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We flew from london heathrow on Saturday 12th Oct 2019 stopping in Delhi for 24 hours before getting the flight to Kathmandu on Monday 14th Oct. We didn't pick up our hold luggage and as we were boarding the plane at Delhi airport we were told there was an issue with our bags as had a battery power charger in, you can fly from Heathrow with it in your hold luggage but not from Delhi. I gave the member of staff my code to get into my case to take it out and was told our bags will be on the next flight at 3pm on the same day but they didnt arrive. We were meant to start a trek to Everest base camp on Tuesday 15th Oct but all of our clothing was in our case. Despite numerous attempts of phoning the airport and going back to talk to someone about it, everyone we spoke to were rude and uninterested and telling us theres nothing they can do and it will be on the next flight, this obviously happens all the time. Customer service for the airline is disgusting and shocking that they think they can get away with doing this to people! It is now the afternoon of Tuesday 15th and have been told, once again it should arrive this evening, if not we have to go and buy all of our clothing and start our trek a day later than intended. I am going to look into taking legal action against Air India when we return home.

Oct 15, 2019
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  • An
      Oct 16, 2019

    Hi there
    Omg i feel for you i really do. So let me tell you about my experience with air india!! When i arrived at the baggage conveyer and realised my bag had not arrived the first thing i noticed that there was quite a lot of baggage left on the conveyer!! (None on other airlines conveyers) these were bags from all over the world!!! (Immediate alarm bells). I was then left to fend for myself (no help from air india trust me they dont care) with not so much as a toothbrush!! Spent the next 5 days too and fro’ing to air india in a desperate bid to locate my luggage. The thing that struck me most is that when i arrived at their office they never even acknowledged me, it was allmost like i was not in the room!! If you lose my luggage and ruin a several thousand pound holiday please please give the illusion you are slightly bothered even if you are not!!
    Cut a long story short you have 2 options! Return home!!! Or replace the gear in kathmandu and make an insurance claim when you return home!! Air india paid me around $200 in compensation, the regulation then was $15/kg!!
    Good luck

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  • Ta
      Oct 24, 2019

    @andrew pope Thankyou so much for your reply! Well we have bought all new clothes and made it to Everest base camp and our luggage STILL not at the hotel like they promised 10 days ago! So frustrating! It could be anywhere but we will try and get it from Delhi airport on our way back as supposedly that's where it it!

    Thanks again Andrew!

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