ASIA booth to ask for the position of Flight Attendance. At that time, the person in charged for flight attendant candidate was MR KHAIRUL ANUAR. He asked all candidates to gather for brief the position of flight attendant in the AIR ASIA. Before starting the briefing, he has asked only me to smile. After I smile, he asked me to smile for the second time to see the condition of my teeth. He said that my teeth are not eligible to apply flight attendant. The word has been issued by him in public before the briefing began. At that time, I felt my dignity was falling and very disappointed. As a professional, he should discuss or tell me the matter just between me and him. He should not be critic of any sensitive criticism for any party in public. I am very disappointed. I hope, AIR ASIA party can make a brilliant act on him so in the future, this will not happen again on the other candidates. In my opinion, this is very important for AIR ASIA to maintain good image and quality.
    Thank you.

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  • Pr
    Prathapan Jun 15, 2011

    From prathapan cg
    Modiyil house
    Angadical south po
    Pin. 689122
    Email: prathap. [email protected]
    I am traveled with my family from cochin to kuala lmpur and kuala lumpur to cochin.
    While flying to cochin the behavior of cabin cruse are very bad and rash. Please take this complaint very serious and take action against them.
    Yours faithfully

    My booking no. Is z567ns
    Date of travel 12th jun 2011 flight no. Ak203

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  • Ga
    Gabiloone Aug 12, 2011

    AirAsia’s Bangkok ground crew #34 did not want to loose face. At first she told me my carryon exceeded the weight, when I pointed out that there are 2 of us traveling, she then changed her tactic and told me to just listen and do what she wanted. That is to have me empties the content of my small carryon bag into plastic bags and to reassemble it once on the airplane. I told her it is a security hazard to do so. It was safer and cleaner to have it all in my small suitcase. Did not want to loose face she called security to threaten to throw me off the airplane. This went on for half an hour. It was a nightmare. Security agent Krung is posted here.

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  • Gl
    glen27tor Jan 13, 2012

    Hi, I agree with all those that complain about Air Asia's 0845 number. I have received an email stating that there are no flights to London after the end of March. I have a booking for April 3rd from Kuala Lumpur to London. I have tried for hours to get any answer on their UK 0845605333 number and have even attempted to email them from their website "contact us" form on numerous occasions, no response. I have hotel bookings and onward flights to take into account and cannot do anything about them until I know what's going on. I am 70yrs old and much travelled and I can say that this is the worst company by far with regards to lack of customer service.

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  • Ss
    SSuki Feb 20, 2012

    bad airlines...never upgrade themselves

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