Airasiacabin crew name sam

I Aug 17, 2018

Hello Air AsiA..any update on the case I reported regarding one of your RUDE cabin crew named Sam. My case referral number is [protected].

Please take disciplinary action to Cabin Crew name SAM. A tall Chinese man. Flight AK6314 from Kuala Lumpur to Pulau Langkawi.

I was seated at seat 25A. I seek for his assistance to placed my luggage up at the compartment above since my hands are already full holding my handbag.But he refused..Instead of assisting, he arrogantly ASKED ME TO PUT MY LUGGAGE UP MYSELF reason being ITS YOUR LUGGAGE!!! I was quite surprised since i was in need of his help..a cabin crew who were supposed to help a guest when required.

It's not that i intentionally bullying him or what not..i was merely seeking for his assistance since i was carrying my handbeg on the other hand and could not reach to the compartment above me.

Upon persistent request, he took my luggage and HEMPAS my bag in the compartment to show a sign of DISSATISFACTION when helping me, a passenger on the flight.

Later, i asked for his name and he again arrogantly answer SAM.I said ok.Then he called me he said..IF YOU WANT TO COMPLAINT YOU CAN COMPLAINT TO ME BECAUSE IT'S NOT MY DUTY TO CARRY YOUR LUGGAGE. Whatt!!!????

I didn't asked him to carry my luggage.I just asked him to assist me to put my luggage in the compartment above. Where is the hospitality? Where is the friendliness? Where is the warmth that your cabin crew should have?

For all i know all cabin crew must have a criteria of being very HELPFUL, friendly and full with hospitality warmth that makes every flight is a special one.But my experience dealing with your cabin crew name SAM was really an eye opener because he was so very rude and arrogant. I could not believe how Air Asia could have employed A VERY RUDE PERSON TO BE YOUR CABIN CREW!!

Sam's action towards me was a clear indicator that there were NO VALUES CARRIED by your cabin crew to me, your flight guest as:


Sam was not warm and friendly to me. He didn't take any pleasure in caring for me..a guest in ur flight let alone to make me feel at home.


Sam was not being very passionate to serve me..your guest..that was why he REFUSED to help me in putting my luggage in the compartment above.
But Sam did change me and my view of ur airlines that AIR ASIA EMPLOYED A VERY RUDE AND ARROGANT perosnnel to serve your guests.

*Full of integrity* integrity in Sam's attitude. He can just simply IGNORE A REQUEST FROM A GUEST WHO ARE IN NEED OF HIS HELP before take off.


No fun to be on board ur flights if u employed ppl like Sam to be your cabin crew. The whole flight was ruin and WAS NOT AN ENJOYABLE ONE. SAM'S RUDE AND ARROGANT ACTION when refusing my plea for help is very DAMAGING TO YOUR REPUTATION BEING A VERY REPUTABLE AIRLINE.

I wish to have a proper and immediate reply from your side.I do believe your respective Airlines VALUES YOUR CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS who are your guests and as such proper action will be taken against SAM accorddingly. Please do not hesitate to call me. I will be more than glad to a answer you so that NONE OF YOUR GUESTS WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH SAM'S ARROGANT AND RUDE ATTITUDE. Thank You.

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