Air New Zealandthe call center

D Jul 25, 2019

I am complaining about the lady that i spoke to on the phone when i was trying to book my granddaughter anastasia-rose mohi. We were at the airport on time the date was 23/07/19 plane departing at 8.45am to apia samoa i hadn't taken the block of my granddaughters passport she was unable to fly. Now the lady at the disk of air new zealand told my sister helen that she would put a note on the system stating that it would cost $30.00 to re book anastasia-roses flight and $40 child flying alone once the court had cleared the block on anastasia-roses passport. So when the courts said it was fine to re book my other sister lani rang the call center in auckland the date was 24/07/19 and time was between 9am-10am to be told that it was going to cost$390.00 because she had my granddaughter and it was her birthday lani had no time to argue the point lani told me that the man was very pushy and she felt like he was belittling her while trying to persuade her to make payment. So she left it to me to ring. I rang about 10.15 on the 24/07/19 and was on the phone for two hours trying to explain the notes that had been put on the computer at air new zealand international but the lady i was talking to would not lesson and told me don't ring them they wont be able to give you that price after getting no where with her. I rang auckland international airport and ask if i could be put through to air new zealand who confirmed the note on the computer and the my sister lani made the payment. Now i think that guy that my sister lani spoke to in auckland and the lady that i spoke with should be fired what you need to do is pull the recordings. To me it sounds like air new zealand has got scammers working for them that are getting more money or a bonus by ripping people of. My email is deborah.Wilma.[protected]@gmail.Com

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