Air New Zealandcustomer service

F Jul 16, 2019

Call center has been consistently rude and unhelpful, slapping on fee after fee and not delivering consistent messaging from one operator to the next.

I booked a flight from SFO to Auckland and needed to reschedule twice, and have paid the 250 + 50 +fare difference fee twice (yes, that's more than the price of the original ticket). When speaking with an agent while rescheduling the second time, they were not able to confirm my return flight, but assured me that I could call back when the flights times were confirmed. This agent promised I would not be charged the $250 change and service fees, but when I called to confirm my return flight, the agent would not reassign the ticket without charging me $50 of this fee. Beyond nickel and dining, they are simply robbing their their customers, and being quite direct and rude about it.

I will never fly this airline again, and I haven't even stepped foot on the plane yet. Their behavior is extremely unprofessional and their customer service is terrible.

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