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I booked my flight for Nov 27th with AI188. The flight was supposed to depart at 11:55AM, bearing started with usual timing, we were in flight for about 2 hours but there was no response about why the flight is not boarding then captain announced that there is some technical issue and it will be delay.
That delay took 3 hours and then they announced that the flight has AIR system issue and the flight cannot be continued.
Everyone was about to leave and then they announced that they informed that they are taking that tool from AIR Canada on loan, we were in aircraft with no food.
Infants were crying like hell, senior citizens were not even served water and the crew members were so rude.
After testing they announced that the flight is cancelled. this was about 4:55EST now we all were scared. Security was there and they were so rude, we even tried to reach higher department but no one even talked with any of us.
Then they announces that they are testing and again that took 2 hours, this went on for about 3 times.
Everyone had no clue, then at 9:00PM est the flight was departed to delhi.
Flight landed in delhi about 10hrs delay which made us missed the transfer flight to vadodara. we landed to airport and air India announced that they have no transfer now, we have no food and water again, they made adjustment for some passengers which were in business class while economy people were not even got concerned of.
Then they told us that we have only one option to go to surat and they will arrange a taxi for us which was in email as well.
We boarded flight to surat, when we landed in surat the air India told us that there is no communication that they have to book taxi for us.
we were again waiting at airport with no communication to our family, my parents are old and they were scared about why I haven't reached yet.
Then after 6hours they arranged a traveler for us, our luggage was at the head of the taxi and we had no place to sit, without food and water again.
that taxi took us to vadodara on land which took additional 4hrs to travel.
we reached vadodara almost 18hrs delay and i missed the function that i specially booked my flight for. My vacation was for 1 week and air India already screwed us.
I am going legal way as well for this.

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