[Resolved] Airasiaflight delay on premium flex and bad customer service

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Hi Sirs, I like to file a complaint on a 3-hour flight delay on my premium flex flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta on 12 August 2018 (Sunday). My booking reference number is PK1VJL (total 4 persons under this booking, all 4 persons all under Premium Flex)

Our flight from Kuala Lumpur was delayed by at least 3 hours (from original departure time of 5.30pm to eventual final take off time of 8.30pm).

Under premium flex, there is 1-hour on time arrival guarantee .. please refer to the booking confirmation and the boarding passes for 3 of us (sorry that one of us left the boarding pass in plane).

I also like to complain on this staff whom is irresponsible by saying this was AirAsia Indonesia problem not his problem .. other passengers also told him he represented AirAsia as a group and as an AirAsia brand ambassador .. he refused to give any meal vouchers Nor take any initiative to help passengers .. kept brushing aside that's not his problem .. anything all passengers to talk to AirAsia Indonesia upon arrival.. please refer to photos on his attitudes

I am an AirAsia BIG member (Gold) .. and I brought my bosses to be on business trip buying Premium Flex .. we supposedly to have a business dinner in Jakarta last night .. but all ruined because of the flight delay, extremely tired, and ill-treated by your staff (as shown in photos .. he pointed fingers at other passengers and told passengers off not his problems .. my bosses are extremely unhappy and totally unacceptable with these service standards (AirAsia not obligating to the Premium Flex's promise of 1-hour on time arrival, poor service recovery when there was a flight delay, and lastly bad attitude demonstrated by AirAsia staff).

flight delay on premium flex and bad customer service
flight delay on premium flex and bad customer service
flight delay on premium flex and bad customer service
flight delay on premium flex and bad customer service

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    Yee Teck Ten Aug 20, 2018

    Premium Flex is only want customer to pay extra but CRAPservice, I'm also use premium flex travel from Kuala Lumpur to Brunei, guess what, Airasia misplace my baggage and Airasia refuse to compensate my personal belonging lost, so I doubt what is the purposes to pay extra for BETTER service and insurance at the end is all CRAP.

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